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  1. I gotten 5 people into WOWS. All of them ended up hating it. This was back in 2018. Since then I refuse to recommend this game to anyone. It's only gotten worse for new players. In terms of credentials, I have spent the last 5 years taking a clan I started from a Bronze 3 level to a Storm 1 level (recently I have moved on from that project). I would agree that if you aren't already in WOWS, don't get in. Even to be casual, it's better to look up 'naval warfare' on Steam and parse though the titles in that category and just pick one to mess around with for a few hours every weekend than start WOWS right now. Maybe come January 2023 if WG starts to listen again and the company relocation makes things fresh would I reconsider changing this stance.
  2. AphelionMarauder

    People quitting the game

    Never underestimate the power of the unspoken "buddy benefit" system in an office. If two people are buddies and one has an ego and the other gets away with it, sunken cost fallacies become justified reasoning for continuing with a dumpster fire idea or project.
  3. AphelionMarauder

    People quitting the game

    Testing content in the live server is stressing everyone out because not everyone wants to be part of a long development cycle. I stopped playing subs because they change so often that I would rather play them when they were done. While I don't like subs currently, I do respect why they are here. WG has been pestered about adding subs for ages now. Plenty of forum posts, reddit posts, requests on Facebook and Twitter Q and A sessions, comments on Instagram posts, requests in Twitch chat, ect. They are an objectively requested addition to the game. But WG decided to test and add them in the most obtuse way possible. Hell, we don't even know how they will split off the tech tree lines. Cruisers? Destroyers? Battleships? It would be comedy if WG splits Subs off of CV's. Super ships are at this point just an insult. You can skip playing the tier 10 of a line and just research it, own the super ship, and have a better ship than your predecessor. You know we will get premium super ships at one point. We will see all sorts of wacky mechanics added to these ships. You can already tell from a mile away that WG is planning on adding so many more strange mechanics. They said they put development hours into missile mechanics but never added them because they didn't fit. I'd bet $20 we will see them added to super ships because the only thing stopping them is their own willpower. They have this hellbent idea of making super ships have damn near every wacky and new Arcady mechanic that is designed to smash the immersion so they can have a "super cool hip with the kids fast paced battle royale shooter everyone watches on twtich with there buddy Mr. Streamer". Hell, they want to add arms race into the game permanently. It's basically this games version of a battle royale mode. They are separating economy from skins so they can sell skins that people have asked for since forever to come back because it's cool and hip to sell skins for a game. It's like WG sees every game industry trait and then copies them verbatim down to the toxic way AAA games do things. I don't play games from AAA developers because I dislike this super Arcady "made for the uneducated idiot non-internet savvy users to screw them over" them that infests 90% of the games they put out. When Atari put out games they never had a need to fleece you for all your cash or create a game concept and then do a hard 180 on that concept until it is unrecognizable from what you started with. Yes, the game has to change and evolve to prevent people from being bored. Yes, there will be growing pains, no one is denying that. But this behavior of making changes in the most obtuse ways with obtuse reasoning is beyond unappetizing.
  4. AphelionMarauder

    Separation of Economy from Camos Discussion Thread

    What will happen to the physical visuals of signal flags? Will we be able to mount them cosmetically or do they all get ripped off and tossed into the ether for ever and ever to never return again? Because if WG were to upcycle the concept of them into showing off achievements with them that would be pretty sweet. For example, I get a kraken in my Des Moines and now I permanently fly the Zulu flag on my ship, but I can choose to dismount it if I would like to. Kind of like marks of excellence in World of Tanks where you get markings on your gun barrel of your tank to show how good you are.
  5. AphelionMarauder

    Queue Dumps are awesome!

    WG is so focused on que times that they literally forget about the whole game around it.
  6. AphelionMarauder

    New AL Waifus inbound.....

    I know it's a bit more complicated than this, but if WG said "hey, we have an idea about how we can make even MORE money if we take this camo and slap it on a new premium that players will grab up" I doubt AL and Manjuu will say "sorry, we don't like the idea of more money."
  7. AphelionMarauder

    New AL Waifus inbound.....

    You clearly have never been in a bar before. If I had a dime for every time a 23 year old girl walked into a bar I've worked at wearing almost nothing, I'd have enough money to buy out WG. 98% of the AL girls are adults and are written and admitted to be adults. The 2% that aren't have never been drawn in a perverted way. For reference, here is Unicorn, one of the characters. Intended to be under 18 and oh look, all the art literally shows her modestly covered up and her character is left unsexualized. 8 artwork variants and all of them are, *gasp*, normal clothing people under 18 would wear in an age-appropriate manor. https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/wiki/Unicorn/Gallery#Default-0 Please don't be intellectually obtuse or insulting when 5 minutes of googling and self-analysis can confirm that NOTHING in AL is designed from the ground up to be predatory.
  8. D'Aosta and Abruzzi are fine. There is nothing wrong with them. They just require you to plan an escape route earlier on in the match then normal for a light cruiser that is a front line kiter. It takes experience to play them, they just don't let you jump in and go and have an immediate banger of a match. Gorizia is better played with division mates. She shines in a teamplay role rather than a selfish one. Genova is the same deal as Gorizia, both designed to play with team mates. Napoli is designed to push mid to late game decisively while being physically capable of kiting early game and then swooping in on the flank to pressure ships back or put them down so that you force the enemies on the flank into submission. The Italian premium cruisers are all very usable and playable in the current state of the game. They require you to be smart and teamplay. Everyone is so used to being selfish with their gameplay in randoms they forget how to do it.
  9. AphelionMarauder

    0.11.1 Armory Update (T10 ships with Doubloons!)

    Puerto Rico was WG twisting your arm for cash. It wasn't intended to be a 100% direct and in-your-face sale. Still scummy none the less. ARP Yammy was WG basically selling access to a weebafied version of a tier 10 that is one of the most proliferated amongst members of the community. It didn't offer a separate experience or a tactical advantage. Napoli was the first unique tier 10 to be sold for cash. Now, they are selling tier 10 ships for cash vis-a-vi lootcrates, along with selling them individually. The progression keeps getting dumber and dumber. People want some part of the game to have some sort of integrity so that everyone has to earn there way there. Them selling access to tier 10 is pretty disheartening because it used to be this super cool milestone as a player that would make your eyes light up and give you a sense of accomplishment that you crossed the finish line. Now, just chuck 36k doubloons at the game and you cross the finish line. No time or dedication required. No grinding for free xp or coal or steel or resetting lines or anything, just you pulling out your credit card and finishing the journey that way.
  10. You can thank the competitive scene for that. Ever since the games early days, competitive gameplay was player organized. Teams made there strategy and doctrines around core elements at the time. They then liked it so much that they perpetuate it constantly. If you don't have a build that isn't meta, then in your eyes you are trash. This attitude continues into today. Basically, anything that exists in the environment in KOTS becomes the next hot thing for captain builds, strategy, and what ships are considered garbage. For example: I've had so many people over the years argue that Des Moines is over the hill and entirely useless in the current meta, yet constantly I see Des Moines fielded in Randoms, Ranked, Clan Wars, and any other game mode that exists, including player run tournaments, to the point that those people claiming that DM is useless must be just pounding there keyboards and screaming like a 5 year old at this point. Honestly, at the end of the day, play the game how you want. I constantly push myself to be better and do better. I get mad when I mess up in randoms or ranked. I stress over the little details at my own pace. That's just me. Other people don't, and that's fine. Just let me know what you are doing and hear out what I'm doing so we can both coexist in peace. Hell, I'll play any game mode, I don't care. Co-op is actually a great test environment for your ship because it helps prepare you for Randoms when you test out your ships capabilities. If anything, the secret to getting good at the game is to play co-op. If you don't understand your ship, good luck doing anything against a human who is far more unpredictable than a computer.
  11. I have been playing a casual account with a mate, who no longer plays, which has a very good list of ships across all tiers and is well resourced. The stats are not great at all, but it was only played for fun. However, now I have the account to myself and want to start competitive play with a clan that is developmentally focused, mature in nature and competitive. 

    As such I would love to join your clan and grow within its ranks. My account name on NA is Juggernaughtt (note the double tt)



  12. AphelionMarauder

    Server down?

    Normally they say if they are doing TLC on the servers/backend to clean up some cobwebs and make things go smoothly. Maybe they forgot to tell us? Regardless, if this persists for another hour and a half, then I would truly be worried. I would rather them not rush putting the server back up in a twisted and buggy mess and rather see them come back up stable and functioning properly.
  13. AphelionMarauder

    Pick ONE ship?

    Duca D'Aosta The perfect combination of speed, maneuverability, penetration capacity, build flexibility, armor scheme when kiting, and just fun to play to cheese enemy ships for whatever reason you have to wish to cheese them.
  14. You mean a better Goliath