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  1. Good day captains! Gather around the campfire for a heartwarming story from uncle Nuke. Once upon a time there was a captain who had a hard time deciding if his light cruiser Zara was a torpedo boat or a sniper. He proceeded to charge the capture circle at full speed while I covered his port/inside flank behind the wheel of my Shinonome, when a formation of rocket planes appeared on the horizon. At that very moment the capture circle became occupied by an enemy Akizuki. Being spotted, the Zara breaks off to my starboard side. I avoid the cap as my Shinonome stands no chance, being spotted and facing the fierce guns of the Akizuki, and I tuck in behind the island. At that moment, the enemy's main force is spotted by friendly aircraft. I begin accelerating out from my hidey hole to make a torpedo attack on the enemy fleet whom are now emerging from the far side of the island, when all of a sudden the Zara's torpedoes strike the side of my poor Shinonome. This shaves off nearly 3/4s of my health and turns the Zara pink. The driver of the Zara rips off few choice words in chat, but I do not reply, too focused at the task at hand. After we win the game by a healthy margin, I took it upon myself to extend an olive branch by DMing the Zara driver in a polite manner. His reply was quiet amusing actually. Perhaps he didn't realize his lies could be so easily discovered. Or maybe he was just trolling, but I doubt that as he blocked me after his reply. Usually trolls will continue with the discussion in order to get under your skin. No, I believe this person genuinely lacks the self awareness needed to be a troll, I should know, we smell our own. Ill just leave theses screen shots here for you to read and make up your own conclusions. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, best wishes for the new year, and avoid the coof.

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    I got reported 3 times this morning for playing a CV and not doing exactly what the ships on the otherside of the map wanted me to do. Its frustrating but i dont let it get to me. Besides no one cares about karma rating

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    im not a unicum by any stretch of the imagination, but i think the Kleber is fine and the nerf doesnt hurt it all that much
  4. Ive yet to get a solo warrior. But i have had some great games in the kit. Great ship, my favorite tier 9, and id say a better ship than the tiet 10 ship in that line. EDIT: i stand corrected, i actually have a single solo warrior medal.

    47 Million Potential Damage they say

    Cooo story bru
  6. im grinding this thing out without spending any money. It looks like im going to make it but it has taken a large portion of my time, and if not for the fact i have several hours a night, two times a week during a graveyard shift that i can play.
  7. Your analogy doesn't fit with narrative your attempting to assert. Ive been involved in auto racing and have particular experience in drag racing. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that is not even close to how any form of drag racing would take place under any kind of sactioning body, voiding any argument you had. Now ive been warned about engaging with this matter further, but im bored and ill take the ride for better or worst. Perhaps you are just trolling, and that might be likely as i cant image anyone so devoid of a coherent thought as to make such absurd statements such as yours.

    Gifted ships block account?

    Thread gets a 10/10. Engrossing content
  9. Isnt the montana a battleships and the PR a cruiser? What is it i am missing that leads you to believe theses ships are so simular despite being different classes of ship in WOws?
  10. I keep getting instant chat banned. Too many hall monitors waiting to report you for saying naughty words.

    Puero Rico

    Oh si? My wife is mexican and whenever her family says something to me in Spanish i cant understand she tells me to say " oh, si?"

    What is your favorite "Rare Bear" and why?

    Id be interested in a Benham, have you every played the Kidd? I got one as a rental but didnt really play it much, was fun however, perhaps i should buy one.

    Very concerned for the future of DD game play

    I am an average player who plays DDs alot, and the only real issue i have with DD vs CV game play at the moment is how higher tier CVs can take off half my health in the first stages of the game. Rocket planes, FML. It totally throws off my game plan, as i no long will have the health to trade and i end up playing passively. As far as the ASW i feel it will be advantageous to be in DDs once the subs are live. There will be incentive for your team mates to provide support, and you in turn will be a potent defense against Subs. From what ive seen, as long as your paying attention, you can dodge homing torpes. Just my 2 cents.