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  1. Stjernestov

    What's the most toxic ship class?

    There's no such a thing as toxic ships, there's only toxic players. I enjoy all classes of ships, specially in Operations.
  2. Stjernestov

    Vanguard, Oh No You D'd'nt

    Last battleship of the Royal Navy build in steel? Sign me in! Not a great performer but she is history!
  3. Stjernestov

    Why do subs exist

    Because they are part of naval warfare, they exist and they were key assets in WW2
  4. Stjernestov

    Bonus Package?

    I recommend you to put in in a ship that: 1- You love playing and 2- Preferily a ship that is hard to play in coop: In my case, Carriers and Battleships (because of low earnings).
  5. Thats a lie Lert, we all know that Cats doesn't live so much time
  6. Stjernestov

    Community Contributor

    For me, Yuzorah is my favourite because of quality of reviews and advices, also he reviews everything, Superships, Cvs, Subs, he doesn't discriminates! I don't know he is in the forums but Im very thankfull for him because of always been up to date. https://thedailybounce.net/category/world-of-warships/ Also LittleWhiteMouse, but she is no longer a CC but I like her reviews and art design (Also Chobitsu!) Sssssssoup
  7. Stjernestov

    To Tromp or to Steel?

    For just one ticket I would pass for the moment, never change steel for coal they say, also Tromp is brand new, not gonna leave the armory anytime soon!
  8. Stjernestov

    What I got in a big santa's gift box

    Congrats! Nasty guns and torps, both lots of them!
  9. Stjernestov

    Tier 10 brawls

    I play the few I have, but If I could recommend you in order: 1- Puerto Rico (I don't have it but is like the best of the best, but easy burning) 2- Stalingrad (I don't have it but is a Soviet CA with great guns) 3- Petropavlosk (I don't have it too, but again Soviet CA) 4- Moskva (Great railguns, armor, radar, cure, hydro) 5- Smolensk (rain fire on your reads, smoke for cover, hydro and torps but very bad armor) 6- Salem (Great armor, 203mm guns with fast reload and a superheal, use Hydro not radar) 7- Napoli (Sap secondaries, bad DPM but great HE damage, fast smoke and torps and great survivability, hard to kill) 8- Yoshino (Great guns, Shima 20Km torps but maybe you should use the 8km, not so great armor, heal and hydro) Thats all I got
  10. Stjernestov

    Which Coal DD....

    115k but im not a main DD, actually im not very good at it, but Marceau is still a beast in a competent player.
  11. Stjernestov

    The Grind

    I always had the idea that you played for work and not fun, I'm glad I was wrong! Now, sell some camos and the series modules! I wish I could give you some extra credits but the game system don't allow us to do that.
  12. Stjernestov

    Should I buy HMS Hood from the armory?

    If you want her for her illustrious career, go for it. But If you want an efficient tier VII battleship you may want one of these: 1- Hyuga (your best chooice) 2- Ashitaka 3- Scharnhorst 4- Florida 5- California
  13. Stjernestov

    Which Coal DD....

    Marceau hands down, is the best coal ship at the moment.
  14. Stjernestov

    Keep it going Wargaming!

    Also, maybe is something foolish, but I like the idea of a container going down from an icy ramp
  15. Stjernestov

    Keep it going Wargaming!

    Well, I mean, Is not bad, but It would be better If we could have more historical ships than designs I left WOT like two years ago, If they putted a new game mod, I don't know really. I just remeber Randoms and maybe a big map for encounters for tier VIII-X tanks but nothing more, no PVE, nothing compared to WOWS. Yes about simplicity, with so many ways now to improve your tanks with fxp, xp and real money it was a nono for me. Equipment 2.0 killed it for me. I still play tier VI in Operations and is fairly fun. And yes I remember Armored Warfare, I played some time a long time ago, is like modern tanks. I like it. Also I tried [edited] again but is to complex for me. Thaks for Armored Warfare, I gonna check it out again to see if have improve!