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  1. What is it about the weekend?

    Your perception. Weekend play is no different than any other time but you've got the "reason" play is bad locked and loaded. If weekend play was magically so bad why does anyone, yourself included, bother to play on the weekend?
  2. Unless you're dealing damage, capping, defending caps or shooting down planes the XP system doesn't give a damn. It's been this way for far too long.
  3. Yeah that's not going to stop me from using AP over HE, ever. Overpen is guaranteed damage versus no such guarantee with HE. HE, damage and module saturation is still the root of the problem and exactly why, even with overpen only AP, it'll still be my choice against enemy destroyers in a BB. This is the tiniest, silliest band-aid fix so the game can continue on without having to do a massive overhaul and just corners them further into pushing an actual solution further down the line.
  4. 190 without ARP or whatever else ships. I only care about the Minotaur, though.
  5. Business' Youtube videos

    But wait! There's more! And pure Minotaur carnage
  6. Business' Youtube videos

    Didn't realize it had been so long since I updated this sooooo
  7. thats why i hate this ranked

    Yup. There's an excessive emphasis on kills being related to skill or scoreboard standings when that's not the case at all. Not to take away from the spotting damage, torp spotting, planes shot down, etc, as you did your job from a utility standpoint at the very least. WG is content with teamplay categories earning next to nothing compared to damage. It often seems that carriers have the biggest mountain to climb when it comes to earning similar base xp comparative to other ship types.
  8. Storms absolutely ruin games

    No they don't. Just because they have an 8km engagement zone for their guns doesn't mean that it plays exclusively to a battleship and certainly not a bad one. If they don't kill you with the first volley they've lost almost every advantage. Get aggressive, get to their side, use AP, use your maneuverability, don't fire torps too early, use islands, control the engagement. The absolute last place a battleship wants a cruiser is point blank, maximizing their AP shell pen, out-juking their rudder and turret traverse. So get to that place.
  9. Storms absolutely ruin games

    Generally, people who don't like/hate storms Are not capable/willing to adjust their play Don't think ahead Don't know how to utilize the storm's mechanics Don't know how to utilize the minimap Don't know how to manage damage *cough* 97% of bbs *cough* Storms are one of the best features in the game though they absolutely need to come and go a hell of a lot faster. 5 minute warning with another 90 seconds until vision is reduced to 8km is just way, way too long. Cut the= warning down to about half and then reduce the duration of the cyclone by 25-35% and I think it'll be a hell of a lot better for everyone. I think from the warning to the full visibility coming back should take no more than 7 minutes. Cyclones also massively emphasize the destruction of low health enemy ships. A ship that is allowed to slip away before or during a cyclone is one that will come back to haunt you.
  10. Why did anyone think this would be a magical fix? Frankly it's a hell of a lot more complicated than just some basic patch can work on. It's not even a baby step as it would take a full gutting of the matchmaker to improve things by a significant margin. None of this matters, though, because the same people who complain about the +/-2 will complain about +/-1 and so on and so forth. There are a number of ways to approach changing the matchmaker that could potentially work better than what is currently in place but there's no possible fix where everyone feels like it was a fair game. I'm still amazed that people are more concerned about the ships but not the people playing them and how those compositions are worked out.
  11. Detecting Hacks and Aimbots

    These threads are a great source of entertainment at the very least. Still sad, though, in a way.
  12. Number of Battles to Tier X

    On my alternate account I got to the Kurfurst in 292 games and could have done it, if focused only on progress matches, in 225 or less. Using premium time for about 90% of matches played, a division for about 25-30% of games, the invite code to get up and running and using free xp when enough was generated the only real grind were the credits. XP is stupidly, stupidly easy to attain. Credits were a bit more of a crap shoot. Played way more matches in the Konig than required, haha.