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    The [NKVD] wants you

    [NKVD] Sekrits Polis U Privet tovarisch, the NKVD has found you and decided you might be worthy of advancing the interests of the proletariat. We are a super sekrit klan that conducts Stalin’s will and punishes those who stand in the way of the world revolution. If this sounds like a job you’re capable of then come to our recruitment office at https://discord.gg/CdfdvAZ. If you’re not looking to be recruited, come to the office anyways because we need to examine you more closely to make sure you aren’t a capitalist spy. Tools for advancing the interests of communism: -An active discord server full of fellow proletariats -Divisioning with fellow proletariats -A competitive team capable of purging any bourgeoisie clan -Memes for everyone -Everyone's deepest darkest sekrits -Community of communism -Cager’s hentai stash Requirements: - ~56% solo win rate (most recent 1000 battles) - ~1700 pr (most recent 1000 battles) - At least 2 t10 ships - General improvement (Statistically and competitively) in the game over time - Participation in the clan through discord or in-game - Becoming communist and serving as a member of the sekrit polis мы ждем вашего решения товарищ
  2. no seriously I hate this game center, it runs slow, takes longer to open than the launcher, waste of the little hard drive space my laptop has, and full of notifications I dont want or need. how do I install warships without it? I was able to install tanks without it...