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  1. It LIVES!!!! Resurrected from the days of 2016... because it still doesn't work. The new forum option to ignore a user... I have every option ticked for a user - yet - their topics appear because why? If I have every tick mark ticked, updated/saved them, why then does the user's name show along with his topic. Ignore user, all ticks, should be exactly that - ignored. So.... can you get this working properly? If not, explain why it "should" work this way? TU
  2. Okay... so let's go through this. First you deliberately went AFK because you took some hits. You know that's against game rules, right? You'll be fortunate if a mod doesn't pass the info on so you receive some type of punishment. Teammates may have already filed tickets against you too. So good luck with all that... You don't have adrenaline rush on your commander? Such a hit can be very beneficial if you have AR on the commander. Heck, the lower you get the better it gets... your weapons load faster and faster and faster. Picture the reloaders who have been slacking now working like madmen! You may also want to file a ticket with WoWS/WG, stating, "Please look into Situational Awareness which you provided to everyone, automatically some time back. It does not appear to be working for me on my ships. Thank you."
  3. There is a high probability these things that were once stomped out, totally eradicated, come back around due to potentially loosey goosey source code control. Then too if you notice, these things seem to come back around whenever a change takes place to the UI. It'sthe only common thread I've seen regarding them. Since the patch, the alternate interface overlay (with all the info) is anywhere from a half to a full second behind the rest of the display if you move your mouse quickly back and forth. It can make you nauseous actually. The bug I've vote for Perennial Worst Bug Never Fixed is the Ctrl X screwup. "X" allows you to select another target. Sometimes - more recently it has been more often - you will not be able to select a target using "X". Bizarre. You can Ctrl X to select a target but that' supposed to lock the guns in place. Stranger yes? I think those types of bugs have to do with the keyboard scanning routines getting muffed up. But in my book, it is the worst of the crop.
  4. Great job! I've spent a day with them and they do make you smile from time to time ;-) I light the voiceover when you launch a catapult plane. :-) One of them sounds like the english voice for Kagome from Inuyasha, she really does.
  5. Karma is the secret ingredient that MM uses to build a team, didn't you know this?
  6. INdirect fire is what happens in the scenario of a BB blowing the smoke of a DD (sounds lewd does it?). The DD will likely be closer to the reds than the BB. Dispersion on the incoming rounds can "accidentally" hit that dd and when it does, the reds will go why lookie there, I spy me a destroyer. Map clicking, chat messages and soon enough, DD dead. It's this indirect fire that torques me when cruisers wanna play destroyer and sail right alongside your destroyer, all the while using you as a meat shield because you can't outrun them. Unfortunately, the dd player has only a couple of choices - change speed (all stop, reverse, 1/4, etc) or change course (hard turn into a 360 loop). In both of those cases the cruiser, like some lost homing pigeon will almost always follow your evasive maneuvers. It's so much fun.
  7. Nice how a BB then could crowd into a DD's smoke, fire two salvos and 75% of the dd and/or cruiser's smoke would be gone in roughly 30 seconds. I take it you've never had one or more BB crowd into your dd/curiser smoke cloud? Heck - i've had them ram me out of it so they could get inside of it. In your scenario, everybody loses, dontcha think?
  8. Now remember, this is an arcade game, not a simulator... historical accuracy is only important when it applies to what we want to do, otherwise we simply acknowledge it as a basis, a starting point. We then proceed to state how we think it "should" work, forget physics and reality because we want the players to have fun because this is an arcade game not a simulation.... <return>
  9. And of course they have an entire team of one scouring all the forums to find out what players think of this idea. Said employee will report back "players are concerned but no more than they were for the stealth firing fix" which will in essence be a green light from the in-depth investigative team. Gonna be a weird year indeed.
  10. Which is why, when they bring out new premiums, I look at them and simply say, Nah... won't be the same ship in six months. If things continue to pound down this path, I think players will say, "Hey, look over there! A new game!" and be gone. They really need to walk carefully through this minefield of their own creation.
  11. Feel free.. I'm sure they'll implement a TK penalty for doing exactly that after all their paying customers pitch a fit over it happening.
  12. Game wide... let's see... destroyers, cruisers... battlehips? nope. Carriers? Nope. My opinion is "Great - you wanna mess with smoke? Then how bout the outline of the ship appears for a second or two max on each firing? A fuzzy outline at best?" Killing a Belfast is eaiser than taking a dump if you aren't afraid of going after it. Too many players go "Oh noes, a hydroradarsmokespitting beast that's gonna rek me... run away, run away!" You know radar is what, 20 seconds, maybe 30? Then hydro kicks in right? BBs just get up front and drive right at her, bow on. Destroyers remain outside her radar range and toss torps at her. Carriers can keep a flight over the smoke and as soon as the smoke goes away - boom. At that tier manual drops are active - so go toss some TB torps into the smoke. You know... I'm kind of tired of everyone whining this ship is OP, that ship is OP, blah blah... if you play chess, do you whine the Queen is OP? Or would it be the pawn? Not every ship in a match is the queen, nor is every ship a pawn. Each of them has their own specific roles. If players were bound to those roles, wouldn't that be interesting? In a cruiser and want to fire on those big juicy battleships? No sorry, you can't - not until all the red DD are gone. DD's wanna go attack carriers? No sorry, can't do until all the red BB are dead. Now wouldn't that be something, eh?
  13. I do believe there is an OP Russian ship that smokes - it too shall be affected. The hate for the Belfast is strong here. Strange actually that it exists. Still however, depending on what they ultimately intend to do, if Belfast's smoke is affected in a major way then how many Belfast owners will ask, nay demand refunds? She's had this ability a long, long time. As I suggested earlier, they will have to boost armor or compensate the ships in some other manner, otherwise there's no real reason to play her. Out of smoke she's nearly as fragile as the Minotaur and Neptune.