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  1. Yecknod

    Please fix auto pilot.

    @CaptDavidwaypoints in the auto pilot like that oversteer as well, as far as I can tell, and they overcorrect for ships in your path within 1.3 km. Unless I'm missing a setting ... @DouglasMacArthur Thanks, I didn't even think about how hard it would be for the programmers to figure out how to tell a ship to steer a particular course. It's so arduous ... esp in the face of tracking the RNG of shells from 30 ships with multiple barrels in a single battle shooting at eachother, then calculating the odds that those shells with those pen values hit a ship at an angle to do dmg, and calculating the armor and shell pen ... and all that ... clearly programming a ship to go on a particular bearing is waaaaaaaay too much to accommodate.
  2. Yecknod

    Please fix auto pilot.

    If the cpt tells the conn steer a direction ... he steers that direction. Why can't auto pilot do that? It's basic. "Come left to 245 degrees." If the helmsman oversteered to 230, then overcorrected 290, then stayed on 285 until he was 3km from the waypoint, he'd get fired. It's not rocket surgery. If you tell the conn to steer a direction (AKA autopilot) they should come to that course and hold true.
  3. Yecknod

    Please fix auto pilot.

    I know I can. the question is why does the auto pilot oversteer in the first place?
  4. Why dose auto pilot oversteer by 15-20 degrees then shake back and forth for another 10-15 degrees? It's stupid. No nation would allow a steersman to take the helm who couldn't steer to a given bearing.
  5. Likewise can't access inventory on my Mac.