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  1. DysfunctionalDiversion

    WG In-Game Shop Specials?

    Hey, I recently purchased some doubloons for the Scharn and Atago, but I was wondering if there were any upcoming shop specials that I could take advantage of? And also, are Scharny and Atago still viable in this current meta as premium ships? Thanks for your insight!
  2. DysfunctionalDiversion

    200% Cashback Bonus Coupon

    Thank you, I just wanted to make sure. So if I’m purchasing 6500 doubloons, I’ll get 19500 in total?
  3. DysfunctionalDiversion

    200% Cashback Bonus Coupon

  4. DysfunctionalDiversion

    200% Cashback Bonus Coupon

    Hey, quick question about one of the coupons in the shop. I received a coupon for “200% cashback bonus” that could be redeemed on certain offers in the premium shop. I’m a little bit confused on what I’ll get if I use the coupon. Say I purchase 6500 doubloons and use the coupon, would I get double that amount using the coupon? Or could I buy a ship using it? Thank you