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  1. Axiom808

    How to make Worcester relevant again

    The wooster was OP back when it had 10km radar and 9km concealment. Then a few things happened in fairly quick successon: 1) Her radar was reduced from 10km to 9km, which actually wasn't that bad, since it meant that, while she didn't have stealth radar, her low detectability still gave her ample opportunity to use it while defending caps. 2) Her concealment was nerfed, raising her detectability to 9.5km. This made her less effective at actually catching destroyers in caps before the enemy's heavy hitters spotted and blapped her. But she was still workable. 3) Then lastly, a global nerf to the concealment captain skill reduced its effectiveness for cruisers and battleships, which increased the Wooster's detection even further to a wopping 10.6, more than 1.5km beyond her detection range and further than the width of a cap she might try to defend. This was the nail in the coffin to the wooster's ability to defend caps and hunt destroyers, arguably her primary strong suite, originally. 4) Then more recently with the IFHE nerf and the prevalence of strong deck armor in more and more ships, Worcester's are becoming one of the rarest-seen tier X's, and for good reason. Her radar is basically useful for exposing SOME of a cap circle, but that's it. Even her AA, which used to be the most powerful AA in the game, is helpless against a Tier X cv. If they wanna to drop AP bombers down your [edited], they're gonna do it. There's nothing the worcester brings to the table realistically that another tier X can't do better while having more survivability and with more shells on target. TDLR: yes, she got nerfed hard, but I'm afraind that a gimmick long range build won't save her, as her snail shells go all the way into orbit before even getting near a target.
  2. Axiom808

    What's up with Missouri's guns?

    How do you account for hundreds of players independently coming to the conclusion that Missouri was having dispersion problems? I didn't even know other players had this issue until I went to the forums to ask.
  3. Axiom808

    What's up with Missouri's guns?

    It's been proven multiple times that when large numbers of players notice that something in the game is "off" it's often the case that something in the game's formulas or code is malfunctioning. The devs always initially deny it and say they haven't done anything, only to later realize that something wasn't working and fix it. Something is definitely "off" with Missouri RNG compared to few years past.
  4. Axiom808

    YouTube Shipments: Memorial Marathon

    I've noticed an issue with the codes being accepted but showing up with nothing in game. The only one that has worked so far was the one for 3x daily containers. Every other code gets "accepted," but then nothing happens.
  5. Axiom808

    King of the Sea container not dropping

    Just echoing the OP. After several conflicting bits of guidance or a complete lack thereof, I watched last Saturday and yesterday, thinking that the two days to watch were the Saturday for both weekends. Wargaming definitely dropped the ball on this one. The stupid thing is that last Sunday was a pre-recorded stream when I went online to check at the same time I did the day before. Go figure not only are there streams on both days, but they're at completely different times! Comp containers should really be in order for everyone who gave however many hours watching KoS on both weekends.
  6. Axiom808

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    With patch 8.0 Worcester has a radar that's 1.8 km less than its concealment, with a 9km radar that doesn't even cover the width of a cap (unlike the des moines). With AA being completely RNG at best or useless at worst now, there is no reason to pick a Worcester over a des moines, which has superior armor, radar, health, and gun penetration. The only strong suit the Worcester has is its rate of fire, which counts for nothing if you get spotted long before having any hope of using radar to hunt DDs. People complained that there Worcester was going to be another island camping cruiser, but WG nerfed literally everything that let her be aggressive and dynamic by pushing caps. It's been a good run, darlin. Back to port you go
  7. Axiom808

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    I would honestly suggest changing the radar nerf in one of two ways: 1) raise the radar range back to 9.9km and increase worcester max concealment to 9.9 km (preventing stealth radar while keeping radar utility like the Des Moines, or 2) increase radar range to 9.5 km and leave Worcester concealment the same (also eliminating stealth radar). I'm personally in favor of option one, as it benefits two groups. It benefits worcester players by allowing them to cap contest like the des moines does while also preventing stealth radar and murdering dd's without any warning.
  8. Axiom808


    Alaska will never be a "good" ship, because USN premiums can never be competitive with their counterparts. Every time a good USN ship comes out, it gets nerfed to make it less powerful than its peers.
  9. Axiom808

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    The stupid thing is that with the CE nerf, Worcester is now no longer viable in any sort of cap contesting capacity. 9km radar and what will probably become a 10km concealment is NOT functional for a cruiser this lightly armored. People complain about Wooster hiding behind islands, but they support taking away the only thing that encouraged it to come out and support DDs in caps to begin with. Stop kowtowing to bad DD players and give Worcester back its former radar range and make it comparable to the Des Moines again.
  10. Axiom808


    Can't say I disagree!