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  1. Business6

    Don't understand SAP

    They're high velocity shells so that's on you if you can't get hits with them. They have a very similar feel to IJN cruisers in terms of shell behavior so if you're complaining about dispersion on these cruisers I don't know what to tell you. If anything the RM cruisers might be amongst the easiest to hit DDs with in the game since they maintain their velocity very well throughout their range. Regarding damage considering how even low tiers can hit only a few shells and still do 4k damage it shouldn't be hard to imagine a Venezia dropping 15k salvos. I hit a Khab for 22k, even
  2. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    I couldn't find this thread when I first posted the new video but then remembered the cc threads were merged back into general discussion, woops. The somewhat purposely delayed Puerto Rico Overview
  3. Business6

    Don't understand SAP

    The most basic explanation would be to use it like HE. It has fixed penetration like HE so you want to aim into the decks of armored targets. They do suffer, and quickly, from damage saturation so it tends to be diminishing returns of you're only trying to hit the same spot over and over. Spread the shells out if you can. Against destroyers you should see a much higher damage yield per shell hit compared to basically any other type of shell. SAP is absolutely brutal against destroyers. SAP also has higher than average ricochet angles. So where AP would bounce at a given angle you have a bit more room to use SAP before it begins to bounce. Make sure to run expert loader across the board for the Italian cruisers to have a better chance at having the right ammo for the target and the situation. It's not as complicated as it may first seem and once you get used to it it honestly doesn't take much more thought than HE vs AP. When you drop your first 15k+ salvo on a DD you'll have an epiphany, lol Oh and use the training room and co-op to test things out. Use the tools at your disposal for less theoretical and more practical understanding.
  4. Business6

    Good lord: the FDG is still hot, flaming garbage

    That's not how it works. You have 8 shells and 8 roll of the dice no matter how you fire as each shell is subject to its own RNG. Ripple fire adds time to the salvo which can be useful in certain situations but it does nothing more than that.
  5. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Episode 47!
  6. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Thanks! Here's episode 46 of S&G
  7. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    You can do ittttt
  8. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Lenin time!
  9. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Here? No, this is specifically for videos I create. General Discussion is where you'd probably get the feedback you're looking for
  10. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    The dirty Smolensk overview
  11. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Time to cover the Friesland
  12. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Double strikes everywhere and a new damage mark in Episode 44
  13. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    Kremlin time
  14. Business6

    The Youtube thread

    French Destroyer WiP Preview is up.
  15. Business6

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    It's the timing that's absolutely terrible. You get the warning at what, 2 minutes into the match? 5 minute warning and then another 90 seconds before it sets to the 8km vision which will last for 6½ minutes or something completely absurd. I think cyclones are awesome, otherwise. Huge potential risk/reward and an incentive to actually move. Being able to read the minimap and have sharp CQB ability pay huge dividends (hopefully) but the timing mechanics need to be changed. I'd prefer to see something along the lines of Cyclone warning by the 60 second mark Countdown reduced to 2 minutes, 2½ minutes at most Vision reduction time reduced by half to 45 seconds Cyclone duration reduced to 2-3 minutes at most It should not dominate the duration of the match. The cyclone should be there to get people moving and if they don't take advantage of it then that's the price of complacency.