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    The Marlborough (dockyard)

    I don't find it nearly as bad as everyone says. I kinda like the Marlborough.

    PSA: Login Has Started (Server still down it seems)

    been trying for 12 mins, 45 sec. still cannot log in

    Server down/problems?


    Is there something I'm missing?

    Watched and re watched all the videos I can find. I seen all the ichase videos on positioning and strategy. I once was an active clan wars player and did some of the strategy think sessions. The past month since I've been back playing I've watched the quality potato videos on battleship positions and I watched some of the raging Canadian videos. But what next? I have gotten away from the straight facing damage and do everything I can to make a difference on the team. If I see the opposite flank fall I relocated. If a cap needs grabbing and I'm dd, I go for it. But still I lose and lose and lose. I'll try to put together some replays.
  5. Why am I losing so many games? Where am I going wrong? I have always been a slightly above 50% player the entire time I've played this game. I've taken months long breaks b3fore and always been able to come back and play at the same level. But after taking this last 8 month break, I returned to find I can't win consistently. I was told to improve my average damage. Ok. Got a clan to division with, if anything I've lost more games in a division than solo. Tried different ships, different tiers. Nothing helps. Now I'm fully tilted and frustrated. I know there are people who do win games, perhaps someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    1 in 1000 losing streak

    I've played on and off since open beta, perhaps I've missed other periods of poor team performance, but this past few weeks have been the most awful I've ever seen. As a very average player I am dependent on my teams for support. Not going to be carry many games. But ive noticed too many losses that didn't need to be losses. 3 ships chasing down 1 ship while elsewhere on the map the team needs help is the situation I dread most.

    We need tier 11 and tier 12.

    That's going to be a hard pass for me.
  8. Perhaps this topic has already been covered, does the Nevsky need IFHE?

    How do I improve my win rate?

    appreicate the input, but i see nothing in this thread of actual value. your opinions are all very vague, contradictory and dont address the issue. im always on the look out for a decent friend to division with but i play very early in the morning and usually an solo. It seems i have better luck with destroyers but have been working on battleships a lot lately, perhaps that might have something to do with it. It feels like in late game many of my team mates have sudden rushes of poop to the brain. A dead ship deals no damage has been my mantra.
  10. Ive started playing warships again and the meta is very different than when i first started playing. the issue im having is that i seem to be losing a lot of games, and most of the time i am the last one on my team still alive. i deal decent damage so its not as if im just hiding and not helping the team, but still it seems very difficult to carry a game. what can i do to improve my winrate? how can i win more games? doesnt matter the tier i play, however tier ten seems to be the worst case. how do you get your teams to help? is the player base really this bad now?
  11. Good day captains! Gather around the campfire for a heartwarming story from uncle Nuke. Once upon a time there was a captain who had a hard time deciding if his light cruiser Zara was a torpedo boat or a sniper. He proceeded to charge the capture circle at full speed while I covered his port/inside flank behind the wheel of my Shinonome, when a formation of rocket planes appeared on the horizon. At that very moment the capture circle became occupied by an enemy Akizuki. Being spotted, the Zara breaks off to my starboard side. I avoid the cap as my Shinonome stands no chance, being spotted and facing the fierce guns of the Akizuki, and I tuck in behind the island. At that moment, the enemy's main force is spotted by friendly aircraft. I begin accelerating out from my hidey hole to make a torpedo attack on the enemy fleet whom are now emerging from the far side of the island, when all of a sudden the Zara's torpedoes strike the side of my poor Shinonome. This shaves off nearly 3/4s of my health and turns the Zara pink. The driver of the Zara rips off few choice words in chat, but I do not reply, too focused at the task at hand. After we win the game by a healthy margin, I took it upon myself to extend an olive branch by DMing the Zara driver in a polite manner. His reply was quiet amusing actually. Perhaps he didn't realize his lies could be so easily discovered. Or maybe he was just trolling, but I doubt that as he blocked me after his reply. Usually trolls will continue with the discussion in order to get under your skin. No, I believe this person genuinely lacks the self awareness needed to be a troll, I should know, we smell our own. Ill just leave theses screen shots here for you to read and make up your own conclusions. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, best wishes for the new year, and avoid the coof.

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    I got reported 3 times this morning for playing a CV and not doing exactly what the ships on the otherside of the map wanted me to do. Its frustrating but i dont let it get to me. Besides no one cares about karma rating

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    im not a unicum by any stretch of the imagination, but i think the Kleber is fine and the nerf doesnt hurt it all that much
  14. Ive yet to get a solo warrior. But i have had some great games in the kit. Great ship, my favorite tier 9, and id say a better ship than the tiet 10 ship in that line. EDIT: i stand corrected, i actually have a single solo warrior medal.