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  1. Herr_Reitz

    Thank You WG For My 30% Off Jean Bart!

    Well I suppose to appease those who previously purchased the ship, say in the prior 30 days on unannounced sales, IF at the time of the coupon said player had oh, 10,100 matches under their belt, maybe they could refund the difference in doubloons? Wait... you'd still just miss the boat wouldn't you? See the conundrum?
  2. Herr_Reitz

    First T10 Ship

    Well i've done the German BB line and Russian cruiser line. There's a lot of fun along the way on both lines, some grinding time too... "currently" if you go the German BB way, think secondary builds. Moskva has ultimate radar and some nice things going for her too... French BB line I sort of stopped as I have USN, IJN, German bb lines completed. Since you did a cruiser line, i would suggest choosing one of the BB lines. I like the 11.8 km secondaries on my GK, so i'd say yeah, German BB. GL no matter what you choose.
  3. Herr_Reitz

    First T10 Ship

    Congrats - I think you're one of the first folks to post they went the German cruiser line for their first tier X. It's an epic, albeit short-lived moment of celebration, when you score that first tier X. You will always remember it though.
  4. They want, they strive, they CRAVE balance. If the carriers get implemented without adjustments to AAA, you realize how easy it will be to sink probably half or more of all ships out there? So they will actively increase the effectiveness of the AAA from the ship's side, or the planes will get enhanced exposure to AAA, until they strike a balance. Of course all this is merely chat... we'll know more when they get into the "almost there here's a PT for testing two weeks before we implement it" stage. On that note, I'd advise them to make generous refunds to those having premium carriers, one-time, for say, oh, 30 days. If they're as easy to play as the videos I've seen, the number of carriers at all tiers is going to increase. I will miss the current mode at tiers 4&5 though... I always found it fun to play. Will have to see what the new stuff is when it actually lands.
  5. Sure, I'm sure that's how it will play out...
  6. Nope, no space on my drives (seriously) and I believe it required installation of their new launcher as well so I passed on the play testing. I was accepted and started the process but passed on it as I do not want the launcher loaded until the very last minute, that is, I'm forced to install it or I can't play the game, period. The special ammunition would be the very specific AP DB that can currently take a huge chunk of a ship's HP. Those pesky AP DB. My point to constant attack is simply what option does a ship have that's under constant attack? Sure sure AAA will be adjusted - it MUST be adjusted. But they'll have to adjust it to have no more impact than it currently does, which might prove a challenge with unlimited aircraft. An aggressive carrier player will obviously keep their ship closer to the front lines and constantly moving to reduce the "supply line" such unlimited aircraft produce and rely upon. So it will no longer be one cross drop, but rather repeated drops, again and again until you are sunk. In my mind that's much worse than the current model when addressing defending one's ship against an air attack. We will of course have to wait to see how it all "shake's out". But how they play now will no doubt be adjusted, as they discover people will abuse the living daylights out of the renewed carrier fleets. I for one intend to pound the poodoo out of people with carriers. And subs, once they enter the game environment. Both "projects" will require significant reworking of the game to maintain balance. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how that pans out as well.
  7. I was hoping for 30 days premium or a new ship - been a long time since I've seen a ship in one of my SC's... here's what I got: I'm okay with that...
  8. Herr_Reitz

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Depending upon the go-live final numbers, I might be pleased then I did not push on to the final French cruiser. They nerfed the reload times to encourage use of the MBR and "balance" the ships to other tier 9/10 cruisers, right? Now this proposed change which (apologies if it has been said), to my tainted eyes, reads as "further encouragement to the camping play-style". Best hurry with the carrier rework and subs WoWS... otherwise ships are gonna sit at max range plinking each other. OTOH, think of what you'll be able to do with some of the American cruisers...
  9. Can't wait until one of the carriers comes at you with the intent of never leaving you until you are sunk. Wave after wave of attack, can't drive out of it, can't shoot your way out of it... and let us not forget, the "special" ammos... yup, should be fun reading your comments then.
  10. Yea.. too bad some just took the wrong path regarding ARP... heck, I went and watched (@62yrsold) the whole series... it was fun to watch.
  11. Well congrats - two is doing very well indeed.
  12. I got the Z23... would have liked a mission for a ship I already own...
  13. You'll have to get a custom skin - unless, that is, WoWS does another season with ARP... I'm still enjoying the Kongu commander on a carrier. She is constantly freaking out about something or the other... and when you sink someone, she has the most evil voice/laughter in this game.
  14. Herr_Reitz

    Removing the third hulls for Iowa and Izumo

    YOu know they are there as gate keepers... so if they were to do what you ask, they would have to adjust the credit grind requirements for those two ships, or for all BB lines. YOu know how well that would go over, right?