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  1. How to Lose (in one easy picture)

    Here's a great one from last night
  2. Des Moines VS Baltimore

    DM is a crazy good ship and I've absolutely hated the Baltimore since CBT. That's my bias disclaimer. But really the DM is such a dramatic improvement in potential damage output that it creates entirely different situations to excel at where the Baltimore would fall flat on its face. It's not just how you play against others but how they play against you and whether or not you can exploit it.
  3. The only benefit of the doubt I'll give is this: we don't know what they're actually working on. The more they say that it's our fault the less inclined I am to believe that they give a damn, though. Seems clear they can't keep up with their own pace here as they steamroll over issues that arise with a new patch just a few weeks later.
  4. Tanks has such a poorly executed crew skill "tree" implementation that I'm amazed they still haven't bothered to overhaul it. Ships did it right from the start with just one crew member. Adding any more layers to this now would be a significant problem across the board for new and old players and the infrastructure itself. I have over 160 captains, afterall, and now that would quadruple? What about crew slots? Would the port UI lag even more with that much more crap to keep track of? The KISS method is something to live by with game design most of the time. This is one of those that needs to be straightforward unless you're really intent on making sure WG gets even more money from slots and retraining than they already do.
  5. Lag issues since 7.2

    Yeah how dare you think an issue that a lot of people are experiencing only once 7.2 dropped is their problem. How dare you, sir!
  6. CitadelPalooza

    Yamato has been the worst Tier 10 BB for a while because of that horribly weak side armor. Range is a critical factor here, though, and for all twelve shells to hit it must have been close---literally the worst position for a Yamato to be in (broadside, close to another bb) You could have done the same thing two years ago and no one would know the difference. The patch, if anything, made the other BBs more vulnerable like the Yamato which improved its standing.
  7. Agreed! Unless they say something to you specifically ahead of time, haha. Otherwise you're really not understanding that you're only as good as the circumstances allow. A kill is not as skill-defining as people want to believe.
  8. No offense to you but it has been discussed for years, actually. WG had no interest in what was said at that time and as the ridiculous focus on damage and the be all end all of kills has escalated I doubt that has changed. They've dug this hole themselves in making high tier play the way it is. I'm not convinced they can undo it at this point but apparently they only listen to a few people as it is.
  9. Not necessarily. The Lyon isn't punching above its weight beyond that range with 340mm shells so that's probably a good range for it against the Tirpitz. And again it isn't like any of these ships were immune to citadels before at any range from battleships but the variables involved are more important than the result.
  10. BBs could always do that. I've seen it done with the Hipper, Pensacola, etc. If this patch made it easier, great, but I still think they should be more vulnerable in close engagements to AP and not at long range where HE is supposed to be more valuable.
  11. A.I. / Bot Targeting in Scenarios

    Use AFT, get used to the lead for shells, and shoot at everything you possibly can regardless of the range. There's no time for idling with an ATL.
  12. A.I. / Bot Targeting in Scenarios

    The ATL gets prioritized over anything, it seems. I've used my ATL in the Hermes op with great results so far and I noticed immediately the same thing where, even when other cruisers are kilometers closer to the target my ship still gets prioritized. When multiple ATLs are in play it's a little more confusing for the bots but I've been very, very close (too close) to enemies and they still go for other ones behind me. I dunno, I've just been caught off guard a few times when I think I'm in a good spot and suddenly find some more shells incoming when I really don't need them to. Joke's on them though, bwahahaha
  13. Why Do Players Ignore Caps?

    Throw all the reasons mentioned into a hat. Dump out the hat. All the reasons from the hat are you answer. It's literally as simple and as complicated as everything mentioned here. Players of drastically varying abilities, interests, concerns and experience.
  14. An old debate. Kills or damage?

    It's not a question of who is doing work it's a question of what leads to victory. It sounds like you're looking at this from a perspective that the OP wasn't asking for. That inferior player is doing more for the team by preventing damage than other players are by seeking it. The priority should always be to get rid of enemy ships as they no lose their influence on the map and open up more opportunities for you and your team. Going for damage over securing a kill drastically changes target prioritization and underestimates opponents. Farm wins, not damage.