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  1. 10thDF

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Awwww. So disarmingly huggable.
  2. 10thDF

    Black Friday Container received

    Received 20 shadow lurker camos.
  3. I was looking for an honest assessment, without sugar coating, and feel this is what I received. Truly, Thank you so very much. I had been thinking along the lines of: Start with the tier 2 UK destroyer then work my way up or start with and play lower BB's to learn map awareness. There aren't any BB's I wish to play. I do ok with German BB's. If I had to pick a line I'd rather it be UK BB's though they do not agree with me at all. Arrrggggg Yea, they're uggg. Was trying to stick with one nations lines, besides Commonwealth, if I can, to narrow things down. Third option would be to climb in Haida, stay there until I learn the game. Feels like a huge dis-service to the ship and I'm aware of the ramifications to my team-mates as well as it's my game - you don't pay my sub things. Not really leaning towards option three but a tiny bit of me is yes. To be clear, I do not find it fun to be dying right off the bat. I just seem to end up way out front, for a myriad of reasons. I had just come to a point of, Yea, I'm effing tired of dying so soon. Yea, like really effing tired. Enough that I will be changing that and have already been adjusting my direction there. I wish also to say that I can see you've put effort into your reply. I can see words matter to you. They also matter to me. Just like Haida, you deserve a fair response. I apologize that I'm unable to give a more fitting reply. Unfortunately these words are what I'm able. Sorry. When I was young I was going to live forever. Now, forever has turned into soon™. lol Words are in a place I'm having a harder time finding. Later today I'm invited to a tea party with my great, great, grand kids. Puts everything in perspective. Anyway, I've been going over your assessment and will continue to do so. Man, I hope my meaning is coming across clearly. Again, thank you so very much. Be safe. Have fun.
  4. Thank you everyone for the insight. I wasn't sure so thought I'd ask. Be safe. Have fun.
  5. I'm wondering if WG gives a bit of a heads up on how a ship is acquired whether it's doubloons, coal, cash, or Research Points ish just before they release it or they just release it. May someone enlighten me please?
  6. Vampire II got my attention. Ooh Ga! Oooh Gah!
  7. I'm reading that five (5) are required. Starting from Update 0.8.7, any player with five (5) unlocked tech tree Tier X ships automatically qualifies for the Research Bureau. Obtaining  in other ways, e.g. through Daily Missions or Dockyard events, also qualifies one for the Research Bureau. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau
  8. 10thDF

    If our commanders could talk...

    Being in all respects ready for war H.M.C.S. Haida will seek USS Kansas, reported by buzz that she is captained by Alexander Ovechkin. Determine whether friend or foe. If friend give a congratulatory Lali-ho and God speed. If foe, put four in her guts and send her to the bottom of the sea.
  9. 10thDF

    Submarine Testing

    The more I drilled down into the subs I realized, for the first time, I didn't care about stats anymore. I just see fun. As a sub trying to sink other ships. Fun. As a DD or CV trying to sink these little hellions. I just see fun. This ain't your daddy's World of Warships. Game changer. Edited to add: As I watch the video again and again, I realize I have this huge grin on my face. It just looks like so much fun. One more sleep and we'll see what the reality is.
  10. 10thDF

    Submarine Testing

    Looks interesting. I'm in. Downloaded and ready to go.
  11. Something about being spotted from farther away because of the gun bloom. Can't remember. A year, year and a half or so so ago ish. I just remember it really screwed me up with how she played with me. Took the Perth out tonight after a few T2 and T3 with French cruisers to get my feet wet. Was Dev Striked and First Blooded. :D Did better second game though. Was fun.
  12. Wow. So many great replies. Thank you so much everyone. So much great information here. I played the Perth until it was nerfed. Can't remember what the nerf was but I remember I just couldn't get my head around her when she changed. lol It's funny because I disliked playing cruisers the most but Perth liked me. Think I then played the Gallant waiting for the UK DD line to come. Perth and Gallant are my two most played ships in pvp.
  13. I am requesting your opinion please. Not even sure where to start. I'd like to concentrate on pvp. Been a Co-op main. Just come back from 1-2 years away. The Perth stats were just before the nerf to her. Don't remember what that nerf was. The Gallant stats were because I thought I might go down the UK DD line if/when they came. Thought I'd like to be a DD main. Was also hoping and praying for Haida to come into game. If I had to pick one ship to be great at, Haida would be my choice. I don't live long but so hard to not be up front and in the fur ball. Reddik speed. If I try to stay back I always find my self in the thick of it with DD's, BB's, and CL's. CV's only ones I have distance. I thank you for your insight.