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  1. How much they pay you? I get a dead fish a week.
  2. The justification that WG does everything it does to make money is a silly concept. Removing A hulls and then turning them into premiums has been done before and only a few hulls removed have turned to premiums. If so, what's the difference between WG turning A hulls into premiums and making copy-paste ships? Eugen is basically a Hipper with a heal in every respect, it basically got the "copy my homework but make a change so it looks original" treatment. Ashitaka is an A hull Amigi. Do either of these ships become less fun because of their implementation? Does anyone who plays the game actually give a crap? Has it truly made you lose sleep at night and cripple your entire game experience? Hell, people have asked for Wisco and Jersey for ages now. If they came in as an A hull at tier 9 with another gimmick to balance, would it shatter the entire game? If Washingon was an A or a B hull North Cal with improved secondaries or hydro, would people actually die and cease to exist? The objective answer is no. Frankly, only the people who try to create drama to justify their [edited] existence give a damn. Of all the hills to die on this is the dumbest one. It's a video game, not a digital museum. They don't "have to" or "need to" do anything, nor should they be compelled to as a free enterprise corporation. If they think removing or rescaling the A hulls of the game to eliminate all cases of C hull is best for the game, sure. If they make a premium out of it, then you are welcome to not purchase it to crusade against "evil weegee". The whole argument is senseless. Find something real to crucify WG over, like casino-grade loot boxes that give one single flag and feed addiction or WG selling a tier 10 premium for doubloons or setting up stupid as hell grinds like Puerto Rico. This as a fight being picked is absolutely ridiculous. "SHEESH."
  3. As a cruiser player, I have had more success after the rework than before it. I have a hunter/killer DM, an island scumming Salem, Goliath and Yoshino now play even better than before, and my Duca D'Aosta kicks even more [edited]than before, while my Omah and Phoenix still are guilty pleasures. I still love my Prinz Eugen, my Hipper, my Atago via Yuro's build. French cruisers are enjoyable to play again, and I like my Atlanta and Flint still despite Flint being sub-par for many. If you focus on doing your HP in damage + 20% to the enemy before you die, it makes life easier for having an actual game impact per match. Cruisers have never been designed to live the entire match, so you have to accept that and play through it, and take every minute of time floating as a blessing and fight on throughout the match. Eventually, you will be successful.
  4. This is the silliest complaint I have seen in my life. WG has already removed A hulls before for the sake of making tech tree ships easier to play. Do you play ships stock for their historical value? If so, please don't be on my team, I don't want to play with you if you bring a ship that's behind the 8 ball purposefully. Ships like Omaha trade torps for more AA with B and C hulls respectfully, which both are trade-offs for how to play. Maybe WG wants to let people have this freedom without having to grind extra XP? But of course, it's obviously a bad thing because WG is bad because WG is bad, right? It's statistically impossible for WG to be wrong 100% of the time with everything they do. I like this change, it makes regrinds easier. It lets players playing for the first time have a better advantage in their ship vs premiums played by good players with high-level legendary captains, which have an order of magnitude higher strength than those who are new and stock in their ship at tier. I'm sure there are many other reasons, but I think that honestly reducing the power gap is not an issue. This is a video game, not a digital museum you can simulate battle in. If you think it is something it's not, or both at the same time, then I'm sorry for you because your view of the game fundamentally ignores the reality of what it actually is.
  5. Maine_ARC_1


    Not to be an [edited], but WG is a free enterprise, they can do as they wish. If they don't want to support the use of a product on a certain OS, that is their business and that's how things are. Moral "oughts" never find their way into videogames sadly. It's a repeating pattern with a lot of video games that a company will do whatever they wish and that's just how things are and no amount of activism will change anything consistently or in most cases ever move the needle. Also, you buying a product from them does not equate to you using that product properly. It's like you buying a cattle prod when you live in an apartment in New York and then blaming the farm supply store you bought from in Nebraska that they wrongfully sold you a tool for something you can't do. It's not their business that you can't use the item, they just sell stuff. The same goes here.
  6. Maine_ARC_1

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    WG sent me here. Hit the magic 350. Hurray!
  7. Maine_ARC_1

    How It Works: Hit Points

    Dude, stop, you're being toxic. They are literally starting to update info, and this video seems like the first step. Just stop complaining and being negative because you look really silly. Reposted or not, modified or not, WG is trying to inform people of how the game works. The semantics of the matter mean nothing, stop trying to shoehorn them in.
  8. Maine_ARC_1

    Build Math: How to set up a GK gun reload build.

    You aren't using secondaries in this build, the idea is to use the range to proc TGG,
  9. Maine_ARC_1

    Build Math: How to set up a GK gun reload build.

    So I watched the german bit. Now I am curious as to why you posted it. Part of me is thinking that you are just throwing Flamu in my face and saying "here, listen to ship jesus". This build I listed is a main battery brawler, an alternative to "muh secondaries".
  10. Maine_ARC_1

    Build Math: How to set up a GK gun reload build.

    What was the opinion on german bb's?
  11. Maine_ARC_1

    Build Math: How to set up a GK gun reload build.

    What does it discuss if I may ask? I am on mobile.
  12. Maine_ARC_1

    Build Math: How to set up a GK gun reload build.

    I wonder if reload build GK is actually entirely viable now.....hmmmm.
  13. Maine_ARC_1

    Build Math: How to set up a GK gun reload build.

    Lutjents is the reason you don't have to be on your death bed when TGG kicks in. I think this build hypothetically when redlined at 1% HP you can get to 17.85 seconds reload or something like that. Not sure how practically viable this would be, but it sure as hell might be a way to still have fun with GK. Also, that Republique is disgusting.
  14. So, I was doing some build math with my clan mates the other day………….. I just got GK, and was working over how to best build her out. Playing with some theoretical numbers, I came to a conclusion German bb's now can actually have a stupid broken gun reload in a push. So, to start, we take MAM1, DCSM1, SBM1, DCSM2, CSM1, and MBM3. For consumables, slot Spotter or Fighter, your choice. Take for signals, NES, MYS, NF, SM, ID, JYB, IY, and JC. For captain skills, take PM or GF (your choice), PT or GTG (your choice), AR, BoS, TGG, CE, and FPE. Assume you have Lutjents in command. TGG and AR are the operative skills, so at a minimum, assume those are in play, and if you don’t have a 21 point captain, drop BoS. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSB110&modules=1111&upgrades=112121&commander=PGW103&skills=13680736&ar=100&flags=4035&consumables=1111&pos=0 Now, stock, GK has a 29 second reload on its 406mm guns, which we will be using. With our upgrades, GK now has a 25.52 second reload. Assume the battle starts, and then continues for a bit, and you find yourself at about, say, half health. You now have a 22.97 second reload. Yeah, pretty good, but this sucker is about to get lower. Remember TGG? In the late game, ships have been cleared off the board, and you can push up, which is why we have our lovely damage control skills. You have a 34.7 second fire duration and a 23.1 second flooding duration, which is pretty nifty I would say. So as you push up, you need to get at least to 9.5km to be comfortable, but at 10.46km, the magic starts. This allows TGG to kick in with confidence, and say hello to a 21.13 second reload. Now, amidst all this fighting, you are obviously going to take a little more damage, right? At 20% HP, you are now at a 19.72 second reload. Not to mention, because you have Lutjents, you will be procing Resilient a few times, considering you will most likely have lost your DD's, so you will be able to spot and incrementally increase your HP in-between a few shots taken at you, keeping your HP stable. Don't worry about cruiser torps or enemy torps, you have hydro and probably will stay moving if you are moving into primary gun brawl, plus, the icing on the cake. So during what is about to follow, you will be tanking damage as you can sustainably brawl. Lutjens has the Main Battery Loader skill after 140 hits, which will be super easy at this stage because your pre-proc reload allows this to even be possible as you fire thought the course of the game. This means that you can get an additional 7.5% off your reload. At 20% HP and a reload of 19.72, this works out to 1.479 seconds off the already low number. Your reload is now down to 18.26 seconds. You can push a target and get close to it's already damaged rear end, and beat the crap out of it because by the time it reloads, you have fired twice. You have a fire rate of 3 Rounds per minute, IN A BATTLESHIP THAT CAN GET CLOSE. And as for reload, just to compare, Alaska has a base reload of 20 seconds. You literally have Cruiser reload times. If the ship or engagement sails out of range, you have a 19.83 second reload at 2.8 rounds per minute. At 10 km, you have a 603.7mm AP pen, meaning you don’t have to worry about bow plating and can get shells into an enemies athwart. Now, I have not tested this myself, nor do I think that this is actually something that is akin to a highly competitive build, but if you have Lutjents, GK, and wanna try something different before the commander rework free respect goes away, this is a good option to try just for [edited] and giggles. It’s not the fastest BB reload, or the strongest BB, but it sure would be a fun option to squirrel around with as a late game champion.
  15. Maine_ARC_1

    KotS now officially under WG managment

    This here. It's like seeing Tom Brady in the Superbowl. Yes, he is accomplished, and that is a good thing and there is nothing wrong with being the best at what you do. But it eventually becomes Mike Tyson vs a Baby, and you know who is going to win every time.