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  1. Haida, eh. Consumable: Beaver Tail Slap. Enemy DDs ground themselves on the nearest beach. Consumable: Canadian Beaver Flooding. Well, because Canadian beavers have been flooding the world one 'give a damn' at a time :D Haida torpedoes may have extra flooding. Class flavoUr: Canadian maple Syrup Slick. Enemy ships that pass through the slick, well, bear with me here. Canadian Maple syrup goes great when eating by a fireplace or a warm wood burning stove sooooooooo when an enemy ship passes through a Haida slick they first slow down then burn for a bit then (spoiler alert) and because it feels so good they roll over to get their bellies scratched. :D As far as the camo we could just have the simple maple leaf on the funnel. Kind of like the celebrations of the two head coaches on the mens and womens hockey team at the last winter olympics. Immediately when the game was over one head coach went directly to shake hands with the opposite teams coaches and the other head coach did a very tiny fistpump and went to shake hads with the opposite teams coaches. There was no jumping up and down and carrying on. For the, "Henderson has scored for Canada!" kind of celebration maybe a Texas style Canadian flag camo. My preference for a special camo, thoUgh, would be a paint with a poppy somehow. Yea, I'd do Haida and, sorry, have to get hockey and sorry in here somehow, eh. I apologize to all the hosers for my horribad writing. Thank you to Pigeon_of_War for you're responses to this thread.
  2. I'm echoing the above posters. She's not impressing me much.
  3. Thank you LittleWhiteMouse. Excellent write-up. Plus one.
  4. Is there any new information on/if Haida is coming to WoWS or any Canadian ship for that matter?
  5. Like Foghorn Leghorn and Little Henery the Chicken Hawk. ;) I'll take the little chicken hawk every time. :D
  6. Simply: Haida. Beauty, eh. Haida, Yes please. In a heartbeat. She's a very respectable ship, worthy of her name and history. Commonwealth tree. Premium. Tier 6, 7, or 8. I'm not sure but am hoping for whichever is the most appropriate to do her proper justice. She was assertive. She needs to be competitive and not a gimmick.. Canadian Red Ensign flag. Pigeon works just fine. This thread has me so pumped.
  7. Thank you very, very much for these pictures.
  8. How I step away from the game. Well, usually it starts with a tug on my ear. Then my ear starts moving at at high rate of speed, my butt gets ejected off the chair, my legs scramble to keep up while my hand, before it gets out of range, tries to hit the Enter key so I can purchase that ship. While I try to catch my balance as I'm being drug across the room I see what usually wears a dress now wearing pants and by the time I get my wits about me I'm standing behind a lawn mower or have something like a paint brush in my hand. Stepping away from the game. Easy Peazy man.
  9. Haida something to write here as a replacement for the corvettes and frigs as I'm sure they wouldn't fit in the game but canna remember what it was. Haida, for sure, smoke my mates if I had that which I can't remember. Chills me to the bones thinking of the conditions them sailors went through zigging and a zagging to and fro across them freezing waters. Much respect to them all. Yea, much respect to them all.
  10. I will check them out. Thank you for the heads up.
  11. Yes. I'd be 100% in favor of a full Commonwealth DD line.
  12. On that day everything will be right with the world. Sorry, I have something in my eyes.
  13. Near as I can figure, ketchup potato chip, checking in. When I'm in some games I see people giving other people advice and I try to use that advice myself, however, so much new information can sometimes just be overwhelming. Eg. One person suggests staying in the smoke while another suggests going through the smoke. *scratches head* Next game it's something else. It takes a while to sort all the information and under which circumstance this all applies to. Some get it right away, some take longer. My experience, Random doesn't play the same as Co-op. Anyway, yea. Great game. Ketchup potato chip, checking in.