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  1. iceleader

    CV's suck so bad now

    Spot on.
  2. I have always enjoyed playing this game with the carriers. However, they have become no fun and if you want to continue to give back large amounts of credits you won, then buy a carrier. They have included a service fee of about 240,000 credits for each battle and then on top of that, they add in fees for replacing lost planes and other stuff. Has anyone won any positive credits. Even with premium play its a joke. Imagine someone trying to get ahead without having premium play. I have sent in many responses to how unfair these carriers are and I get these ridiculous responses telling that i can add all this upgrades. How the hell can you add upgrades when you continue to go backwards in credits. Even in the public test arena, where you can add every upgrade, you lose all your plans before you can even get close to making an attack. As the previous post said , death to the aircraft carriers. As much as I wish that was not the case, but it is true. I sold all mine. No fun anymore. What do you say if you read this. Let me hear your comments.
  3. iceleader

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    I have played the carrier since I started world of warships. I realize that everyone is going to have favorites and non favorites. However, as a carrier player, I look forward to a new challenge. At this point, we are in a new stage of reworking a new concept. I think it is only fair to give it an honest chance before we start criticizing the concept. Hopefully the new carrier concept will allow the opportunity to be able to generate some decent credits without too many service charges, as opposed to the existing format which really sucks when trying to accumulate credits. For those of you who, using the other warships, who were able to constantly shoot down our CV planes with your advanced on board AA guns, I look forward to giving you a run for your money with the new concept. Have a great day.