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  1. The old tier 7 CV's cost less than the old but current tier 8 cv's. not sure why, but most likely the price range for them will be more split. I would imagine the RN CV to be somewhere in the middle.
  2. Literally same, except I have coin.
  3. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    I understand your viewpoint and where you are coming from. How would you like to see CV's better ballanced?
  4. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    I disagree with CV's not being congruent to snipers ingame. I say that because WG is constantly making changes so that the classes and game mechanics resemble nothing of there original status. Things like radar, hydro, smoke, and other consumables have changed to where you could say any ship using those would play differently after all those changes. I look at how WG is further developing WOWS, and I would say that Wargaming has WOWS in a state where we are seeing the CV become a sniper. A low alpha sniper is still a sniper.
  5. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    I appreciate the kind words. You also touched on why my solution, in general, is the way it is. WG already framed the square for how CV's are supposed to work. We have to move inside there lines or else we will be yelling at a brick wall.
  6. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    I would like to see an individual call out as to how I am moving the goal post. I agree with you saying that a CV is a CV and not a sniper, but in the context of this game, that statement is no longer accurate now that RTS doesn't exist. CV is a sniper. To make it balanced, you have to be able to counter the sniper. Since you can't see him, but you can see his attacks, the counterplay needs to come through the attack system and how the CV's themselves are designed, period.
  7. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    Oh I agree, BUT, this game is entertainment. Things have to give. I totally understand what you are saying, but the issue with CV is about fun. You can not have historical accuracy, or nods, while also having a balanced game, and both being 100% congruent. Historical accuracy stops where game balance starts. The CV in this game, with this game being entertainment, is a sniper. A sniper prays on weak targets, as do CV's. This is an acceptance of the facts in front of us. I would like a CV to be a CV, but that went away when RTS died. A CV isn't a CV anymore, it's a sniper. The game design is already at the point in which we have arrived at; we must work through the challenge.
  8. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    That is what I try to address in this proposal. The only way to make a sniper stop shooting you is to become an unappealing target. This system aims at solving that. The sniper should not be able to spot, it should just shoot. That's it's goal. It's the nature of a sniper. There is no changing that nature without another rework. WG has also said no to a handful of things, so you have to work within the lines of what they have given us.
  9. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    No, it is not too late to save CV's. If the community gives up and decides to stop being the change they want to see, then it's a group problem. We already have snipers that can snipe with impunity. Them landing a hit or not is a different story, but they can still be a sniper. CV's countering each other has only the issues of damage. DD's get reduced damage vs BB calibers, what says that a CV can't get reduced damage when attacked by another CV? CV's have many counters. Right now they are all just really lacking in potency to be meaningful counterplay.
  10. Maine_ARC_1

    The Real Issue With CV Play, And A Solution

    Snipers shooting other snipers is problematic. My first and third point of my solution is part of CV vs CV play issue, which is part of the general play as well. Every class should be able to strike every class equally. Some may do more damage than others, but each need to have scratch on each other.
  11. So I have been personally racking my head over CV play. Personally, I am a cruiser player, but I have some CV experience (Which is why I dare write this). My job is to provide support to all my teammates, which includes carriers. In pursuit of trying to figure out how to best help a CV on my team do his job, I came across what I guess you could say is some sort of epiphany. As a cruiser, the only thing I can do to support my carrier is to beat back the hordes of ships coming to my cap circle, and of course, use Defensive Fire and Fighter Aircraft consumables to stop incoming CV waves at him. But, this kind of support really doesn't feel direct, since it heavily overlaps my other "duties" as a cruiser, plus my own personal protection and non-selfish goals of AA handiwork and teamplay. This is where the epiphany comes in: How do you support a sniper? At that moment it hit me. The issue with CV play is that the class itself is a poorly implemented sniper class that literally has all the issues a sniper class could ever have in a game. I kinda began to break down, in my head, the pro's and con's of CV play along with the game itself, and came to a few conclusions. 1. Classes have a job: DD's are the games scout class, Cruisers are the games Assault/attack class, BB's are the games tank class, and CV's are the games sniper class. If every added, Subs would be the games assassin class. These are what we would call a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, designations. Each type of ship has a role, a job, a purpose. They may vary between units but they can each perform the same basic functions. These classes also need to counter each other uniquely in order to have dynamic gameplay. This leads to point 2. 2. Counterplay is everything: A cruiser can spam a Battleship with HE, while a Battleship can return with devastating alpha strikes; A BB can push a flank and make cruiser flee out of range to support DD's, but DD's can spot the battleships and launch torpedoes to counter the push, and give cruisers light of sight with the enemy so they can retreat to a stronger position, ect ect. What can a CV do? It may attack isolated targets or even targets in a crowd, but all the enemy ship can do is just let some AI system respond, and can only really do something with 2 different pertaining buttons (defensive fire and catapult fighter). Compared to every other class, the level of commitment of each player is lopsided. One can press 1, maybe 2 buttons and move there ship and rely on a dice roll system while the other has total control of how they enter the engagement. The counter play just isn't there. The best counterplay is when you have options that bounce back and forth between both players of the same or different class where skill plus decision making of each individual determines the outcome of the situation. The minute any decision involved in that is in the hands of any 3rd party the whole concept of counterplay turns fairly mute. 3. CV's are a poorly designed sniper class: People dislike snipers in the first place, it's the nature of them. In war, Snipers, Self Propelled Artillery, Strategic Bombers, and Carriers are all the exact same thing, packaged differently and with there respective nuances. Each of them can shoot the enemy with a minimal chance of retaliation, however there design for this makes them physically vulnerable. However, many fantastic games have learned to properly make a sniper class. The maps we have are inherently bad for snipers because everyone is literally on the same plane, the ocean. Snipers can't position themselves up high or down low. Snipers normally can move quicker but also have weak armor, while a CV's armor profile and HP is more akin to that of a Cruiser with a BB health pool, which is basically a cruiser that can take 2 extra hits, while moving like a cross between a BB and a CA/CL. Both of these factors are why (from a video game perspective) CV's get these "magical guns". An aircraft squadron is a CV's turret, the attack run is the CV's aim, and the shot is the ordinance drop; which is why a CV by nature is obtuse to the rest of surface ships, once again from a video game perspective. 4. Furthermore, CV weapons can be aimed with much more precision than the other classes despite RNG based mechanics, but the RNG level of mechanic is what makes playing a sniper, or CV for that matter, irritating. Sniper classes are also annoying because, with most games, they either punish too much or too little and countering them is a challenge. In this game, shooting down aircraft is essentially the same thing as shooting at a sniper in a nest but aiming so you literally shoot the trigger off the sniper rifle; so now the sniper can just go get a new gun. If he hits you with it and you are in a crowd, you won't be as hurt as if you are alone in a field of flowers. This essentially allows a crude and watered down version of spawnkilling as well, and a design rule of a sniper class is that if it can easily spawnkill, and the spawnkills aren't related to the enemy teams skill, the sniper needs to get toned back a smidge in power. To relate back to point 2, this makes the interaction between ships annoying. A CV runs over at the start of a match and hits your ship in a crowd for 3k, but you shred his squadron. He comes back 2 more times and finishes the job. You don't feel like you counter played, you feel like you got spawnkilled. Oh, and while you got killed, his aircraft spotted enemy ships way before the DD's got a chance to when in real life any sniper like unit relies on recon/intelligence/scouting before being usable. (NO, CV'S CAN NOT ACTUALLY SPAWNKILL IN A LITERAL SENSE, I AM USING THE WORD FOR AN EASY EXAMPLE, DON'T GO INTO HYSTERIA MODE). I guess sitting on this, I tried to think of a solution. One that makes CV's a lot more like an actual sniper class. The biggest hindrance to this is the nature of the maps, as snipers like cover for shooting. So I came up with what I guess you could say is a plausible/possible solution to enhance the dynamics of CV play. All of these bullet points are part of the same solution, just broken down for readability. 1. CV Squadron speeds need to be reduced. They should not be able to prance around the map at lightning speed. 100 knots or so on average would be a good trial speed for them, as aircraft are inherently faster than surface ships, but surface ships shouldn't be outpaced 5 times their speed. 2 to 3 times their speed would be fairly more appropriate. AA would also have to be respectfully adjusted to deal with such a situation. 2. CV Ships themselves need to have better physical concealment. Yes, I do not like the idea of a CV being this large island that is as stealthy as an ant in a parking lot, but we don't have a multi-level terrain that allows for hiding cover. CV's having slower squadrons need to get closer, so lowering concealment without penalty to the player would be nice. 3. Allow CV's to use the repair and fighter consumable at there own discretion, with universal consumable access to each from each squadron and ship control interface. People can figure them out, that is what tier 4 cv's and co-op games are for. If you want your CV to heal or your CV to launch a self-defense fighter, it should be your call. 4. The CV can only spot for himself but can update the minimap for last known positions previously spotted ship every 5 to 7 seconds if that ship is undetected but spotted by carrier aircraft. This means a CV would have to tail a ship for 5 to 7 seconds within spotting range for the minimap to update and would mean that following said ships would expose aircraft to AA fire but allowing them to spot in situations where each team is depleted of teammates. 5. CV's should get a spotter aircraft consumable with 1 charge per squadron type that is only available 5 minutes before the match ends, usable to spot for the team for a 1-minute duration within a radius. This would allow each CV to still provide utility in spotting at the end of a match for allies while not being able to have an overwhelming air presence in spots. 6. CV's should be able to "lock on" to an enemy target by manually pressing X, much like other classes. When a CV locks on a target, incoming AA of other ships would be reduced by 15%, but the AA of the locked on ship would extend by 2 km for each layer. This would mean the player could still attack ships in a crowd, but would have to focus on one ship. If a ship at the last minute breaks the lock, then the aim of the aircraft would be stuck in the most inaccurate aim possible for the squadron until the attack is made or the aircraft time out. This would stop any blind-fires of a CV sneaking up on someone, and make interaction more 1 on 1 and force a CV to pick a target each time. Surface detection ranges for surface ships would have to be raised back up, for this part, but it would give a CV a chance to mitigate AA bubbles. CV's would not get a lead indicator for attacks. I understand that this sounds rather...far fetched, but I think decently it could work. CV's need to become more like an actual sniper to work, period. Right now they are a mobile spawn point for flying turrets, not a ship launching aircraft. That is the problem with CV. It isn't anything to do with CV's not being compatible, it has to do with CV's not fulfilling there roll correctly. Even if the first 4 parts of my proposal were applied, I think we would see a way better CV environment where sniper fire is actual sniper fire and not dice rolls for flying turrets.
  12. Maine_ARC_1

    Seriously Wargaming?

    Not sure what the thought is here. You go from making a claim with only 1 screenshot that doesn't tell much data to nitpick a Tier 10 comp play stream clip from Flamu. This kind of rethoric is what is hurting the discussion on carriers.
  13. Maine_ARC_1

    Give Georgia 2-3 front arrangement?

    The USN already knew how to make a triple 18-inch gun turret. Like everything in life, it was about cost justification. The USN could have literally replaced every battleship ship in the fleet with an Iowa class battleship, but it all comes down to the money, utility, ect. The Washington and London naval treaties crippled physical construction, but navies still did research and design planning with realistic engineering applied to such designs in case it was needed to break the treaty and build outside its limitations. Nations like Germany and Japan built some of those designs, while other navies just kept conceptualizing such things.
  14. The following is an Obituary/public announcement out of courtesy to any of those who might have known him. He wasn't a man about town or a forumite, but he meant a lot to LRM. =========================================== On the 6th of April, 2019, at sometime in the evening, LRM clan member OldOne70 passed away in his sleep to both the shock and sadness of his friends, family, and clan mates. OldOne70 was a retired gentleman and a family man of 73 years of age. He was happy just playing and doing his very best in every battle, regardless of the challenge. His joy came from enjoying the company of others, working on his beloved cars and visiting car shows to see 50's and 60's cars. Roughly 2 years ago, he cut down 23 mature trees on his property and gave away the firewood to the neighbors around him, just because he thought it better to help others stay warm rather than fill a landfill with the wood. In the game, OldOne70 was a critical part of LRM. Without him, we would not have the manpower to field a clan wars team in the first 2 seasons of clan wars, which was critical in getting LRM into the swing of playing clan wars in general, and crucial for us to gather data to design our clans' combat doctrine for how we field ships and break into units. His contribution in Ranked Battles was not the best, but he showed up to wave the flag for LRM because he wanted to be part of something greater. He participated in the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th through 11th seasons of ranked battles, along with the first 2 seasons of ranked sprints. OldOne70 constantly showed signs of improvement at the game. He scored 107 Dev Strikes, 88 First Bloods, 5 Confederates, and 2 Krakens; one in Kongo and one in Fuso. His favorite tier was tier 5; his best DD was Phra Ruang, his best BB was ARP Haruna, and his best CL was Danae. His tier 10's were Yamato and Des Moines. The ships he had the most battles in were New York, Nagato, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kongo. For his service in our clan, he has received a special honor of a Naval Combat Cross for his service in LRM, along with citation for Honorable Conduct (a behavior citation we give out to those who are kind and friendly to others beyond expectation), Meritorious Service (a citation for those who make sacrifices to participate in events regarding the clan, like playing in ranked battles), and Distinguished Service (for staying up hours past his bedtime for 2 months playing clan wars into the night to help us field a team (that's a lot for an older gentlemen like himself)). His account will stay in LRM for the rest of 2019 as an honor to him. The rest of LRM stands with a great blanket of sadness over us with the passing of our clan mate, as we were blindsided by this event. If anyone here knew him and would like to pass a note of condolence back to his family, we will relay any and all messages pertaining to such. Thank you for reading everyone, and I hope this reaches those who knew him. For the near future, the black ribbon hangs from the balcony.