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  1. LittleWhiteShark

    Abused Reporting System

    True! But last week I was reported in Coop and I don't know why, maybe for ramming the last bot with my Jean Bart because I needed to pee?
  2. LittleWhiteShark

    kearsarge is stupid

    Here is a review of the USS Kearsarge: https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/final-review-u-s-premium-tier-ix-battleship-kearsarge/ Anyone knows if it's gonna stay for Coal and Doubloons? Or its gonna pass to Coal only like other ships? Here I killed one with my lovely Big Baguette (Jean Bart)
  3. LittleWhiteShark

    kearsarge is stupid

    Sorry, I didn't mean to disrespect
  4. LittleWhiteShark

    kearsarge is stupid

    I don't know if a ship can be stupid but she is ugly
  5. LittleWhiteShark

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    She is a fine fine ship! The frenchie flamethrower
  6. LittleWhiteShark

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    100 India X Rey, but I never use flags, only use the economics flags in Operations to grind XP and Credits
  7. LittleWhiteShark

    SIck to death of ALWAYS being impossibly outgunned

    I know your frustration OP, I been there too, but Coop is still fun. I played all types of ships in Coop so I don't get frustrated, all tiers, all nations. So I got good battles and bad battles but the athmosphere of Coop is relaxing, I enter the battle, blow my horn and press F10 wishing all good luck and fair seas and just having a good time. Sometimes we exchanges compliments and all! But I understant It could be frustrated when you need to grind or do some task: I remember one of the last task for the De Zeven Provincien...Like a lot of main battery hits with a Battleships, and oh God was a real pain to me, but I just keep playing and eventually grinded in Ranked. I take Coop like a fast paced combat where fast ships get the best part, but at certain hour you can play better because they are few players online and more bots. I like Coop, of course It would be more fun If when I play slow BBs or a CV I could do more damage or participate more, but for now Is what we have. So try to enjoy! You could also try Operations! Have a great day
  8. LittleWhiteShark

    Tier 10 Brawls: Which ship(s) to bring?

    Oh my, I only have the most hated ships in the last year: Thunderer and Smolensk
  9. LittleWhiteShark

    Dutch Cruisers, a Poll :)

    Nope because: 1- Is a distinctive of the Dutch Nation. 2- This game has too many torps already and is exhausting.
  10. LittleWhiteShark

    Another season of...twilight hunt. Whoopee.

    Agree with you OP, I played the two modes a few times, the Twilight battles and the Transylvania mode, but they are not fun and not rewarding neither. Is better to stay with the German Personal Challenges
  11. LittleWhiteShark

    Premium Ship Review - Congress

    Howdy! Thanks for your review Miss Mouse! Im really happy that you re back to work, your reviews help me a lot Let me see my list of US wanted ships Checked! Congress out! Wichita in! Take care! "All hands to battle stations! Commence Artillery attack with Upvotes shells! Target, Mouse Post!"
  12. LittleWhiteShark

    Cursed when it comes to containers.......

    Yesterday I got a Supercontainer...100 Zulu flags
  13. LittleWhiteShark

    Petition for Wargaming!

    Howdy! This post is a petition for the Wargaming Company and employees, I think It would make the game better Please could you take this suggestions? CO/OP: Many of us love to play this mode, could you add some medals earnings? Not the same like in Randoms of course, but new ones, exclusivly for this mode, .like in Operations. So the mode could turn to be more interesting for us. Operations: Could you add operations for tier V and tier VIII ships? There are a lot of fun ships in tier V, not to mention in tier VIII to play with in this mode. Missions/Personal Challenges: Could you add tier III and IV to the table? Some players are new, others are old, but these tiers are fun to play and it would be nice to while we are grinding these ships (Im still with my Bellerophon yet, grinding her to the next tier) to complete these missions and not to only play from tier V to X. Many thanks Wargaming Sharky out!
  14. LittleWhiteShark

    They nerfed the twilight hunt ships

    Agree, but at least the 10 points captains are just cosmetic so you are not missing to much, I don't have any of those tier IX ships so I wouldn't bother, but actually Im interested in that Admiral Hipper perma camo, but not to much
  15. LittleWhiteShark

    Cursed when it comes to containers.......

    Sorry OP (I still don't know what this two letters mean ) In my case I didn't receive anything in the German Containers too, I played all the missions and nothing, also nothing in the containers missions about the Transformers Event, so If I can help you in anyway I will say to you: Don;t buy Containers, specially with doubloons, better try to buy the ship or the perma camo or whatever directly