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  1. I don't think there is a need to take jabs at someone else publically, especially when you made a post that is meant to be an informative piece for others. I do say that it detracts from your message when you become adversarial with others who respond to your initial post. It is possible to speak passionately on a subject without interjecting emotion to the degree in which you keep a neutral approach. If you have a fight with someone, drag it into PM. No one within any reason truly and legitimately wants to hear it out in the open.
  2. For the longest time, the community was entirely apathetic about CV. They couldn't care less than they already were caring about them. WG then brought in the rework, and people still kept their apathetic attitude. For me, when I saw that WG removed odd tier CV's and the community didn't rage about it as if the lead dev of the company committed murder in broad daylight and didn't see justice for the crime, I knew the reworked was going to be on life support for a while. The community stopped caring about the game enough to let WG walk over any shred of common sense and push through what they thought to work. The community never had a unified voice about CV's, and by that I mean a similar vibe, not necessarily totally agreeing. The reason the community never had a unified voice is because it is a unique one. There really isn't a solidly comparable competing product. WG keeps making money off of what is a captured audience. This game can spread out into a million different avenues and take a million different directions, but it hasn't. Everyone wants this game to be made in their own image. Where was the CC's crying out during the rework for common sense changes and mechanics? Where was the player base holding the line? Who was voicing as the champion of the people? When the going got tough, everyone walked away. No one fought and dug in, speaking out and fight the issues with WG while standing tall. WG received no opposition from the players about a lack of comprehensive mechanics, or a lack of just about anything decent in the rework. The community made the bed it now has to sleep in. Community as in the entire global community, not just NA. Here we are. We now are making self-reflecting posts about what we truly think about when the CV rework is done. All of this "sappiness" could have easily been avoided if we had raise our rifles and held the line. Wargaming #1 feedback source is the community. If we don't give good feedback, we don't get what we want. It doesn't matter if WG takes it to heart or not, but they don't even turn there head unless we say something. When will this rework be done? I'll tell you EXACTLY when this rework will be done. It will be done when the community decides to take up a unified voice and fix the issue in a solid-wall petition of outcry to WG in levels seen during the release of Graff Zepplin. When WG reacts to the en-masse outcries from the community, ones they cannot ignore for any given reason, then you will see a finished rework. A house divided can not stand, no? What makes this issue any damn different from that premise. Go ahead and downvote me and spit on me for this opinion, doesn't matter to me. But when I CONSTANTLY see this sappy [edited]prissy nonsense where we have to take these oh-so-humble approaches with self-gratifying rhetoric as if we are philosophers pondering the meaning of life, I take the time to upchuck my last meal. The player base needs to square up and fight; not drivel on like some mad animal, yelling out that CV's should be removed and that anyone who plays them should go kill themselves. The players need to say "hey, we want to see some progress here. We want better this and better that! Make it happen!", and continue to repeat the message until they collapse of exhaustion. The phrase on these forums were repeated in exhaustion, "when will WG fix CV's", was taken at face value. WG fixed CV's. They didn't do it "our way". If we instead said "when will WG listen to the community and use our feedback to fix cv's", then we wouldn't be where we are at now.
  3. Maine_ARC_1

    Wargaming, Explain this Logic

    Rentals aren't a good first taste if you plan on offering something easier later on. It's just a pointless and underhanded move that just makes it unfun for the rest of us. I got up as high as rank 9 and I still saw rentals up there. It's not like there is a "fail break" where it stops someone from going so far for a ship type. Honestly, rentals should quit being usable at rank 12.
  4. Maine_ARC_1

    Wargaming, Explain this Logic

    Tier 10 is not easy to access. It's the end game reward of a line for a reason. If they want easier access, then yes, they need to go to lower tiers. Don't stick me in with people who have zero hope in doing decent because they don't actually know what they are doing and then switch around and give a more easy place for people. As for tier 3 ranked, that would be fun indeed. Different tiers all perform differently.
  5. Maine_ARC_1

    Wargaming, Explain this Logic

    Yes, you are correct, they are different game modes. However, that is also the point at the same time. One is inherently designed to be easier to access, easier to play, and easier to progress in. Ranked, in both formats, is for people who WANT to be there who have EARNED there right to be there. If they hand out rentals like candy on the grounds of making ranked easier to access, and then backpedal and add in a version of ranked that's easier, then what is the point of knowingly interfering with normal ranked when you already planned a much easier alternative? The entire approach from WG is dishonest and contradictory.
  6. Maine_ARC_1

    Wargaming, Explain this Logic

    They literally are making everyone suffer to "accommodate others" when they already planned to accommodate others. It's absolutely insane!
  7. This is a picture of the port of my testing account on the Public Test server, currently which is on a testbed version of game state 0.8.5 The ranked sprint on that server is tier 7 ranked sprint, with division gameplay. This is supposed to repeat for 2 'seasons' of ranked sprint. If you look at the announcement on this page, here is a little blurb in the spoiler due to copy-paste formatting. Link to original source: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-085/ "6v6 format"; "Tier 7 ships"; "2 leagues for progress tiering"; "division with your friends". Ok wargaming, riddle me this. The current ranked season is tier 10 with rentals, which are stated to make it more accessible to everyone. This "taste of the good life" has come at the expense of not only a lot of angered players trying to cope with people in rental tier 10's with no relevant experience to be playing them, but with carriers as well. CV's aside, you have thrown people into ranked who don't belong there in the name of making it more accessible, when you VERY WELL KNOW that next month you are going to offer a WAY EASIER and WAY MORE ACCESSIBLE ranked season for people. Seriously where is your thought process? Why did you mess up normal ranked with the knowledge that later on you are going to offer something that those players can more easily play with minimal impact on the environment of play? To me, this was a horrible decision, but knowing what I know about patch 0.8.5, this is even worse of a decision than before. You totally messed something up with absolutely no reason to. Why would you do that? I kept telling myself that every rental on my teams in ranked I see mess up was fine. Kept telling myself "hey, WG is just trying to be nice to others and give them a chance". I tried watching the losing a star animation on a game where 2-3 rentals on my team played and all subsequently failed and said to myself "hey, it's ok, they just want to have fun, they normally don't get the chance". I try to improve at this game and every season I go into ranked hoping that I can do really well at it; and this season I had a damn good shot to actually make it and STAY in a single digit rank more so than any other past season, only to be sabotaged by rentals under the guise that they are there so others can participate. I don't like being lied to, and I assume the rest of the player base does not. You weren't making it more accessible, you wanted to entice people to get up to tier 10. Go let them romp around at tier 7, not tier 10. *sigh* It's almost like they literally do not learn.
  8. Maine_ARC_1

    Looking for a clan

    LRM is recruiting. Stop by our discord and talk to us. I'll personally handle your experience withrecruitment. https://discord.gg/3bHXxCx
  9. Maine_ARC_1

    Complaint about Treasury Rewards

    Also as a clan leader, I agree. The Treasury has so much potential to help players out, yet WG has not only stifled it to a distribution system but also made it so that a clan basically hands out trinkets to players. What about players contributing silver and sending out stipends to other players? What about award exchanges? Do personal achievement throw more benefit into the pot? What about aggregate clan activity incentives? I feel like the treasury really is a hard drop of the ball on WG's end.
  10. Maine_ARC_1

    Why are you still playing?

    Because all the sensable people who are on the forums are kinda taking a break from the forums because we are tired of humoring what is now basically Mos Eisley.