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  1. Single fire torps needed the entire line... it's an in-game novelty for the RN lines. Thank you.
  2. Most fun way to play Murmansk is get into some open space near the reds and do the Murmansk Dance... lock rudder one side or the other, go at full speed and let rip with her guns. Do a couple revolutions (sic i know) then switch rudder hard to other direction, rinse, repeat. It's almost mino-like.
  3. Gift for Returning Players?!

    Exactly how long was long? 90 days?
  4. Destroyers and smoke - consider

    Well I've had a couple, maybe three games tonight where the dds smoked up in cap at the start of the match. Guess they didn't get the news about smoke being a torp magnet. You used to see manual drops by carriers on smoke early in the match, in hopes of scoring a dd. Not so often now, but still on occasion. I do see red dds slinging torps tho....
  5. Gift for Returning Players?!

    I seriously wonder what would happen if suddenly, half or more of their "customers" took a month off? Ouch.
  6. Seems to me, at the higher tiers where radar is so very prevalent these days, that dropping smoke, while capping, in a Gearing, isn't the best thing to do. I'm not sure, but from what I see, doing that almost always guarantees one or more radar activation against you. Suddenly, you get a sinking sensation... yup, back to port. So I'm suggesting you stop smoking up on caps. My observations, limited as they may be, indicates there are more negatives for you and your team than positives. Worst thing is you provide cover for the reds against your team mates who do not have radar. Your smoke blinds us. Yet you want us to back you up. We cannot shoot what we cannot see. How about smoke to retreat from the reds? Depending on how close and what tiers you are at, that might be a big fail as well. You know Moskva has nearly a 12km radar range... if your conceal is around 6km and they get that close to you the Moskva has another 6km to sink you. So smoke probably isn't going to work for you there. About the best thing I can see smoke being used for these days is as a screen... you drop smoke, get out in front of it and spot whilst your team mates, a few km behind your screen, let's rip with their main batteries. How do you see smoke working these days in such a radar hot environment? tiafyc
  7. Don't worry, he's just there to remind you of random battles, to keep you on your toes, so you don't freak out when a fellow team mate does the same. And remember... the TK system is active. He'll be severely punished ( ) if his torpedoes were to connect with your ship. Myself, never encountered this - quite the bug, eh? What I'm seeing these days is a major delay between visual target hit indicators over audible indicators; hearing things before seeing them, even though the numbers indicate almost nothing in delay. Good job capturing the image, by the way.
  8. Unsportsmanlike Behavior

    To answer your original questions OP, if you have a replay you can send it off to customer service. If for example, the dd can clearly be seen moving at speed to get in front of the torpedo, they might take a closer look at that player's actions in the engagement. It would have to be blatantly obvious, with chat comments (like "Oh look a torpedo coming my way... maybe I can just get...yes!" along with the replay. If you do not have replays enable, you should enable them, for a whole lot of reasons, primarily for your own review of actions taken. If you have replays enabled, I would encourage you to review the replay first, to determine if your analysis is accurate and unbiased. If it is, feel free to send it along with a description to customer service.
  9. lmbo... see most times I'm presented the "form", it's after the worst match of the week; my performance was horribad, or a couple of guys tossed the match... rarely do they ask when I have a good one. Surprise... couple days later I get a SC through randoms and boom... 14 days premium time. Coincidence? Shurrrrreeeee....
  10. Passive CO-OP play!!!!!

    Why? I'm gonna say the vast majority of players there and in random don't want our advice or yours. You can try but it will get you a chat ban because of all the hurtzfeels going around, right. It's just not coop these days. Probably why the Indianapolis is a very long mission with two to three days each task.
  11. I tried posting this in the appropriate Mod section (where I thought it belonged) but there was no option to start a topic there so here we go... There is a mod within the ModStation mods which allows you to move the chat window but more importantly to completely disable all chat... yea, nice. I was running it today, with the chat window upper left, chat deactivated. Match started I have no keyboard controls. None. I started circling. I could do nothing to get control back. I even went into the controls option and changed a control so the file would get saved, hoping that would do it. Nope. Then I hit the enter key a couple of times. Then tried the navigation keys. Somehow, for some reason, it started working again. I think what happened was this: Chat windows disabled. Enter key still triggers chat mode. Thinking you are typing into the chat window, you cannot control your ship with the keyboard. This is normal. But with the chat windows disabled, the ENTER key still opens the "now invisible" chat window interface. IOW - if you press the ENTER key you still go into chat mode. Difference being you just don't SEE your chat interface. So this mod does not function as you would expect. Or should I say "I would expect". If I turn a feature off then pressing the ENTER key ought not trigger that feature. Hiding screens without changing the action for the ENTER key is not good. I'm yanking the mod. As best as I can tell that is what happened. Feel free to try it out yourself.
  12. Approaching Neptune - advice required.

    I'm weird of course but I really enjoyed the "Edin"... felt she was the strongest overall, able to dish it out and take a few good hits. Minotaur's become my "hah hah jolly boat" cause it's darn close to a machine gun ship. Fiji is pretty mean if you load it up with a 19pt cmdr. It's a good line from my point of view. I do remember a change between the Neptune and Mino... initially I didn't enjoy the change, as playing the Mino like the Neptune got me a whole lotta sunk. Been so long since I played Neptune though, I honestly don't remember what it was... hull strength maybe?
  13. Chat Band

    Well if you're serious, you get this big long message that pops up telling you that indeed you are banned until such a date and time. What's likely happened to you, since you never get bans, is you may have accidentally turned chat off. Use the CTRL + LMB on the little icon where chat sits, see if you may have done that, right? Right! (and howdy)
  14. Who have you seen in game

    Oh thanks if you did! I have been playing with chat turned totally off (using a mod) to see how the game plays in that manner. My pologies for not repaying the compliment. I think that might have been a very good game for me to have chat off, I probably played a very bad match.
  15. Izumo dispersion is a nice meme

    Every time I beached about the ship, I was told she's a gate keeper, meant to slow people down, prevent too many Yammies... intended or not, she does her role well :-) I suppose you could say I understand but man that grind was THE worst in the game for me.