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  1. Hmm... that'sinteresting
  2. I was thinking he looked older. They are the best dogs... so intelligent with a ton of expressions. Lots of energy too...
  3. Tell you what... i took some time to attempt the D/L from Steam... wow was it ever slow... I'll give it another shot one day... So - is it wrong to take my Konig Albert with my 19 pt GK commander into battle?
  4. Awwww... what a great looking GSD! How old now?
  5. My guess is so they don't issue duplicates - and the account is proven to be the account.
  6. I've always wanted the peripheral information (chat, minimap, compass, all that stuff) attached to the F keys. Want to see/read chat? Fkey... Of course one line chat could scroll by like a teletype if you want... but to get all that garbage off the screen would improve the game environment, ESPECIALLY in scope mode... can't tell you how many times some red player's insult about someone's parentage overlays a ship I'm targeting in the scope. How great it would be to not see that poodoo in scope mode. I've been asking for almost two years for a proper chat block; you could block one player, the entire red team or shut it off completely so at most, one line appears. They haven't done it yet.
  7. My second match of the morning... first was just ugly... this one I was playing like a new player... but the team was doing well. As always (or so it seems), there comes that point where it looks like the lead your team's been carrying the whole match is starting to slip away. The last two minutes of the replay is where that point comes... rest of replay is boring.... just as the chaos ended someone said, "Quad kill?" Yup, quad kill. As you can tell by my final damage, the rest of the game I was not contributing as I should have been. Hey, I had a caramel macchiato, starting out the day! The GK can make anyone look good!
  8. I think they adjusted the rate at which planes fly and turn in the same manner as they adjusted ships and shells. Everything is accelerated of course. But I agree they do fly like UFOs... If they just cut down the visual speed for turns, I think they'd be good to go, look a bit more realistic.
  9. Well... i do recall reading, in the early days of WoWS, of folks building "profiles" which they later sold... fully ground lines, maybe with a premium or two... of course you'd have to sell them to people who could care less about stats, who's sole focus was on having the ships. But there couldn't be that many buyers, could there? I suppose I could see someone grinding a single ship with a bot, but where's the joy in doing it? It's why I am not sure there is any reason to grind using a bot. As they used to say in school, "it takes all types."
  10. All the best Sovereigndawg... It really is a joy to see it again. It was one fast-paced match!
  11. Check your silver stash... some folks have been known to have blinding rage fits, selling an entire line of a particular nation, only to find the next day they have no memory of selling things... If you have millions more than you think you ought to have... well, there ya go.
  12. Tonight Ocean made it back to rotation. Man was I excited! Oh sure, I was in a Minotaur with radar, no smoke... managed a piddling amount of damage but boy was it fun dropping shells all around the BBs, cruisers and a few destroyers. Fortunately, my team mates played a good game. We lost two ships to the reds loosing six. Our early and successful cap of B and C - and holding them - forced them to make mistakes. Our team stayed relatively together and focus fire was first on the menu. I felt bad for the reds in a way... you know the feeling, right... down on caps in the first two or so minutes... fighting uphill the entire match. I sure would like to see ocean in rotation far more frequently... at least to be ten percent of the map rotations. Someone in chat called it H 2 O. I think they might want to consider renaming it to H 2 O.
  13. Uhm... compare it to say oh, I dunno, a USN destroyer... it is pitifully small for a much larger ship. Funny thing about those RN cruisers tho'... From my experience - the line is complete, I have a Mino - the line goes fragile about the Edinburgh or Ed as I call her. You so much as look at a red ship the wrong way and bam, you're out of it or close to it. Playing the French line helps with the two top ships in the R(U)N cruiser line... keep moving, got to keep moving on... it was fun while it was there... the complete hiding of your ship up until the minimum discovery range... and yup, downright LOL hilarious. The Mino alone, in her smoke, could stop nearly the entire red fleet, forcing them to change their course. Man she was fun to play. The smoke change had me trying her without smoke... now that it's changed... I'll go back to smoke. But if the stats say the numbers are down, they're down. It takes probably a ten to twenty percent solid drop in stats before the alarms go off... and it probably takes a few weeks at lower numbers before they start thinking about tweaking them. A numb thought just hit me... for the purpose of balancing ships... could you attach an RNG "seed" value to each ship which might aid in your favor when red rounds are incoming... and when you're firing outbound... maybe that could comp the damage numbers up without having any mechanics changed?
  14. Tinfoil hat on: "Shhh... don't tell anyone... but they're tweaking the RNG factors to see if it triggers longer game play...." Tinfoil hat off.
  15. Since the Fred will almost always face T10 ships, try to stick with your team without adapting the sometimes prevalent camper attitude. You probably know more about this game than me, but I actually enjoyed playing Fred, no matter how I did with it, because I knew what was next . I can't say the same for the Yammy grind. I've quit that grind at least twice now, buying/selling the Izumo like it was on fire. What a friggin nasty ship (imho). I hope you get some good advice for the Tashkent (aka trashcan) because she seems to me easily defeated by almost any ship that encounters her. Curious... why'd you pick up the Tashkent?