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  1. Another one of my brilliant ideas. Mutiny!

    Let me say I like the idea. But then you know darn well people will figure out what they need to do as a minimum to get around the "automatic sanction". Then you have ships which might legitimately be "camping" in an ambush, as reds are approaching but taking their good sweet time about it. Someone yesterday suggested the "zone" other games use, I think like PUBG or such, where the outer boundaries shrink after X amount of time. Maybe even after X number of ships were sunk (in addition). Maybe some combination of both would work?
  2. Vulgarities

    So I'm curious how it is some clans are permitted to have clan tags that are abbreviations for some pretty offensive language. I've asked CS about it with no response. If you don't clamp down on that which is seen by everyone regardless of chat "filters", how can you clamp down on the rest of it? Seems a case of more holes in the dam than you have fingers.
  3. For me, it isn't so much a losing streak in a single day... it's when that losing streak extends itself over a couple of days... sometimes as long as a week. It's at times like that I get irritated with the matchmaking. Perhaps others do as well? As the "average" player runs in the 48 to 52 percent win rate, overall, it's reasonable to expect you'll win some and lose some but on average you'll except to maybe "break even". The challenging part is to believe that still applies when you're into a two or three day losing "streak". It falls outside the expected norm of nearly breaking even every time you come to a match. The problem as I see it is simply this... you are somehow getting slapped together with other players who are also experiencing their "down time" in the "cycle" of playing as an average player. Most of the losing streaks I've seen were close to or actual roflstomps. Which pushes one towards believing, as I've suggested before, they have a larger impact on the match than the other players in the match. Such blowouts again and again is what drives, in mho, conspiracies theories.
  4. A lemming train - weird visual of little lemmings all tucked into a steam-powered train's coach cars... shouldn't we call it a lemming fleet? - steams off in one direction, looking like a proper fleet. They swarm over Cap A, a formidable force. "Cap achieved - break out the tea and biscuits!" Everyone drops anchor in the cap. One or two attempt to continue the lemming action, get wasted by the reds who are consolidating their caps and moving towards the fleet. Our lemming fleet gets decimated. Word goes out: "Lemming train is our team was , a couple were even . What failed? Usually there is strength in numbers. In mho what failed was forward motion. Maybe the boilers ran out of coal, or tanks ran dry... but seriously... if such a fleet continues through the cap without halting (dropping anchor) it's large enough the last ship in can usually assure the cap is taken as the fleet moves towards it's next target. IOW... "don't stop". At the start of the match the lemming train/fleet has overwhelming firepower against the reds if they split up. You outnumber them in guns, torps and planes. Say ten against five, right? The larger group, if it keeps moving and fires as a group, will wipe the seas clean of those dreaded reds. Most ships in this game are like sharks... they need to keep moving to kill (sink reds). If you get into a lemming train/fleet, encourage them to continue, to push in and through the main target. If you fail, you'll have a ton of fun in a furious battle. But if you succeed... the next cap will be even easier. Now where's that guy who writes the song lyrics... "Lemming train, very pretty but the lemmings they stop so quick..."
  5. Vulgarities

    Well it seems people here are free to report why they got chat banned. Interesting. Have you read "the EULA"? Or seen a copy of "the EULA". Not just a eula but THE EULA? @Quaffer since to my mind the use of "a" or "an" would not feel easy to say, I would try to rewrite the sentence so as to avoid either of them. Have you ever read the EULA for any software? Of course; I have read the EULA WarGaming provides for WoWS.
  6. Vulgarities

    Actually, it would be "the EULA" and neither "a" or "an". Depending upon what you are attempting to state, you may need to rearrange the sentence a smidge
  7. Tier for Tier The Better BB RN vs Da French

    Well... I think I'll keep grinding Lyon for the Rich... then see how she goes... I have the Dunker... she's a blast on good days, with a good team that understands Dunkers. I have to be honest - the Duke Duke Duke Duke of York York York eyah.... oh man I hated playing that ship but then you can see the potential.
  8. If they "fix" the carrier mechanic so increased number of players can begin playing the type, they will almost certainly have to fix the carrier's impact on the game. Lessen it, reduce it's ability to decimate opposing teams. Can you div two carriers together? You know its quite possible, with all the programming they've done regarding the OPS missions, they may eventually say "Let's just make carriers AI..." and by doing so, eliminate the issue (from their perspective) entirely. Imagine this: Match start - team is asked how they want the carrier to play the match. Majority rules. Everyone votes, carrier plays that role. Maybe two more times during the match teams are asked again how the ship should play - if it still exists. One way or no way, something like that would be doable. It might end up being their best choice... because no matter what they end up doing (including doing nothing) they will upset players.
  9. Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    If you are in a DIV, starting a match, in the load screen... there's a second or two where the screen changes as you are about to enter the match... IF you click on the chat window to enter text AND your mouse pointer changes to a vertical line with arrow tips top and bottom or this one (<---->) horizontally, WHEN you start the match, your CTRL + Mouse pointer is whatever it changed to before you started the match. It's extremely annoying as you can no pinpoint targets very easily for secondary fire, or aircraft. It's happened a couple of times now... might be difficult to reproduce but that's what causes it.
  10. I hope some of those who submitted are using their skills to financially benefit themselves or a charity. Nice work guys!
  11. Tier for Tier The Better BB RN vs Da French

    Good stuff guys - lots to ponder here... I sort of put it forth to determine which line might be better to pursue, not only for myself, but anyone wanting to know which line to grind. I must admit the Lyon's multiple of guns are fun... yet when you look at those penetration tables you sort of chuckle and wonder how she pens much of anything compared to her equals. Strange.