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  1. Eh. Kinda sucks we don't get a USN CL trainer that's not the Altanta.
  2. We can only hope so. I've been looking forward to seeing the RN tech tree fully represented for some time now. A lot of great ships to be had.
  3. I would love to see the USS Laffey (DD-724) as a tier IX free xp boat. Some great history there. Not sure how it would work out at that tier, just a thought.
  4. I think it's more like "why grind to Groz when the Khab exists" .......
  5. Italian aircraft carriers

    Lets not even begin to discuss adding more CV's until the ones we have are actually Working as Intended™
  6. Where did the naughty Cleveland touch you?
  7. WG NEEDS to fix cv balance mm

    More and more I'm leaning towards wanting WG to just remove CVs until they roll out that rework.
  8. Next Round of Premiums

    Whaaaaaaaat? When?
  9. Just FYI since you said you're using Aslains; There is an option in the port mods section called "Clear Vision" that removes the gray preview filter
  10. Soviet Battleship

    I would rather see a full tree for the Estonian Navy before I see anymore Soviet ships
  11. Is it OP? The VMF Khabarovsk

    Balance Khab by giving it a citadel behind that 50mm plate