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  1. What's in the containers, and why would I want to link my Amazon account to Wargaming?
  2. Stan_Steel

    Epoch Camo: What Ships Will You Choose?

    I already put one on Jutland. The other tier 9's I like already have one. I'm working towards the Petro on the Russian line so will probably wait until I get the Riga and put it on that.
  3. Stan_Steel

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    What was the answer to this? I have both ships but have all upgrades and a 19pt captain on Moskva. If I sell these tonight, do I get free ones back with perma-camo tomorrow?
  4. Stan_Steel

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    CV's have screwed the game, now you're putting them in clan battles?