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  1. Herr_Reitz

    Sorry that I'm late, Cv's trash now?

    Quite often, perceived value exceeds actual value, especially when it comes to gaming software. IMO we are about at the bottom of the CV pendulum arc... it ought to start swinging towards buffs within the next few months. As a result of them pounding CVs into meaningless corn mash, all my ships have been in port for quite a few weeks. I uninstalled the game about a week ago. Myself, I'm waiting for the subs. However, if what I have seen continues to spin where it appears to be going, subs will initially be the entire focus of a match at the start. Hunt the Sub. They also don't appear to have much in the way of counter measures either. Instead of being the dreaded wolf-pack we imagined they could be, they will instead be just another ship type which could have been awesome but instead were again, hammered into a circular nail. OP - what games were you playing in those days of uninstalled WoWS?
  2. Herr_Reitz

    How do you get rare ships like musashi?

    While this "sounds like a plan" it could be a waste of $400 or more... unless or until you get the actual percentage chance of things appearing in those crates, specific chance percentages, you're just squeeing in the wind. You could end up spending $400 on non-ship stuff and be hugely PO'd... that kind of money buys some serious stuff aside from Pixel Boats. You know, just a thought.
  3. Herr_Reitz

    Questions About CV's

    Aeroon has little good to say about the current state of subs... they do make good targets for reds unless you're in a red sub...
  4. Gee... what's the odds we all learn from this and jump back into another dev cycle on carriers, where input from those who play 'em is balanced against those who don't? You'd be walking on new ground for a game software company, most likely! Just please don't announce you're all happy with them, release premiums then nerf the beegeesus out of them, 'kay? Thanks!
  5. Herr_Reitz

    You seen a Clickspring video yet?

    Give thanks to the YT al-gore-ithms.... Thanks though! I thought this was absolutely the best they've done to-date. Totally mesmerizing to me, at least, as I'm kind of a gear-head.
  6. Herr_Reitz

    New nerfs to low tiers

    "We" would be the non-unicum carrier players WoWS sought to onboard into their revised carrier play. "Knowing" what's right and what's not right does take a discerning attitude and altitude. As to "deciding", I don't decide, I make choices. I chose to park my carriers, I chose not to purchase any because I could discern what was coming. I was not alone in this, I think at least two or three other people did the same, yah? There's still a carrier they were set to release but held off because they couldn't get her gimmick to fit their current, devised meta. Let's see what happens when subs finally reach prime-time.
  7. Herr_Reitz

    New nerfs to low tiers

    I disagree... players have been telling, showing WoWS how we use/abuse/misuse every ship they ever put into the game. We've had many a thread here telling them what was wrong, more than one way to address what was wrong, we even told them what was right (once in awhile they would hit the mark). They come back with Spreadsheet King and repeatedly insult their player base by beating them over the their collective head with their spreadsheet analysis proves they are correct, now go sit down and shush. They then made a call to not adjust premiums once released. They sold many premium carriers then beat those carriers down in the worst ways I've ever seen them beat on a ship type since the game went beta. And in some cases to ensure they could claim we didn't nerf them, they boosted ship AA(A) to such ridiculous levels, not even remotely "believable levels" resulting in a huge net nerf for carriers. Subs are their last final hope. I've gone from playing daily at 0.8.0 down to one mission a week now, if even that much. See... once you step back from the "game" and see the real game going on, you lose interest, you break the cycle. Once you see the light, it's a whole different game.
  8. Herr_Reitz

    ST, Balance changes

    Nope... just bring her down to their level.
  9. Herr_Reitz

    ST, Balance changes

    Someone tell iChaseGaming he got another consecutive solo warrior on carriers. WG - you guys are loosing it.
  10. Herr_Reitz

    Fuel: as a way to balance CV's

    Since you ask... a better alternative would be the planes landing at a nearby naval air BASE where they could RR and return to the battle.
  11. Herr_Reitz

    RN cruisers regrind: very disappointed

    Indeed. No shame here. No rise either. Try again.