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  1. Sooo... at the moment the acceleration of the training for captains as well as the redistribution is FREE.... Just for those who have not realized it :) Have fun!
  2. zofcz0jn2joej

    BB gunfire audio bug

    Same here... I had no idea what was going on until i realized is probably a bug...
  3. zofcz0jn2joej

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    I love it... yes, much more trouble with lots of planes now but who cares! I am glad, that lots of players are "leaving" WOWS (lets see how many). a) WOWS might get more improvements from this and b) players who just play on a random base have actually then a chance to win some games and move up :) So other then the CV rework, PLEASE give us submarines soon! :) Love it ;)
  4. zofcz0jn2joej

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    worked... thank you so much! actually the first code that worked for me :)
  5. zofcz0jn2joej

    Compensation for CV after 8.0

    and what happens to the xp earned on these ships i researched and NOT having in my inventory anymore???
  6. zofcz0jn2joej

    Compensation for CV after 8.0

    alright... so DOES this mean, that even I researched all carriers (or almost) that I will get free XP even if I dont have them in my inventory anymore??? Im confused
  7. zofcz0jn2joej

    Exchange in Arsenal ...where???

    Well, that helps. I really was not sure. Thought I completly missed something here. How much steel do you get for a clan battle??? Unfortunately I live in europe now and the battles are 1.30 in the morning. So I can not play clan battles at all... I really wish I could!!!
  8. I am looking since weeks for a button or a hint on how to exchange resources in the Arsenal but I cant find it. Maybe my own stupidity. Where can I find this "feature" in the Arsenal? I checket all sites there and clicked the "more about resources" top right... Another question I had was: How much steel do you get for a clan battle? Unfortunately I live in europe now and the battles are 1.30 in the morning. So I can not play clan battles at all... Thank you very much for your help!
  9. So sorry... If Zuiho, Hosho, Bogue are NOT in my inventory at the moment but I have XP on them am I getting free XP or not? What if I buy all these old ships now? What happens to Independence / Ranger?
  10. zofcz0jn2joej

    What to buy with 12k doublons???

    Some more input here? No need for grinding lol...
  11. Hi guys, I have 12k doublons and absolutely no idea what to do with it or which ship to buy... Already having Graf Spee, Atlanta, Asashio, P.E. Friedrich, Vampire and Perth as Premium and Hatsuharu, Akatsuki, Dallas, Mahan, Bismarck, Kongo, Aoba, Pensacola, NO, Iowa, Budony, Nürnberg, Emerald, Icarus, etc. etc. all with high XP.... Is there anything funny to buy with that coming out in 2019 soon??? I really want something fancy, like Salem or Flint but cant convert doublons into iron, etc... Some suggestions would be very appreciated from you guys! Thank you so much!