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  1. LancasterOne

    Server problems?

    I've finally been able to logon after trying a couple of times. I was getting "apparently you've closed your game client" (paraphrase) messages. I purchased some doubloons a few moments ago, I've got a confirmation from Paypal but nothing from WarGaming yet. I think the server problem could be systemic.
  2. LancasterOne

    What makes a unicom a unicom?

    Most people start off with maybe 40% WR. Unicum however, when you look at their WR progression doesn't have that, they start off already at 50%. A lot of times it's that crucial beginning baggage that separates the unicum from the merely good and average.
  3. The design philosophy of this game rests a lot on HP pools. Since we model damage based on the compartments and its content that is hit. Hitting the citadels equal hitting key mechanical components equal higher HP deduction. Say if we compare it to the damage model of that "other game". The citadels would correspond to the boilers and the mechanical space below. Hitting the boilers doesn't cause a ship to sink, though it will immobilize it. It's a difference between game philosophy.
  4. Considering how we are players charging into cap without saying a single word and divs intentionally throwing matches to let friendly clans progress by parking broadside in cap for another clan div to citadel. Ranked is just random battles with the performance of each player being even more important plus match-fixing.
  5. LancasterOne

    Unboxing 60 Santa crates

    20 Mega crates 30 Red Dragon T-61 12500 coal 2000 doubloon okhotnik 30 ourboros 20000 doubloon 30 basilis 30 wvyern 2000 doubloon 30 ouroboros 20 stream 30 dragon 20 stream 30 hydra 12500 coal 5 spring sky 20 streamer 30 red dragon 20 streamer All in all a very meh drop. I kinda have buyer's remorse now. I will never buy crates from WG again.
  6. I'm currently about 20 sovereigns short of getting Bert Dunkirk, as the title says, will the RN crates come back with the sovereigns? It's getting really close to 20/11
  7. LancasterOne

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    I'm not sure how accurate the "flood resistance" claim is. Every time I sail my musashi, every single torpedo hit no matter where it hits always result in a flood.
  8. LancasterOne

    Warspite worth $12?

    I got it for free, sovereigns, tbh I wouldn't buy it, it's good for collection but performance wise it's VERY sloooow and it gets bullied by Japanese chads with their LONG BOIs
  9. LancasterOne

    Raptor Rescue woes

    Play as a CV. A CV in RR massively up your odds of completing at least the CV secondary objectives.
  10. People who've played pub games enough probably know the ones we are talking about but when you lose 4 ships right from the beginning and every time you see one of those people in the same game, it starts to become a problem with "I play for fun" divisions throwing matches. Wasted flags, wasted camo, wasted time and no one else but them consented to their tomfoolery. Is there anything that can be done to not ever have to play with people like that again, like blacklisting them so you never get mixed in the same MM?
  11. LancasterOne

    Tier 7 MM

    Yep. My tier distribution has a huge spike at T7 for that reason lol. T7 is just more enjoyable since all the ships are real and you get less fire hoses and island huggers.
  12. LancasterOne

    Operation Raptor Rescue : Does the CV AI cheat?

    The bots sound like they have more common sense than your average WoWs player and terrifyingly so, sounds like the only way to take out the CVs then is with either another CV or we'll need a small taskforce.
  13. Was attempting a DD sneak attack on the CV in Raptor Rescue earlier. I wasn't detected, and I arrived before Haoto CV spawned in. I spotted the group and was moving in to attack, the Kuma immediately dropped smoke once it spawned in and the CV's planes immediately converged on my position without me being detected. Does the AI in the Ops cheat? Because the way it converged seems very unnatural if it were a search pattern, it was a straight B-line towards me.
  14. LancasterOne

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    I just got my second one. The first one is for the Acasta and now I got the Icarus. The acasta was kinda meh but once you get used to taking more risk you can kinda make it work.
  15. LancasterOne

    Manual Fire Control for Secondaries?

    I've got the Bismarck and I got both AFT and MC Secondaries, AFT as a standalone is pretty useless from my experience, my secondaries are mainly used for destroyers or cruisers that got lit so there's a constant fire pressure to drive them off while I work the big ships with my big guns, with fast moving small targets, manual secondaries is essential imo.