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  1. I Know I Suck Because...

    I'm #21014 of 22001 players. I knew I was bad. Didn't figure I was this bad though. Hehe
  2. Premium Ships You Would Like to See

    I would like to see Haida.
  3. How to Chung Mu (Tier IX Pan Asian DD)

    Excellent information for me. Thank you for posting.
  4. Dasha & Santa Box Animation

    She must, yea. I'm 0 fer 62 including the two free crates. ( gg/kid tugging on my sleeve. You have Grammy, remember? Oh yea. Thanks sweetheart. ;) ) Hehe
  5. Nikolai I found its way into a $1 crate.
  6. New Years Crate Contents

    I had just got the 20 @ Mega Gift package and got dupes. After, when I the 20 @ the Big and the 20 @ Regular packages I then got the rest of the ships I did not have, including the Nikolai I (the one I was trying to get) so I'm going to say the different packages have only certain levels of ships or just certain ships. Not sure but them's my results. I thought I had read somewhere which package may contain which but can't remember where I read this. Sorry. Have a gooder.
  7. New Years Crate Contents

    20 x Santa's Mega Gift 30 dragon 30 ouroboros 30 hydra 30 frosty fir tree v okt. revolutsiya + 10 point commander (2525 doubloons) already had 30 frosty fir tree 30 ouroboros 2000 doubloons 30 frosty fir tree de grasse + 10 point commander (3850 doubloons) already had 30 hydra 30 hydra duca d'aosta + 10 point commander (3290 doubloons) already had 30 frosty fir tree 30 frosty fir tree 30 frosty fir tree 30 hydra 2000 doubloons 30 hydra 30 wyvern ----------------------------------------- 20 x Santa's Big Gifts 1000 doubloons 1000 doubloons 1000 doubloons huanghe + 10 point commander 1000 doubloons 1000 doubloons 15 hydra 15 frosty fir tree 15 dragon 1000 doubloons 15 wyvern 15 frosty fir tree okhotnik + 10 point commander (1350 doubloons) already have 15 hydra 1000 doubloons 15 red Dragon 15 frosty fir tree okhotnik + 10 point commander (1350 doubloons) already have 1000 doubloons 15 frosty fir tree ---------------------------------------- 20 x Santa's Gifts 10000 free xp 5 frosty fir tree 10000 free xp 5 frosty fir tree 50 zulu 300 doubloons 300 doubloons 5 frosty fir tree 50 equal speed charlie london 5 frosty fir tree Nikolai I + 10 point commander 50 zulu 50 papa papa 10000 free xp 50 zulu hotel 10000 free xp 5 frosty fir tree 50 zulu hotel 300 doubloons 50 zulu
  8. Dups or No Dups, that is the question

    I got three duplicates (doubloons) but no Nikolai. 20 x Santa's Mega Gift
  9. Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I appreciate your honesty. Thank you.
  10. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    I hope Haida is close but am getting ready for a 'moose stampede' in any case.
  11. Some pretty good whining you have right there. Here, have a hug. /hug
  12. Need more N in the NA server.
  13. I play for that 100% win so I can free xp ships and modules so I can find that one ship that grabs me and says, "Here I am." I can concentrate on that one ship and we can sail into the pvp sunset together. Maybe I should be playing World of Yachts. :D I play for the daily bonus for now. Stats matter, learning matters, winning matters me (to me). I read forums, 'how to play' and sit in port ship spinning. My pvp stats are from mostly, when them Arpeggio ships were available in the pvp missions. I just rolled through each ship I had until the team won. A lot of times I wasn't even sure which ship I was in and kept saying, "I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be here but WG must want me to be here because they want me to have them Arpeggio ships and they're not available in pve". Had to learn what Arpeggio even was and then was too close to get them so may as well continue to the finish. Don't think I've even drove them. I'm looking for that one ship, in pve, I can concentrate on and then play in pvp and be an asset to my team. Hehe Apparently grammer and such don't seem to matter much today. Sorry. Worn and decrepit has an effect. Also, somewhere in the above is context I think it's called.
  14. Premium Ship Review: HMAS Vampire

    I'm certainly looking forward to when you add to your collection of a specific Tier VII (maybe) DD. Hehehe Thank you for the excellent review. +1 I picked Vampire up. In Co-op, a few ok games, one good game and a couple of 'need much more improvement' games. We'll spend more time together I'm sure.