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  1. Missouri and the World's money.

    15/10 best post of the year IMO.
  2. Top Tier Clans and Dirty play in Clan Battles

    this This kind of behavior is wrong. Taking a stand is the best thing you can do.
  3. Relatable gifs

    Way higher quality memes than the WG front page. Lert, you magnificent man!
  4. Freedom is Not Free

    You just gave me an amazing idea. PM Me my dude
  5. That is because Wargaming thought it would be a wonderful idea to make a line of ships reliant on the map design, while no other line has to utilize it as much as USN cruisers. The new update hasn't fixed anything with the line if anything they made it worse and down tiered everything to cover up there terrible balancing job they did with the branch in the first place yet to only perpetuate the problem now.
  6. If anyone has noticed, Wargaming has actually buffed cruisers. Radar helps cruisers take care of DD's, the HE helps them take out battleships, the AA further drives CV's into the ground. It has turned to the point where cruisers are now on the offensive, which is a dangerous thing. At this point in the game design, it doesn't matter how many FlexTape level decisions they make, they are just chasing poor ideas with poor ideas in lieu of fixing the issue.
  7. [ALL] Dseehafer skin for Tirpitz.

    I would use this, but I don't own a tirpitz. Honestly, this was the most fitting thing you guys could have done for him. +1 to HINON
  8. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    It's a shame to hear this news. He was one of the best people on the forums and always was sharing his knowledge just for the sake of doing so. There are not many men in the world like that. Condolences to his friends, family, and clan mates.
  9. Biscuit

    I want to try it now. I need to visit my dentist soon anyway.
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 20th, 2018

    All the American cruisers. Yes, I have multiple favorites. Fight me.
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 5th, 2018

    Jack Dunkirk was a nickname of a real person. It's kind of a "dance around" on that one. ==================================================================== @Pigeon_of_War You say historical names won't work, but what about a former US President? I mean, there name and face are pretty public, plus all of them who served in the navy were in some part of the navy during WW2. John F. Kennedy - Served in combat during World War II. Received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and the Purple Heart. Lyndon B. Johnson - Bomber Pilot in the navy Richard Nixon - World War II (1942–1945); earned two battle stars for service in the Pacific. Gerald Ford - World War II (1942–1945); combat on USS Monterey, discharged in 1946. Jimmy Carter - Served during World War II as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy. Sea duty and stateside service 1946–1953 during the Korean War. George H. W. Bush - Navy pilot in World War II (1942–1945). Shot down and received the Distinguished Flying Cross. Surely ONE of these men is available to use in name, or at minimum a combination of the names, like George Ford, Richard Kennedy, ect. ect.
  12. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 20, 2018

    How about we get all the april fools day game modes every year? Easy-peasy move that wouldn't take much effort and would make everyone as happy as a seal!
  13. Who have you seen in game

    Only if I had DE on that ship would I have probably set a fire. She is still in retraining and a rework I am giving her. Trying to run her B Hull since I have Markov, and I have Markov because I am collecting tier 6 cruisers.
  14. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 13th, 2018

    No, NO REPLACING OF COMMEMORATIVE FLAGS. That would be really bad. People want to customize there ship, and the last thing they want is to lose that. Patches should flare personal achievement or attitude, while flags represent the prowess on the battlefield.
  15. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 13th, 2018

    There automatically needs to be Rank 1 patches for those who have ranked out, with a number in the middle as to how many times they have ranked out. I obviously don't qualify for that, but it is the first thing that comes to mind when I think "commemorating excellence". In addition, there should be one for each ingame nations flag, both the national flag and naval ensign, which could be earnable in a permanent mini-campaign just as a nice thing. Also, military veterans should get a special patch with a system for them to claim it. Aside from that, any other achievement should be with flags instead. Don't go about replacing the emblems of flags onto patches, because that would make it harder for people to earn them and would reduce personal expression, which right now is a very nice thing that we have.