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  1. Just FYI since you said you're using Aslains; There is an option in the port mods section called "Clear Vision" that removes the gray preview filter
  2. Soviet Battleship

    I would rather see a full tree for the Estonian Navy before I see anymore Soviet ships
  3. Is it OP? The VMF Khabarovsk

    Balance Khab by giving it a citadel behind that 50mm plate
  4. Khaba Will Finally Be Nerfed

    You got my hopes up with that title
  5. I took one look at this thread's title and knew right then and there this would just be people spitting bile and vitriol left and right.
  6. PTSD?

    This should be pinned. +1
  7. A brief description of today...

    LOL. My statement still stands however.....
  8. Forum issues, anyone else?

    Can't say I have. Maybe try clearing your browser cache?
  9. A brief description of today...

    Yes, I quite like your current avatar better than that wretched dog.
  10. Will HMS Nelson get torpedoes?

    I'm almost certain I saw that KGV was being put at T7.....
  11. Will HMS Nelson get torpedoes?

    Forget torpedoes, I'm just hoping they put her at Tier 7 where she belongs......
  12. Supercontainer Report!

    Just yesterday I got 2 SC's in a row. The first had that useless hydro module, the second had 5m silver. Both pretty crappy rewards, especially since they were the first SC's I've gotten since January.
  13. Is it possible for me to remove just the camo on the ship I want a skin for? I can't find "arizona" anywhere in that .xml