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    Things may happen

    @SeaRaptor00hello so my idea is a racing league I am currently working on, rules and maps the whole shebang so the concept is team oriented tourney style play with the hopes of 32 teams competing in a 5 v 5 racing format in v-170 there would need to be at least 4 refs and 2 people to act as a finishing line if a team was to succeed in making all the laps without being destroyed if all members of a team are destroyed then the other team win automatically so 2 ways to win the race.
  2. @iKami well i have tried to give actual un bias feedback but have not seen any response i love this game been playing since beta but my only issue right now is plane hp i really feel it needs to be raised just a tad at least tier 6 a lone fuso or new mex shouldnt be able to down my planes after 1 torp run. I could see if he had allies close that happening but not alone please look into this, this is all I ask as a cv main and the 3rd best NA ryujo player. Thank you for your time.
  3. ArmoredGuppy

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    @SweetnSour_SAC its more likely due to people very unhappy with the hotfix including me been playing since beta but i think im gonna walk away too
  4. ArmoredGuppy

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    So I don't write on the forums much but I need to speak my peace as a cv main and so far my experience after the hot-fix.... It was not enjoyable at all playing the ryujo with the torp reticle moving then taking forever to narrow when i was straight on to a target then having all my planes killed which aa is great thats fine but to not beable to make proper torp runs is really garbage for both us and ijn lines. Changed several features of the Japanese torpedo bombers. Now, if during the preparation for the attack, the attack group maneuvers, your aim will not stabilize (aiming cone stops narrowing). And when maneuvering during an attack run - begins to widen. In order to carry out an effective attack, you need to preemptively choose the line of attack and try not to make last-minute maneuvers. <------- this is a problem if you are gonna have aa buffed i was able to hit with 4 or 5 torps the entire game and it wasn't fun and enjoyable at all. again you shouldn't have the stabilization [edited] on reticle if your gonna have amazing AA on ships now.