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    PSA on Royal Navy destroyers and early unlocks.

    Even if got one of the free RN destroyes i always play the full line. The early unlocks only saves me from buying that ship. I did it when the RN and French BB's was released.
  2. The other day i was in my Lion and got to fight a Conqueror at med and close range. He was more healthty than me. At medium range i fired HE and also was he, but when the range got closer i switch to AP. My salvos caused more damage and disabled the Conqueror guns, even got a citadel. Remember Lion has one less turret. I killed the Conqueror and i recovered most of my health with the repair party. So, fire only HE in British BB's is a lazy habit. Investing in expert loader is a good thing.
  3. Jollyroger95

    You're in Charge of Premium Ship Releases for 2019

    1. HMS DIDO. UK DIDO class AA cruiser. 2. USS ALASKA. US Alaska class cruiser(?), BattleCruiser(?) 3. HMS VICTORIUS. UK Illustrious class carrier. 4. HMS EXETER. UK York class cruiser. 5. SHINANO. IJN carrier. 6. HMS KELLY. UK K class Destroyer 7. HNLMS SUMATRA. Dutch Java class cruiser 8. AKAGI. IJN Carrier 9. HYUGA. IJN ISE class Battleship 10. POLA. Italian Zara class Cruiser.