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  1. I had a way better experience just hanging out with people and enjoying life. To me, though I got some nice things in Santa crates, enjoying the company of others was way better.
  2. When someone goes into detail, yes. But I mean, if someone says "go kill yourself", what am I going to do? People use it so much now it has turned into a polite version of saying "f****** you"! At this point I pay no mind to it. If they do, however, start describing how many pieces they are going to cut someone's left arm up into, then yes I might send that into Support.
  3. The Gamer in a Chartreuse Camouflage

    I love it! I wrote a song about USN cruisers once, Zoup made a christmas carol, and Mouse has a song about gasconne. I think we need to make an album.
  4. No, it is just on point. Every day we have people like you make half-baked comments and run with a closed mind tin-foil hat conspiracies and therefore it suddenly is true. You don't take the time to refute counter-claims logically, you simply present another point to try to out-maneuver the real facts. Your entire argument is that, and may I summarize: "Because in your open-water port with your 99% Russian ship collection on hand, WG offered for you to try a premium German battleship but since they did not read your port collection before making a suggestion, they have therefore marked themselves as lazy-bums who can't code automation correctly, and therefore should by that standard not be expected to give any user a "generally considered more desirable and valuable object" out of a super-container." If you had at least tried to discuss this like a normal adult, then you would have gotten a way better reaction from everyone instead. You then, of all the things you could do, try to pull puppy-dog eyes and say "don't worry be happy everyone", as if magically that erases the load of crap that is your argument. You had every chance to rise up and try to be Socratic about it, but then you try to take the moral high-road the minute someone calls you out. You seem like a nice person at heart, but you should also know that it doesn't give you a free pass to not be able to put down what you brought up.
  5. Positive, or self-illusioned? You just tried to convince all of us that your open ocean port is Russian. What next, your a traveling jar-o-air salesmen?
  6. My rule of thumb is, if I get a gift/income/stuff of any kind don't have to pay taxes on it, then it's fantastic. For some people, that's not enough.
  7. I think what he is saying, don't run off to the armed forces cause it's a cop-out of being a civilian, run off to the armed forces because you want to truly be there and do the job they are advertising. (This is response to everyone above, I didn't quote everyone cause I was lazy.)
  8. The nice thing about this years events is that we can get another free ship, which is nice for those who are poor and can't spend money on the game. Between Vampire and Duke of York, looks like everyone will have some nice things for the following year.
  9. You drop the N-Word (or something equally as bad), and I drop a ticket to WG. I usually keep it at racial slurs only. I have only reported someone once for calling out ships position once, which really didn't matter but still, I try to act on principle. For death threats, I really don't care, cause until we get the power to shoot a bullet through the screen and hit someone with it, I don't think the other person can do much.
  10. The maps should have been harder as you rise in league IMO. However, what you wrote up here is pretty on point. 10/10
  11. Victory Mode!

    I don't like the idea. I personally don't care if I get in a tie, but this game mode depends on a more skilled team, and requires your team to all have their head 100% in the game. If my team can't pull a win on kills, then we have no fall-back. This one is a hard pass on my end.
  12. My WoWS Christmas List

    Dear Santa: I have been a good little fish this year. If you could get me a Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, and Roma, that would be really swell of you to do. With regards, Me
  13. Duke of Yuck no longer

    So Duke of York went from requiring a higher skill set with "meh" stats to now requiring a lower skill set with "more meh" stats. Equivalent exchange in my book. The ship was a port queen before, and she is a port queen still. It is going to be hard to find a reason for me to field her in battle after my customary "one battle in every ship" policy I have.
  14. The Coo of Boom Flag

    As someone who has the flag, I can assure you it is. I was surprised to have earned it, and after talking with Pigeon as to why I earned it, and after thinking about it, I can assure you this thing means something. This flag is for people who put out effort and do things that have no other purpose other than to benefit everyone but themselves in what they do. I know everyone on that list of recipients, and I can assure you without a doubt in my mind every single last one of them has earned it because what they do is selfless in every way. If you want to earn it, do something that is extremely unique, benefits everyone, and be selfless about it. That is the "current meta" behind it.