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    Get the Johnny Horton music ready
  2. I don't see how this finally culminates into this post after 4900 battles played. You're not saying destroyers need to be toned down but instead wiped out of existence. You want to apply simulation parameters to destroyers but not other ship types. I'm sure you wouldn't mind 5% main battery hit ratio battleship engagements since destroyers have only one salvo of torpedoes, right? You obviously don't understand how games work.
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    Two latest videos:
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    Analyze my stats

    No worries man, just wanted to clarify and didn't want it to seem like it was an attack on anyone. There have been tons of these threads requesting a deep dive into a given player's stats and it's really interesting what you can find as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned. In regards to mine they are still skewed from 3000 matches in 3 man div. The two other people in the div changed frequently but it was always with people who not just played well but could play well together. Focusing destroyers is priority number one and always will be as it is significantly easier to win when enemy destroyers can no longer control the game. A situational equal to that, though, is simply securing kills and getting threats neutralized. Otherwise it's just map awareness, keeping enemies off your flank while simultaneously hitting theirs, cap pressure, etc etc. Find ways to control the match, basically. The rest of the stats have gone all over the place (notably: down) because I stopped doing divisions for the most part about a year and a half ago while also focusing on Tier 10 solo. That's an excellent way to kill your numbers, btw, haha. I just gave up on focusing on stats as being something important to me though I always find them fascinating.
  5. Business6

    Analyze my stats

    That's the problem right there: you think I'm picking on him. I did qualify it as "exceptionally" well. There's not a given win percentage, damage, etc that is some criteria to be met for that. Instead a general standout ship that clearly is head and shoulders above the average for the tier, specific ship or by comparison to his performance in other ships. He does well in a number of ships but none hit the "damn, that's really impressive" caliber. You're simply making the mistake that I think there's something wrong with that. Well I didn't see much beyond "you're doing well, keep doing well" or something to that effect which is absolutely useless. Instead of a pat on the back why not offer some actual insight on where he can improve? The OP said he's a stats nerd so I threw an analysis of his stats his way for him to pick over. Hopefully it's something for him to sink his teeth into and begin recognizing the areas he can improve upon, mistakes he can minimize, etc because everyone can improve but only if they want to. Disregard the number of games played as a requirement to playing well. You don't need thousands of games to be awesome but in order to recognize trends more data is better, of course. "We all start somewhere" is thrown around too much, in my opinion, as it implies people can't be good to begin with and diminishes common sense experience. And it's worth some consideration: some of the worst players this game will ever see have over 10,000 matches.
  6. Business6

    Analyze my stats

    No, he doesn't. You're trivializing his request for critiquing where he could improve based off of what can be inferred from his stats. It's straightforward and objective: there are areas where he can improve and I commented on those areas as I saw them. I don't understand why you're bent out of shape about it and being defensive about someone doing what he asked. It was constructive and without condescension but apparently you need to read through it again to understand that or just leave the topic entirely.
  7. Business6

    Analyze my stats

    The wall of text would imply that, yes.
  8. Business6

    Analyze my stats

    Got you covered: Your survival rate is low and extremely low in 3 man div You do above average/well Tier 6 and up but Tier 5 is your worst performing tier with very bad win percentages in the Kongo, Texas, Nicholas and Furutaka Your 3 man division win percentage is almost the same as your solo win percentage Your damage averages from Tier 2-8 are poor to good You're average with battleships You're above average with cruisers You're above average/good with destroyers Three person divs with people of similar capabilities and map awareness should easily bloat win percentages because, frankly, the game is easier with two people you can rely upon. So you might not be playing the same tiers or ships or be teaming with the right people to get the most out of a full division. This is shown with your lower survival rate yet higher damage in a full div (which is usually the opposite) so maybe it's more "fun" and less focused upon winning. There's plenty of ways to interpret the stats there. Battleships don't seem to be your thing while you clearly have more potential in cruisers and destroyers are certainly where your comfort zone is. A lot of this can likely be attributed to survival rates. An example from my own experience was when I focused playing more battleships that my survival rate was around 48% with a 65% win rate and I brought it up to 58-59% at one point when my win percentages peaked at 76% thanks heavily to 3 man divs and good players in those divs. I stopped playing divisions for the most part for the last ~4000 games and my survival rate has dropped to 53% and my win rate 68-69%. I absolutely do not win that frequently, of course, it's just the losses catching up. Anyhow, you have this weird drop-off with Tier 5 ships that are popular and/or objectively good. I find it strange that you struggle with the Nicholas which I'd happily take into a Tier 7 battle all day. This is probably the most interesting oddity of your stats. You don't do exceptionally well in any given ship though it's hard to tell because you're all over the place with your ship selection and play frequency. The Atlanta, for instance, is your 15th best PR rating ship according to that wows-numbers but the 14 ships above have been played a maximum of 9 times so there's nothing to really glean from those. The Atlanta has been played 21 times with a 57% win rate, 51k average damage which is certainly respectable for the Atlanta. If sorting by the PR rating the next ship down the line with a similar number of games is all the way at #32 with the Fletcher with 21 games and a 71% win rating. You seem to like the ATL, Fletcher and Des Moines so I'd focus on working on those ships both solo and in a division and see how things work out over the next few sessions/weeks. Battleships are not your strength so leave it to those in your div who can do more with them, for now. Improving your play by getting more seat time with the three aforementioned ships should consequently improve your battleship play by adding more caution and map awareness to your play. These should help your survival rating, damage output and win percentages with battleships---assuming you want to improve that, of course. edit: last thing I wanted to mention Looking at things again and just considering the number of games I'd say slow down, you've got some Tier 10 ships now. Relax a bit and focus on fine tuning as opposed to getting a sample of everything like it was Costco and you're not sure what to eat for dinner. Over the next thousand games you should improve in a lot of areas while the ones that don't improve should become more readily apparent and thus easier to focus on.
  9. Business6

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    I use it on quite a few ships. I see Vigilance as a team skill and, generally, the less aggressive you are the less you and others will benefit from it.
  10. Business6

    New Type of Ships!

    The game is slow enough already with people too scared to move. Why further motivate even less movement?
  11. Business6

    Business' Youtube videos

    Woops, haven't updated here in a while:
  12. If the shells were flat, yes, most or all of them should have overpenned if you were parallel to him. But if there was any arc to the shells at all, and at that range there is, then the shells didn't penetrate across the water level of the ship but down into it giving the shells more time to arm. Full health detonations have been gone for a while but detonations from a single salvo against a full health target are not. There's an important distinction there that people still don't seem to get for whatever reason but still want to claim that full health detonations still happen from one shell. Still see the rage in chat when someone takes a salvo at the start of the match and gets detonated complaining about exactly that. Not all shells land at the same time!
  13. Business6

    PSA: Wilmington; USS North Carolina in peril

    The NC is in an interesting spot. Wonder what the SLOSH models show for that area for a worst-case scenario of Florence coming in slightly to the south. Looking at the Alabama, which is ridiculously exposed by comparison, I think the NC will be just fine one way or another. That's not to say a significant surge can't or won't happen but it's quite sheltered, all things considered.
  14. Business6

    Concealment Expert Changes

    I'd rather see CE/CSM1 removed entirely but that's for a much larger restructuring of the excessively powered captain skill tree, etc.
  15. Business6

    Who have you seen in game

    haha no worries and thanks? :P