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  1. Isn't that supposed to be tier II and III?
  2. If I had my way and got to rule as a dictator in my own interests just for the sake of being able to do it, not that I should or would if given the chance, but, I would: 1. Remove the entire British Royal Navy and Russian Navy 2. Nerf the Germans and the Japanese into oblivion, and by oblivion, I mean you can go 5 knots WITH a speed flag. Guns would have such bad dispersion you have to sail 1 km from an enemy to hit them. Every time a shell hits you, you get detonated. Every ship, no matter how well you do, has a negative 500% economic debuff to it so you lose massive amounts of money. The ships also would reck your stats, and playing just one of these ships would cost you 10,000 doubloons, to begin with. You would lose a day of premium each time you que up in one of the ships. Oh, and Yamato would be special where she detonates when you press any key on the keyboard after loading in. 3. Buff American ships into god status. Give all ship shells a 3,000,000% overmatch value and give them each 1km of armor in there stats. 4. Make cruisers OP, except the axis as described there. 5. Add Italians, except make them normal, since they are Axis but they didn't do things like mass murder Jews or lay Chinese people on the ground and run over there heads with a truck. (Not joking on the last one, look up the [edited] of Nanking, but not the pictures). If I had to make changes to the game in a real and fairway, eh, I would be dead before explaining them all, but let's just say not as anti-axis or America First as above.
  3. I have no clue man. It sounds like a fresh-out-of-luck situation to me. When the event ended, so did all the rewards. I am sorry.
  4. Yes, but it could also get a nerf to some characteristics, while also preserving the feel of a line. The point of the split is to put cleveland/baltimore/des moines-esk ships in one line, and omaha/pensacola/indinapolis/new orleans-esk ships in another. Unless you want the split to start at tier 2 and run from the ground up, it needs to have some sort of replacement.
  6. I actually agree. Tier 8 cuts out too many people and there are ships with too many gimmicks.
  7. You have not played Pensacola, and the majority of your games are on Japanese ships. You then comment that a ship from another nation with another playstyle, and especially one you haven't touched yet, should be moved down a tier. You have no experience behind the helm of the ship you claim should be changed on the evidence you have. I don't comment on what should be done to the Japanese lines in terms of what ship should be at what tier. Why? Because I don't play those ships, and thus really have no business saying what should go where. Now if I see that an entire line is being beaten up in the patch notes, then yeah, I will say there is something wrong. But when it comes to which ships should be at what tier, that is not my territory. Also, what is funny is that everyone thinks's the solution to a cruiser line that has been powercreeped the hardest is to reorder the ships and add new ones in, not fix issues. USN suffers from so many issues it is crazy, yet people look over those based on their situational performance. That is what they are, situational. Certain maps are death for a USN cruiser before they even load in. If they changed armor to be thicker (or lowered the citadels) and gave them better range, it would be fine. But no, instead you have to hug island at suicidal ranges trying to beat the crap out of the enemy, which usually focuses you down. The line has more problems than people can imagine, and just splitting them and reordering them like crazy is not going to fix jack crap. If anything, it is going to make the problem worse. Instead of changing values, you just move it to where it "should belong". That is not balanced, that is what we call chasing symptoms.
  8. Pensacola has higher gun penetration values. You would have to change the shell statistics. She can penetrate Sharnhorst pretty well. I don't think you want that at tier 6.
  9. Kreme is not a bad ship. It just has to be played in a really touchy and unique way to work. It requires not necessarily alot of skill, but alot of patients.
  11. Because it is a nice little graphic on the side of the ship for looks because if every single weapon was modeled in-game sailors would be shooting rifles and other service-weapons at the enemy ship in an attempt to pick off AA gunners if your ship was close enough in range. Please, this is not a naval warfare sim, it's a naval-based-historically-rooted-arcade-shooter, and it should stay that way.
  12. I see a lot of "I" 's in there. Once more, individual gameplay is what is killing the game. Also, the more the classes become less dependent on cruisers, the more the game begins to break. I see you want to perpetuate the issues that we currently face in this game. Also, it seems you have no command of the English language if you must resort to exercising the forum's expletive filter to get your point across. Grow up.
  13. Because someone has to first... LEWD
  14. "Oh my god Becky, those Pumpkin-Spice boots look so good on you! Do you want to get a Pumpkin-Spice-Latte from Starbucks now?"
  15. ..ebbie ..owners need a chill pill, ..on't you agree?