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About Me

Hey there! I am Maine_ARC_1! I have gone by many names before, Fog_Cruiser_Maine, Battleship_MaineMk1, Phil_Swift_With_Flextape, and originally Luke_Skywalker01 (which is now an alt account I made to help manage my clan).

Speaking of my clan, La Regia Marina is recruiting! We have 4 branches, all looking for members who want to be part of our family! Come join us on discord and hang out with us, and we will get you enlisted! https://discord.gg/ZnygZWH

I also run a community discord server for the NA community, you can find it here: https://discord.gg/YXqN3xd
Oh, and I have another group as well. A special and exclusive club for people who play cruisers to come in and enjoy talking to themselves about cruisers. https://discord.gg/2fJ26f

Check it out, I made it in the spotlight a long time ago!



Know your ship classifications:

BB: Battleship; CC: Battlecruiser; CB: Large Cruiser; CA: Heavy Cruiser; CL: Light Cruiser; CV: Aircraft Carrier; DD: Destroyer; DL: Destroyer Leader; DE: Destroyer Escort