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  1. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Kremlin time
  2. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    French Destroyer WiP Preview is up.
  3. Business6

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    It's the timing that's absolutely terrible. You get the warning at what, 2 minutes into the match? 5 minute warning and then another 90 seconds before it sets to the 8km vision which will last for 6½ minutes or something completely absurd. I think cyclones are awesome, otherwise. Huge potential risk/reward and an incentive to actually move. Being able to read the minimap and have sharp CQB ability pay huge dividends (hopefully) but the timing mechanics need to be changed. I'd prefer to see something along the lines of Cyclone warning by the 60 second mark Countdown reduced to 2 minutes, 2½ minutes at most Vision reduction time reduced by half to 45 seconds Cyclone duration reduced to 2-3 minutes at most It should not dominate the duration of the match. The cyclone should be there to get people moving and if they don't take advantage of it then that's the price of complacency.
  4. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    New episode
  5. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Forgot to post the Georgia overview here
  6. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    New video on the WiP Slava
  7. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Updated, finally, with 2 new episodes of Giggles today
  8. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    I have another video on the Roma that's similar in sentiment from a while back. Every now and then a nice salvo finds its way to a good home but the dispersion on an average would make the german BBs feel pretty good about themselves, in my experience ;D thanks
  9. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    We'll start with the newest one which is just a wee bit different... Giggles 41 Giggles 42
  10. Oh boy. Not a fan of "this happened and it shows x ship is bad" type of stuff especially when I'm attached to it. It's all variables. The scenario in question here can't be used to argue for the Atlanta or against the Belfast. It was a bad situation for him, plain and simple. Every ship can be caught in situations like these but it's a cherry-picked argument.
  11. Business6

    NA server unavailable?

    Yeah, can't log in since the 4:30am (my time) server shut down for maintenance. If that's why I can't log in on my day off...
  12. Business6

    Alaska captains

    Generally it's more about being prepared, not reacting. You know a destroyer is up ahead and before you use radar, hydro or just spot him in general you switch to HE for a better max damage potential. Otherwise you just fire what you have loaded just like a battleship. The buffed EL is very nice to have
  13. Business6

    Alaska captains

    Hasn't changed in 3 months No reason to take EM as you just don't get enough out of it. Those points are better off in JoaT or High Alert. Basics of Survivability + fire reduction flag helps considerably
  14. I don't see how this finally culminates into this post after 4900 battles played. You're not saying destroyers need to be toned down but instead wiped out of existence. You want to apply simulation parameters to destroyers but not other ship types. I'm sure you wouldn't mind 5% main battery hit ratio battleship engagements since destroyers have only one salvo of torpedoes, right? You obviously don't understand how games work.
  15. Business6

    Analyze my stats

    No worries man, just wanted to clarify and didn't want it to seem like it was an attack on anyone. There have been tons of these threads requesting a deep dive into a given player's stats and it's really interesting what you can find as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned. In regards to mine they are still skewed from 3000 matches in 3 man div. The two other people in the div changed frequently but it was always with people who not just played well but could play well together. Focusing destroyers is priority number one and always will be as it is significantly easier to win when enemy destroyers can no longer control the game. A situational equal to that, though, is simply securing kills and getting threats neutralized. Otherwise it's just map awareness, keeping enemies off your flank while simultaneously hitting theirs, cap pressure, etc etc. Find ways to control the match, basically. The rest of the stats have gone all over the place (notably: down) because I stopped doing divisions for the most part about a year and a half ago while also focusing on Tier 10 solo. That's an excellent way to kill your numbers, btw, haha. I just gave up on focusing on stats as being something important to me though I always find them fascinating.