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  1. Hay all, Appreciate any feedback here. Few videos today with them both being a new type of video. First of Launch day video as below, there will be a without commentary you can find on the channel separately.
  2. New ship showcase on the channel. Really great fun to watch and nice to see Tempest never giving up.
  3. Cracking game with 25 fires, I have not had that many fires have you? What do you think of the ship?
  4. Hay hay, Check out Wookie leading Odin to victory! The Allfather has awoken...
  5. Hi all, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did, really nice amount of fires from Mickey!
  6. Hay all, Phew what a game, real pleasure to watch and comment over when you see someone who is good with a ship, loves it and excels in it.
  7. What a game! Check out how the highest EU WR BB at T10 and highest EU Damage ship performs...
  8. Hay all, Check out Wookie having a cracking game in the Friesland. How do you find the ship and what play style would you recommend?
  9. Hay chaps, To kick off the videos in this section will not contain any commentary or other bumpf just raw footage with all the growls of the engines. I have had a few requests by people who do NOT like any form of commentary or who just sometimes do not like that avenue. Any other information that people would like to see ingame please let me know. I can do with or without mods. Anyway I hope you enjoy and stay safe. Regards, Damian
  10. Cracking game from Cross here showing what you can achieve!
  11. Check out Wookie teaming up with some friends!
  12. Really great Z-39 Twitch session, let Wookie know what you think!
  13. Check out the game and let me know what you think, really nice game and even when you cannot use torps you still have a function!
  14. Really good game which I hope you enjoy, why not join me on Twitch?
  15. Join me watching Tempest in the Stalingrad do his very best, but still..