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  1. whaler223

    General changes I'd like to see I guess

    3) what is the problem? that you don't like dying to a ship that shouldn't normally be able to fight you? 5) again more damage=more rewards 8)when was the last time you saw a team like YIKES/07 run khab (the answer is never btw)
  2. whaler223

    General changes I'd like to see I guess

    1/2) something other than changing tiers and # of players would be nice, idk maybe making it arms race or some crap 3) why is this a problem? don't like your yamato dying to an umikaze? 5) it's literally more damage for you to get and more rewards why wouldn't you want either of those 6) if you're not playing a ship that is effective at close range cyclones just ruin your game, maybe relegating them to a seperate mode is a bit much but it just lasts too long and reduces your vision by too much rn 7) noone likes cvs and I say that as a rts cv main in competitive, they're not fun to fight against because all you can do is pray they [edited] up and your aa does something 8) khab beats kleber purely in a 1v1 and probably most other dds too but this is a team game and as it stands ships like khab/zao/z52/GK/etc... are overshadowed by more powerful ships in comp and randoms.
  3. whaler223

    General changes I'd like to see I guess

    well yes but actually no
  4. Things a crapplayer like myself would like to see added: individual control of turrets and torpedo tubes, more interesting clan battles instead of the usual 7v7 (and no adding carriers/changing the tier/modifying # players doesn't make it more interesting), meaningful interactions between ships and planes outside of putting things on in port, a dedicated tutorial that teaches not how to do things but why to do things in the game, a working port ui that doesn't freeze everytime you tab out and back in, solo queueing for scenarios that aren't the weekly ones, and an integrated modding system(similar to steam workshop so I don't have to go and download aslains mod pack if I want to use mods). Things a crapplayer like myself would like to see return: being able to div with players without tier restrictions, the return of removed scenarios(reworked for post cv rework), old matchmaking system where I can see 11 t10s with my t8(seriously guys it ain't that bad), and old islands of ice Things a crapplayer like myself would like to see changed: cyclones (not those moving storm things) be made as a game mode you can queue for/disable in options instead of having my spotting range decreased to 8km 5 minutes into the game every so often, some focus being put on balancing lower tiers instead of some ships being extremely good and others being extremely bad, not balancing the game by adding progressively stronger ships overshadowing older ships that haven't been changed, fixing ghost shells (when shells hit an island but they still render and pass through other objects until they hit the water), and a separate game mode for CVs These are just things I came up with on the fly, obviously, there are many more things that should be added or changed to improve the game. It just leaves a craptaste in my mouth when I've been playing this game since 2015 and it just seems like wargaming has stopped caring about it's older players and focuses on bringing newer players by adding more and more flashy content. I'm not a great player but I know that as someone who's been playing the game for a long time I don't want to see more gimmicky ships and mechanics, the game was pitched as a naval surface combat game and it does that quite well. However with events like the GZ and PR debacles, the coming addition of submarines, the cv rework, and newer ships almost completely overshadowing older ships (my poor khab please buff it) it just seems like wg doesn't care like making an enjoyable game but a profitable one. Submarines and carriers (reworked) are a potentially great addition to the game however I don't think they fit the format of randoms or any competitive game modes and I would love to see them in their own separate game modes where the devs could potentially add even more ships and content(but we all know that isn't gonna happen). But w/e those of us who've been playing this game for years know better than to get our hopes up.
  5. whaler223

    The [NKVD] wants you

    [NKVD] Sekrits Polis U Privet tovarisch, the NKVD has found you and decided you might be worthy of advancing the interests of the proletariat. We are a super sekrit klan that conducts Stalin’s will and punishes those who stand in the way of the world revolution. If this sounds like a job you’re capable of then come to our recruitment office at https://discord.gg/CdfdvAZ. If you’re not looking to be recruited, come to the office anyways because we need to examine you more closely to make sure you aren’t a capitalist spy. Tools for advancing the interests of communism: -An active discord server full of fellow proletariats -Divisioning with fellow proletariats -A competitive team capable of purging any bourgeoisie clan -Memes for everyone -Everyone's deepest darkest sekrits -Community of communism -Cager’s hentai stash Requirements: - ~56% solo win rate (most recent 1000 battles) - ~1700 pr (most recent 1000 battles) - At least 2 t10 ships - General improvement (Statistically and competitively) in the game over time - Participation in the clan through discord or in-game - Becoming communist and serving as a member of the sekrit polis мы ждем вашего решения товарищ
  6. no seriously I hate this game center, it runs slow, takes longer to open than the launcher, waste of the little hard drive space my laptop has, and full of notifications I dont want or need. how do I install warships without it? I was able to install tanks without it...