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  1. I was going to get some crates but the bone spur yellow rubbed me the wrong way so I changed my mind.
  2. Haida: updated on Facebook

    World of Warships Development Blog 15 mins · ST. Commonwealth destroyer Haida, tier VII Main batteries 1st turret: firing sector is increased by 27 degrees at close range both ways. 2nd turret: traverse sector is increased to 360 degrees. Firing sectors are decreased by 4 degrees both ways. 3rd turret: firing and traverse sectors are increased by 2 degrees both ways. Hydroacoustic Search changes Ship acquisition range decreased from 3210 m to 3120 m Torpedo acquisition range decreased from 2790 to 2130 m Smoke generator changes Reload time is now 120 s instead of 240 s (80 s instead of 160 s for premium equipment) Changes from the Cossack hull iteration: HP increased from 14800 m to 15700 m Main batteries' range increased from 11890 m to 12320 m Secondaries' range decreased from 4500 m to 4000 m Top speed increased from 36.0 to 36.5 kts Turning circle radius increased from 610 to 630 m
  3. Cossack, Haida, Azur Lane?

    I had to go look at the destroyers. Thought the Fletcher and Comet were fine. One kinda looked like one of my daughters and the other looked like one of my grand kids. Not sure how they are in the AL game though. Be cool to have them as captains I think, in WG, for me. It'd be something different.
  4. Cossack, Haida, Azur Lane?

    That's cool. It seems AL did very well with what I can see with the captains. The ones around here like them. They watch anime quite a bit. The girls think they're pretty and like their voices. The boys oogled a bit and liked the ships. I wondered what they'd be like as anime ships as others might see them. I had read in another post something like: everything has a spirit or soul and it wasn't a far stretch to go to what a ship might be as a spirit or soul and that's how it got started. Something like that anyway. It made me question and wonder. I popped over the Warship Girls and was a bit surprised, yea. Was nice to see another's prospective on what they envisioned. Thought they did very well with the older looking one though. I can see Parks Canada getting a bit excited now that I think about it. Real excited.
  5. Cossack, Haida, Azur Lane?

    Do you think the Cossack and/or Haida might make it into Azur Lane? I'm not sure how it all works to get ships in and I didn't see them in the list. It had crossed my mind what they might be like in voice, personality, and looks, if they were in. I was just curious so thought I'd ask. http://blhx.wikia.com/wiki/Ship_List
  6. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Even her journey in a game is adventuresome, eh.
  7. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    <Edit> I just hope Haida isn't one of those premiums they've 'elected' to be sub-par. 2
  8. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    No worries. I hope you get your Haida shortly.
  9. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Rode hard and put away wet. I got it. I was making a joke before. Am making a joke now. My joke is not coming across the internet today I guess. Sorry. I like the Tribals. Other people think fondly of the Tribals. Maybe some don't. I haven't heard of them or read them. Doesn't mean they're not out there. Each to their own. Peace.
  10. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Yea, they did get fatigued for sure.
  11. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Power under control. It could be a thing.
  12. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    So is the population.
  13. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Sorry. Bad and Tribal in the same sentence does not compute for me.
  14. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Well said.
  15. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    Thank you for your impression Noster. It was nice to see Haida in action.