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  1. I did not agree to be part of a gangb*ang
  2. Georgia if you like fun. Salem if you like sitting behind an island spending every second of your living life thanking the lord for not deleting your HP in one salvo.
  3. LancasterOne

    WG Revenue from selling the Pommern for $100

    yes. That's what revenue means.
  4. People have been complaining about how expensive the new T9 premium ships are, so let's see how much WG is earning from selling $100 digital pixels using na.wows-numbers as a source. Server Number of owners Cost (USD) Rev(USD) NA 274 97.27 26,651.98 EU 628 94.74 59,496.72 RU 119 74.06 8,813.14 SEA 172 103.69 17,834.68 Total no. 1193 Total revenue. $112,796.52 So within 3 weeks, WG could have generated a theoretical revenue of $113K of unadulterated revenue just from selling one ship. (assuming none were redeemed with coal)
  5. LancasterOne

    $104 for a ship. Cmon WG, this is stupid.

    Instead of paying $100 for ONE SHIP in a game. I decided to go to Steam and buy Fall Guys for $30 instead. No more raging. Just pure lols.
  6. I recall back in Black Friday last year we were at least guaranteed one BLACK ship, now tho.... not so much.
  7. Since we now have a summer sale going on I've decided to do some maths to see what are your chances of actually getting a ship from the Kriegsmarine crates by using the power of probability. Assumption: We assume the expected cost of getting a ship from a crate to equal the cost of buying the ship outright. Which then let us infer the probability of getting different ships in individual crates expressed as a formula: Probability of getting X-ship = (Price of crate/Price of X-ship) and the number of crates you have to unbox to theoretically see the specific ship: Expected value of crates required to get X-ship = (Price of ship/price of crate) The Numbers: Items Value ($CAD) Kreigsmarine Crate 6.3 Pommern 97.27 Mainz 56.95 Z-39 0 Admiral Hipper 0 Expected number of crates to get Chance of getting one (%) Pommern 15.440 6.477 Mainz 9.040 11.062 Conclusion: $90+ for a SINGLE ship in a game. That's some expensive stuff man, besides isn't the EU pushing to ban lootboxes? This is awful mathematics since the probability rests on some huge assumptions. There's no way of knowing if WG artificially craters the probability of getting a ship to far below fair value. It could be 1% for all we know or even less. Expected value is also no guarantee that you'll see a Pommern on your 16th crate since the probability of each crate is mutually exclusive.
  8. LancasterOne

    the woes of being late for ranked

    I was at Rank 5. Ranked is PURE PAIN, if you get to rank 1 then ooooh you get maybe 2000 steel for your suffering along the way. That's what.... 1/15th of a Stalingrad? Ranked is for masochists.
  9. LancasterOne

    Asymmetric battle survey.

    uuhh not really. I mean I can make it out if I really REALLY try but that's like zero reward for all that effort.
  10. LancasterOne

    Asymmetric battle survey.

    uh... the site is in Russian.
  11. LancasterOne

    Can we PLEASE get better matchmaking?

    I did a two tailed t-test on the MM a while back. And what I've found is that MM is truly random, while randomness dictates that sooner or later you'll get losing streaks and absolute trash teams, randomness also dictates that you're equally likely to get good teams. So what it means is that the perception that "MM is not random" and therefore leads to losing streaks is strongly correlated with a psychological phenomenon known as "negativity bias" that leads people to strongly remember their losing streaks but forget about their winning streaks. When you look at the player statistics of people with 60+, 70%+ WR, my hypothesis is that they most likely receive the same MM as every other player, but the difference is on a long enough timeframe, they exert a rightward skew to the team's WR they are in, which they pull their WR up and reduces the lengths of losing streaks. Completely untested of course but what it boils down to is, "less QQ more pew pew".
  12. LancasterOne

    Weekly Combat Missions: India Independence Day

    The time for bob and vagene is now.
  13. LancasterOne

    Worcester or Minotaur?

    Neither. Get the Venezia. Your SAP blaps battleships for over 12000 HP even without citadels. Not even the mino can do that.
  14. Neg karma in CV equals good karma. Bad is good. The badder the bad, the gooder the good.
  15. LancasterOne

    Do WG listen to Supertesters and CCs

    One day I'd like to compile all the feedback that's ever been submitted by Supertesters and see what's the percentage that's got implemented in the release build lol