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  1. High risk no reward. If you don't have good vision of the map and don't know where their light cruisers are, let alone their radar cruisers or their DD's that have better concealment than you, why bother? The game's meta is centered around every other class being canon fodder, while BB's snipe. With the worst being the ones who don't even pretend to care about supporting caps and blatantly sail away to map border as a group. Why bother playing game meta when I'm in a 1 shot boat and unsure if my teammates will support me at all. Sorta why I bought a Scharn. Play like a moron and still farm kills and have a blast.
  2. Get Ready for Pan-Asia stage 4 Just completed a match and got over 20k torp damage in Shira, no credit.....
  3. DD Being Spotted way out of Spotting Range

    I witnessed a repeating spotting bug in my Shira versus a cruiser. I got trapped in a pocket between islands. One light cruiser was lurking behind one of those islands that has a flat part that you can spot people over. The cruisers kept revering and going forwards and spotting me without rendering for what felt like 3 seconds. This happened almost 4 times. I knew there was a max concealment Benson near by so I didn't wanna peace out only to get seal clubbed by Benson as you cant outrun them in Shira at all. So I stayed roughly in the same patch of ocean at 1/2 speed trying to see what this light cruiser was gonna do as I was afraid he was gonna push around the island and gank me as we were 4.5 km away and my torps were on reload with no help near by. All he did was kept reversing and going full speed forward. Kept showing I was being spotted and looked on map and in look around in game no one. Then by the time you count to three he'd render and he's already in full speed forward. The read half of his ship rendered for only 2 seconds and showed him sailing back behind the island. And on and on this went for 3 to 4 times. I looked several times at my ping and only showed 50 to 70.
  4. What is Seal Clubbing in World of Warships?

    When CV get free kills on DD's that lack AA or AA is so low that you can park a fighter over them for 11 minutes and not lose a fighter. Had that happen to me a few times. Or 3 Belfasts in one team with 2 in a division on a map with tons of cover. Or all Gunboat DD's vs all torpedo boat DD's. Or a mix of RU gunboat and IJN torpedo DD's in a DD heavy game versus all IJN torpedo boats. Or a game with hardly any BBs but tons of cruisers and gunboat DD's vs a team with all IJN torpedo boats. Maps with caps close together and islands in between so the team with multiple cruisers with radar wins by radaring 2 caps by hiding behind an island in between the caps. Then taking turns radaring and denying DD's the cap in a mostly DD and CA game.
  5. Game broken or possible bug.

    Good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of that. I'll check it out and see what happened. EDIT: Forgot that I didn't have it enabled.
  6. Game broken or possible bug.

    Not possible. I have never had that happen to me ever since playing CBT where in a DD i'm struck by torpedo in 2 different sections of the ship and get 3/4 damage mitigation. I have never had anything tier 8 and under live through 2 IJN torps in hundreds of DD's I have torp'd. Just tested it in training room where I hit the same section of armor and Farragut sunk from 2 torps. So don't see how damage saturation would apply when I struck him in the front and back of the ship.
  7. Game broken or possible bug.

    I struck a Kutuzov for max damage torpedo damage the very next game. I am well aware of the concept of damage saturation and torpedo bulge armor but I watched this guy he get hit in the bow and stern at full HP as he sailed out of his smoke and he's a DD with no torpedo bulge armor.
  8. Game broken or possible bug.

    Struck 2 different parts of the ship as I fired from long range.
  9. Game broken or possible bug.

    Struck 2 different parts of the ship as I fired long range.
  10. Game broken or possible bug.

    Nope, he was full HP at the start of game in smoke. For example I struck a wounded Kutuzov for 17k max damage with 0 reduction the very next game. Keep in mind this was 2 torpedos that struck different parts of the ship for 5k per hit out of 17k possible against a Farragut.
  11. Why would anyone play destroyers?

    Stay away from Shiratsuyu, torp'd a Farragut today and 17k max damage torpedos only did 5k per hit. Me and the Farragut were both in shock and how he can survive 2 hits and still have decent amount of HP left. My Kagero has 20k torps and even against BBs who have torpedo damage reduction it's 10 to 12k per torpedo hit, but against a Farragut my 17k Shiratsuyu torpedo becomes 5k.
  12. Game broken or possible bug.

    Played Shiratsuyu and torp'd a Farragut in smoke. 2 hits with a torpedo that does a maximum of 17k damage per hit. Farragut lived through it and 2 x torpedo only did 10k. So 17k vs a DD with 0 torpedo bulge armor does only 5k? I have played since CBT in destroyers and never been screwed like that. I have never under any occasion survived 2 IJN torpedos in a DD either.
  13. Mouse's Views on 0.6.3's Stealth Fire Changes

    Cool story bruh. So DD dominate the meta and ruins games which is why RU and EU servers are not as DD heavy. Oh wait. You wrote that none of the applied and you were right because the meta's don't apply. I guess you're right because you say so.
  14. Mouse's Views on 0.6.3's Stealth Fire Changes

    Ummm no. A BB is more than capable of doing so especially when a DD is forced to defend a cap or you know game is ending and he's going to the closest cap. Map design creates funnels at caps so unless your on ocean, you have some idea of where he could be. Remember, not all DD's have IJN torps. So if you know the DD has to fight at a objective then a BB has a good chance of winning unless it's certain specific DD with large spreads of hard hitting torps. Like I wrote, it's not rock, paper, scissors by any means. It's simply WG appealing to their base. As people have wrote before RU server is mostly BB. So the meta's never going to change.
  15. Mouse's Views on 0.6.3's Stealth Fire Changes

    I agree but my point is that it's not rock, paper, sissor mechanics and it hasn't been since CBT nerf to CA&DDs and buff to BB rudder shift. Before you were nearly guaranteed DD food without a screen and with that nerf and meta of some ships, several BBs excel at dodging torps, fending off DDs with secondaries and simply outright tanking torpedo damage. A DD's margin for survival is often razor thin, a BB won't die early game unless it really wants to. It can still contribute and not expose itself to instant deletion. So the idea that it's a fair and even balance between the two classes is untrue. Most situation versus even an average BB player in high tier maps, it takes team work to kill a BB, BB instant deletions are few and rare even when they make mistakes like sail broadside (due to heal). A DD makes any sort of mistake and it's usually deletion or severely wounded. Not ragging on BB drivers but the fact the you find BB Bots speaks volumes, their simply very very forgiving in the game meta. Sit at cap and long range snipe and get marginal to decent XP. Where as in a DD your spotted near cap and you're alone and 5 enemy cruisers within 15km of you then your going to get 0 XP.