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  1. Battle For Control Of The Seas

    For once I am in the camp of "Take a chill pill". Put away the torches, pitchforks, even the matches until Halloween arrives and we get to test play them. You can imagine far more than probable reality. Heck you might all find they're fun to play and not OP. I find I am in a very comfortable spot with the game at this time. Myself, i'd like to see further UI improvements. Big on my list would be the ability to select the info displays I wanted on my display, along with putting them where I wanted them. It'd be huge and quite the improvement. Everything else I'm willing to see what it is when it gets here.
  2. More like a pasta Caesar salad. GC is spankin' awesome. Duca - follow Haze's suggestions.
  3. Arms Race is Exactly as Predicted

    +1 WoWS for the new mode. Much fun. I'd like the icons over the special areas to be accessible by CTRL key + mouse pointer so I can learn them, thanks. All you negative nellies... there's a simple solution. You don't like it, don't play it.
  4. Removal of HSF content

    Well shall we say then if indeed the word used was "terminated" it was an inappropriate choice of words. Something it seems, gets lost in the translations.
  5. Removal of HSF content

    HSF probably valued their content within WoWS more than WoWS valued their content. It's usually not an easy thing to do, terminate contracts, unless one party fails to meet their contractual obligations, right? Could be a very boring story behind it or a really fascinating story. Odds are we won't ever know the truth behind it.
  6. iChase, Zoup and others with videos out there are already marshaling up to bend public opinion against subs. There are so many unknowns at this point that we can clearly see why game developers do not share their ideas for content. Let it be for now. Play them come Halloween. Only then can we provide reasonable feedback. The end of WoWS begins when people shut down new game content ideas without having even played it. By the way - it seems, as an observation, WoWS listens to the "top clans" more than the average player base. If this is true, those of us not in a "top clan" will have little feedback of any value for them in the first place. We are what could be considered "background noise". Guys - do the game, the developers and players worldwide a chance to experience sub play in its infancy first before bringing out your hammer and pounding the idea to death.
  7. The above is from the link I provided. Those of you against the probable introduction of submarines really need to read the article. Primarily, "Alex" encapsulated their thought as to why, above. "...we'd otherwise run out of content." So if you are interested in the longevity of this game, welcome subs with open arms. I for one am looking forward to the experimental test drives come Halloween.
  8. I suspect it was a graphic issue not a content issue.
  9. Well I can only say the dl size i saw in the interface was just barely 1GB... I didn't see the 1.7GB anytime during the update. If Steam's is correct, that sounds like a complete dl of the game.
  10. Have a go at this read: https://venturebeat.com/2018/09/18/why-wargaming-is-disrupting-world-of-warships-with-submarines-and-revamped-aircraft-carriers/ Imagine the fun of locking the GK's secondaries on a surfaced sub who cannot turn fast enough to get torps on you...
  11. Guys... considering they took a filet knife to carriers (from my pov), introducing subs long term might bring back some of the strategy those who played carriers so much enjoyed. Guess it shows if you stick around long enough, things will change. Except you know, that person you crushed on in school? Nah, they won't ever change their mind about you. But games? Sure enough. I would like, based on the videos, the movement of the subs to be slightly less "speedy" with smoother turns. So - where do we sign up for the boats?!
  12. So you know, I haven't asked.. so will... Do they let the Kitakami play these days? Or is the ship banned? Do folks even still own it?
  13. I used to play in the Brass Section in band

    I watch that stuff too... I like moskie1 (iirc) - he'a a real kind of next door neighbor guy who monkeys around with stuff. I posted that Russian Chicago video so they figure hey, they like Chicago, probably would like this. I do remember the guy doing something similar (the tb video) about a year ago but don't remember if it was about bones or something else...
  14. Oh noes another OP thread? Worcester

    Well hullo Wooster. Yup. The Anniversary gifts in flags and camo allowed me to grind from the Salem to the Worcester in less than two days worth of game play. Heck, with the 200% first match, I was seeing 1x,xxx experience being earned every match. So now I have the Salem (really like her) and the Worcester. Now to kit out the commander and set up the ship. Fun times ahead. I still predict a nerf coming.