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  1. Well the only other thing is you play a different role in the GK than her/his predecessors. Took me a good while to change the mold... you're more critical, I think, when driving the GK than the ships before her. I guess, as others might say, a GK has to focus on his/her impact to the team, it's a lynch-pin. Of course I could just be daffy.
  2. Oh sure, yea great, I get ten more for every doubloon. I actually think though, if they did an annual trade as I suggested, players might actually play more, spend more money,like for premium time because they know at the end of the year, could could convert up to 1M xp to 100K free xp. Or even 50K free xp. For free.
  3. Well then clan battles may be tough for the smaller clans trying to rally their shipmates for battles if a clan member cannot be a mercenary or a clan rep in a clan battle. I think then, from what you say, they could be an "ally of temporary convenience" if you needed one player to round out your roster.
  4. A storied ship...
  5. Well you just never know... WoT used to hand out lots and lots of gold (doubloons for us) so hey, maybe we'll get lucky, eh?
  6. I like how the driveway, dirt, is completely swept smooth between takes. James Dean. Porsche. Too bad.
  7. Merc's would be a sensible inclusion... as many clans members won't always be online at the same time.
  8. Wow Cluch_Cargo... epic as Revelations practically. If or when it goes that way then it will be time to put the account on life support and move on, unless a player wants/likes that kind of an environment. Just how long you figure this shakeout/shakedown will take? Weeks? Months? Or day?
  9. Thanks Viper... I was thinking "maybe" the requirement to enter a battle would be you had to belong to a clan. Mercenaries perhaps? But well, they haven't yacked too awfully much about it.
  10. Well - i had to exit of course... reloaded the game and so far it hasnot repeated itself.
  11. How do you all suspect clan battles would work for clans too small to gather an entire team? Anyone have any insight at all to their actual plans for clan combat?
  12. Liking what I'm seeing... what bugs me most really, playing, aside from the UI, is putting T5 carriers into battle against T6. The t5 almost always gets slaughtered. Let's hope they have a wonderous, great plan for the future of carriers. If they get it right I think the game will be so much better. If they get it wrong, could be really, really bad.
  13. I explored the new screens - nice artwork. Went back to port. Selected a DD for a match and <BOOM> worst crash I've received from WoWS ever. It wiped out the WIndows desktop interface. Had to 3FS to log off the log back on. Anyone else have it blow up in their face?
  14. I say that and as soon as I go to port this pops up:
  15. Nope - never loaded - went out on a mission came back tried again nothing. I think it's time to walk away for the day and come back tonight.