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  1. Are you looking for a cool place to hang out? Do you want to get away from all the drama of life and kick back and relax? Well, come on down to the World of Warships NA Community Discord! Why join the NA Discord? Well, you can… Talk about warships with other community members Meet warships Community Contributors and Wargaming Staff Have fun in group events Be social and relax Get help on things with game tips We also have some special community members on the Discord! Come on by and say hi to anyone one of your favorite community contributors like LittleWhiteMouse, Noster, and NoZoupForYou; or say hello to some WG humans, such as Pigeon_of_War, nikopower, and many more! (Come by and see who we have!) And the requirements are simple! Just have an account on the NA server and your set to go! This and more can be found on the Warships NA Community Discord! Click the link below to join up and be part of the fun!
  2. Since college essay standards exist so everyone can read it (since they work) I would do either Ariel or Times New Roman, and 14 point font on here due to it being the forums. Doubble space is all on you if you want to or not. Just a friendly 2 cents.
  3. I would throw my hat in the ring, but my work in the Discord would be incompatible with the job as a wiki editor right now. So I have to pass, but if anyone is interested but hesitant of entering, do it anyway. Help your community out and be an extra set of hands.
  4. Exactly. And for an item with zero in-game benefits, it should be second nature to stamp a seal of approval on it.
  5. Yes, but the fact is that I still have to pay $66 for $6 of content that is valuable when I have already proven my loyalty as a customer to them.
  6. The bigger picture here is that wargaming updates content and doesn't care about the pre-existing infrastructure. And this isn't a "more people agree with me so I win" discussion, sorry to let you down.
  7. "Forced" in this case means, that as the consumer, I am given one option and one option alone for something that the producer knows is desireable.
  8. That isn't the point here at all. By there actions, they have made a statement. That is what it is about. This has nothing to do with being forced, this has to do with how I am being viewed as a paying customer, and what my dollar means to them.
  9. But the point is, I am still forced to shell out $66 dollars for something that should be otherwise sold separately. It is not like Indi is a new ship, she is an older premium, and people who already bought it are stuck like me, wanting the nice flag (if they so desire it) but can't have it unless they shell out a copious amount of money. Yeah, I might get $78 dollars in value, but did I really need all of that when the one item I needed was a simple cosmetic?
  10. But the thing is, I have to sit on my butt and wait for something everyone else can have in the immediate for an initial cost, while I have to put more money on top of what I paid. And the thing is, while personal missions are nice, it just makes no sense why I can't walk into the premium shop and pick up a $5 virtual towel to fly from the yard-arm.
  11. While this issue may seem like a little one, I want to bring this up because I feel as if this issue is bigger than one might believe. Wargaming has released, as we all can tell on the main page, a new bundle for Indianapolis. (Link here) It now includes what looks like a really cool commemorative flag to the Indi. However, here is the problem. It costs $66 dollars. Now while I see someone who is first buying the ship to get major benefits out of it, what about current owners of the ship? I have already owned the ship for 6 months, and have been a proud player and owner of the vessel. But what wargaming has essentially told me is that my patronage to the game meant little to them. I never had an initial option to get the ship with a flag back when it cost $34 dollars or-so, and now that it has a flag, I am being told to pay.......$66 dollars for it. $66 dollars isn't a figure people can just toss around like it's going out of style. That is a sizeable chunk of money in this economy where things are tight in some areas. But by me, an original owner of the ship, having zero options to get the flag al-la-carte, I think is really rude. My $34 dollars weren't green enough the first time that now you need to give me a $66 dollar paywall for the flag? I think that is a little slap-in-the-face in it's nature. Now, if wargaming had an option in the shop for existing owners to get the flag for $5-6 dollars, or an in-game doubloon option, I would be the first one to chuck the credit-card at it. I am not demanding I get the flag for free because I know someone put effort into making it and that person would like to feed their kids tomorrow, don't get me wrong here. But if a cosmetic item that provides no benefit in the game is going to cost me $66 on top of my original $34 dollar patronage, then that is pretty rude for Wargaming to do. This isn't going to drive me to stop buying things I desire that they sell, but they are going about thinking we are going to be fooled and buy $5 of manpower for $66 dollars. I for one, am not taking the hook, line, and sinker on this one. What do you guys think? For real, even if you are one of those people who only fly the Military Month Contributor flag and doesn't care about the others, make a comment.
  12. Administration stuff is hard.

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      Yeah, a clan of Italian speakers is actually merging into my clan. It is a lot of work to provide separate discord channel and to essentially copy-paste the structure over to another language, but I have to do it for all of the channels organically. Then, I have to log everything in the transfer so things don't get messed up. It is not as easy as one would be led to believe, but in the long run, it shall be worth it!

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      You speak Italian?


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