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  1. Not that I am against British Battleships being added, but I find it concerning that Wargaming is not happy with the reported figure of 35% of players focusing on BB gameplay but yet is going to go ahead and add another BB line. That to me doesn't seem like a well-timed fix or strategy unless we are not getting more BB lines this year, premiums aside.

    1. RedSeaBear


      WG has painted themselves into a corner. Add the British BB line which is way over due in a lot of people minds and suffer the increase in the BB population. Or Not add the British BB line and suffer player melt down. 

      The only good point is the people already playing BBs can't play their two BBs at once. 

    2. 1Sherman


      You gotta go with what the players like in the here and now, even if you want to change it in the future.