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  1. New Type of Ships!

    The game is slow enough already with people too scared to move. Why further motivate even less movement?
  2. Business' Youtube videos

    Woops, haven't updated here in a while:
  3. If the shells were flat, yes, most or all of them should have overpenned if you were parallel to him. But if there was any arc to the shells at all, and at that range there is, then the shells didn't penetrate across the water level of the ship but down into it giving the shells more time to arm. Full health detonations have been gone for a while but detonations from a single salvo against a full health target are not. There's an important distinction there that people still don't seem to get for whatever reason but still want to claim that full health detonations still happen from one shell. Still see the rage in chat when someone takes a salvo at the start of the match and gets detonated complaining about exactly that. Not all shells land at the same time!
  4. The NC is in an interesting spot. Wonder what the SLOSH models show for that area for a worst-case scenario of Florence coming in slightly to the south. Looking at the Alabama, which is ridiculously exposed by comparison, I think the NC will be just fine one way or another. That's not to say a significant surge can't or won't happen but it's quite sheltered, all things considered.
  5. Concealment Expert Changes

    I'd rather see CE/CSM1 removed entirely but that's for a much larger restructuring of the excessively powered captain skill tree, etc.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    haha no worries and thanks? :P
  7. If we're talking about at-a-glance then winrate would indicate more than any other single stat. However not a single stat on its own is terribly relevant. People want to try to break things down to it's most simplistic form yet there's a lot that can be learned from looking at the body of work as opposed to a single metric. You'd be surprised how someone plays gets translated into their various stats.
  8. Oh it was a lot later in the match than I remembered. I fired the torps into the gap and then you showed up. I dumped HE then switched to AP, firing 3 salvos. It looked like you were nailed by another ship, though, and then the torp hit.
  9. I'll load up this replay and probably record some of the stuff (not to be at your expense, I promise!) but I launched those torps to that area before I entered the cap because I used TRB right after the match started. The ship absolutely has weaknesses but the speed at which you can punish other destroyers (and trust me, this thing can get punished right back) is simply astonishing. But with that said the easiest way to kill a Harugumo with a DD is to force it into an area that has islands. Here's actual footage of me in that scenario:
  10. While I agree there's far too much emphasis on stats in general without any stats bad players would still be bad because it isn't about stats but decision making. I don't see how you could gain any sense of pride by aligning yourself with players that don't care about contributing or improving their play.
  11. While the sentiment is nice the reality is that, aside from everyone making bad plays from time to time, outright bad players can't change. They lack the ability to recognize that they in fact don't know what they're doing despite thinking otherwise. It's well documented and I'd love to see someone lose their sanity to produce a study on it in this game. I've never seen more clear cut examples of it anywhere else.
  12. Narai: Killing the King

    My god that's embarrassing. You're killing my transports bro
  13. Don't focus on damage so much as simply being effective. It's not a criticism of you but that Iowa did his job (intentionally or otherwise) in taking your attention away from helping anyone else. Sometimes that's all your match can ever be and it sucks but damage isn't the be-all-end-all that it's made out to be.
  14. Why does OBS make WOWS stutter?

    I stream at a 3000 bitrate and 45fps and my i7 3770k's cpu usage based off of OBS never reaches 10% which, in my testing, is the performance degradation threshold. You haven't mentioned what CPU you're running but, really, 16gb is the minimum for streaming. Can you get by with less? Sure, but why bother? It's not good for you or the people watching if the stuttering, frame drops, etc are all because your hardware isn't up to the task. Afterall your PC is only as fast as the slowest component. It'd be easier to help if you listed your specs, though.
  15. I was expecting Narai to be a lot more difficult but aside from the transports being a little better on moving out from the south and the Lexington being on the 10 line it really isn't terribly different. Instead of the players being grouped up together in a small cluster of furious death they have to spread out a little bit only to regroup at the end. The transport ships definitely feel more vulnerable this time around when the troops are landing. Aside from that I'd just say bring some solid AA ships/builds and chances are you'll be fine. People just need to be designated for certain tasks at the start. I'm guessing a big part of the problem like it is every time is that whenever there's a heal circle people just sit in it not understanding that they need to get ahead of the threat to protect those transport ships.