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  1. Last patch introduced a new bug... seems if an action is taking place and the game ends - bam... disconnect! Happened at least four or five times in the past couple days. Might wanna look at it.
  2. Ocean

    I've started multiple threads on Ocean. Heck, one even suggested they rename it so it felt "new and improved". iirc... I'm seeing ocean about once every two months. River, Atlanta did not need no stinkin island to hide behind. Nope. You may not recall the "instant islands" every DD carried back then. Smoke. Smoke you could not see into nor out of... ah yes... dd's layed it down every one used it.
  3. Yup - gonna go way beyond pitchforks and fire i betcha... have to dip into the Free Premium Account time and dole some of that out to placate the ragers.

    WoWS/WG loves you. I thank you for your support. I put a 13pt cmdr in the DoY... slightly better... you guys think they'll ever buff her up a bit? Or would that be like:
  5. Ford GT Lovers - Check this out!

    You don't! You have Jeeves, your butler chauffeur them home. Or you simply order everything online and have them delivered to your "staff".
  6. The UI is more about muscle coordination than it is intellect and/or strategy. Strafe is an air to ground (or air to sea in our case) term. Strafe as implemented is (imo) ridiculous and really, not needed. Strafe in this game would be far better as a means to reduce a targeted vessel's AAA for a short period, say 15 or 20 seconds. fwiw

    There are other campaigns/missions. Oh, and Ranked - did you finish Ranked? Wanna buy a good premium? Buy the Guilio Cesare... one awesome BB. So too of course is the Tirpitiz. But the Duke of Yolk? meh... just completed it, took it nekked into coop and was not impressed. But I have her. Future updates might boost her performance, who knows, eh?
  8. Glad he mentioned my avatar.
  9. aCtivating manuals for those T5 isn't so much about the T5 carrier but his team. If the carrier has never dealt with it in a random battle the team pays the price. In my mind, that's a clear balance issue.
  10. Love Co-Op for one reason

    They tried harder. Bots won.
  11. It's 2018... how about it, ever going to go 64 bit?
  12. Still we have that barrier going on up the ladder. The only place you can practice manual stuff is coop. If you do it in random, 9 outta 10 times your team's gonna pay the price. Long-term carrier players - of which there are more than a few - can wipe the deck with you in zero time at T6 and above if all you have is coop practice. I guess that's why i'm suggesting that part about melding (like Vulcans do) the manual and automatic into a single "thing". You can start learning it as soon as you start carriers. The 19pt commanders sure, they'll melt you in zero time. But that's an issue in every type of ship, every tier. Although it is more obvious to a carrier player, that's for sure.
  13. Don't know any well enough to do it.
  14. Crap? Or life? Or both? Today I formally announce a new method of kill SECURING - that is, you plan on torping a ship. You're moving up and it's gonna be a close one. Pop smoke, drive by, torp and keep working them till they sink or you sink. In my case I did it to a Nelson while in my Kami R. I knew I was going to be sunk so I poppped smoke. He was flooding. Team mate says, "Great job smoking the Nelson... I can't see it." Exactly. "It's a good thing" I told the player. "How's that?" they asked. "You can't see it" at which point the Nelson exploded. "Oh, I see." Wish I could do that more often. ' I hope the above story explains how someone can "steal" your kill. The red was definitely going to be sunk. If I hadn't smoked him, someone else would have "stolen the kill" by taking his little XP before he could flood out. I suppose you won't see that as a kill steal - but as a DD player, I do see it that way. Lucky guess the Nelson would run into my smoke. But it was glorious.
  15. I recommend you get some internal QA people, assign half of them Tier 5 carries and give the rest Tier 6 carriers. Let them at each other. Be sure to remind the Tier 5 players "it's a good deal because you earn more". Tell the Tier 6 players "don't worry - you got manual plane control. You can strafe his planes out of the sky - there's nothing he can do about it. You can control your torpedo and dive bombers with manual drops so the have less time/room to maneuver." Tell me who's gonna win this battle? This is the most absurd match-up in the game (imho). I asked months ago - no official response - so I'm asking again. Why do you still allow matchmaker to put T6 and T5 carriers together in a match. No joy there. Sure, someone might enjoy it but I submit the majority do not. So here are my constructive suggestions. Don't do it - the easiest suggestion to implement. Do not allow such match-ups to occur. Force the Tier 6 carrier into auto drop mode, just like the Tier 5. Block the Tier 6 carriers ability to strafe. Ensure the bonus advantage to the Tier 5 remains in effect. As an aside - I would personally prefer to see some combination of auto and manual control combined across all tiers of carriers. So once you learn a carrier at Tier 4, CnC (Command and control) would be the same, all the way to the top tier. A final thought/suggestion is for your team to review most if not all real-time-strategy control interfaces in the more successful games. You'll find "grouping" is something that stays active in a match until the player releases the grouping. IOW, if I put two flights together into one group (via selecting them, pressing CTRL + 1 keys) then anytime I press the 1 key (as an example) those two flights are selected. Do these things and I would expect to see the number of players playing carriers jump. Because. You spend a lot of time learning the strategy at Tiers 5 and down but had no time to learn the intricacies of manual flight control. All IMHO of course. Thanks.