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  1. Herr_Reitz

    never get Halsey now

    Bull IS worth a focused week or two of score, rinse, repeat action. Worth it. Focus on it, do them, get rewarded. Worth it.
  2. If it hasn't been suggested... RESET ALL YOUR COMMANDERS NOW, FOR FREE. Every single one of them. You don't play all your ships every day, nor do you use all your commanders every day. Things in this game change quite often to where you say, dang... I need to respec that commander but I ain't gonna pay for it. If they're sitting there reset to no skill assigned, it's much easier. If it has been suggested, apologies.
  3. Owwwww... I can visualize that jump all too clearly in my mind's eye... We were in the concrete "bunkers" for grenade training... essentially three walls of concrete blocks. You were supposed to arm your grenade, toss it forward, out of the bunker area then hit the deck. The bunkers were in a row, not too many feet apart. We had mixed training going on (male/shemale as we were told). The young lady in the bunker next to mine tossed her grenade as if she were afraid of it. She tossed it well... right into our bunker. Next thing I know my DI is on top of me, my face is in the dirt. It happened so quickly I had no idea or reason of why at the moment. A thud. My vision bounced up and down with the thud. Sound faded away then came back. DI got up, got me by the arm, pulled me up and we got ready for my toss. I heard a whole lot of DI's screaming at that young lady who actually look as terrified as any human I've ever seen. I always had respect for my DI's but it notched up to a whole new level that day.
  4. I have a story about that when I went through the training... Our DI's told every swinging **** as they referred to us, even in mixed training sessions (always found that hilarious), "Three to five shot bursts. DO NOT JOHN WAYNE IT and DO NOT HOLD THE TRIGGER DOWN!!!" As you can already guess, very few folks paid attention. A guy about two positions down from me dropped into position and reloaded too quickly after a guy who'd just held down his trigger. He opened the breech, dropped his ammo in, started to close when a round cooked off in the chamber. He got a lot shrapnel in his face and ripped up a portion of his right cheek.
  5. We called such marksmen "Bolos". Did they have a similar term in you era? I could drop the medium and long-range targets no problem. What got me were the very close pop-up targets. So I missed the top ranking with M16 by one or two shots. Heck, the first one that popped up real close to me literally scared me - I didn't expect them to be that close to me!
  6. Herr_Reitz

    Just reinstalled game. Big mistake

    IMO OP, you came back too early... wait till the subs are live, not test. It's my plan at least... hoping I'll be able to torp a ship here or there in the new subs. Cause you know... one of two situations is likely to exist when they do go live. They'll be OP and get hot patched a few times in a few weeks and become no big deal. Alternatively, they will be UP, weak like toast dunked in coffee... then they'll get buffed, be OP, then UP, then no big deal... I will be amazed if they nail them the first true live release. People will (as they always have) figure out ways to use their traits in ways testing (ahem... spreadsheets) did not reveal. So don't delete your account. Just keep an eye on WoWS news bulletins for the "Subs are live" bulletin.
  7. Herr_Reitz

    Another ship setting sail...

    Gee... I kinda thought you'd stay around here a good long while Fem. Sorry to read you are moving on... sad for all of us, just another diamond lost to the crack in the floor, at least to my eyes. I appreciated your style of dealing with everyone here. You were always quite polite to me when I had a question or complaint. If you're going somewhere you'll have contact with the public, let us know. In any case, as they say, All the best!
  8. Herr_Reitz

    Did Graf Spee get Nerffed ???

    She is THE best looking ship in this game. So when I see her mentioned, I like to drop in and remind everyone.
  9. Herr_Reitz

    Tamiya 2020 - Nuremberg

    REVELL 2020 same show - and they def' have ships...
  10. Herr_Reitz

    Tamiya 2020 - Nuremberg

    I used to do models back in the old Testor's cement pre-ban glue sniffer's triggered... I built a couple of their models... they were $$$ compared to most back then. So I could only afford one every once in a while. I am most impressed by the level of detail on some of their models... amazing stuff these days. So much so I'm kicking round getting back into models... just for the fun of it. I was looking for ships in there as it'd be more "relevant"... this wouldn't indicate no ships (or new ships) in 2020, would it?
  11. Herr_Reitz

    Tamiya 2020 - Nuremberg

    If you're interested... some good things in this one...
  12. I'd like to interject a question here... you think she'll come around in give-aways, super-containers, etc... as many other premiums in the past?
  13. Did you know the use of red text is against forum rules and can get you in deep kamchu?
  14. Herr_Reitz

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    Easily the best looking ship in the game too.