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  1. Sgt_Something_

    1980's version of wows?

    Yea, I suspect what would be tier 11 ships are from the late 40s and into the 1950s. I wouldn't mind for a new tier.
  2. Sgt_Something_

    Revell 1/540 U.S.S. Saratoga CV-60 kit

    I'm actually considering about purchasing a 1/350 model of a Forrestal-class Carrier. Looks great!
  3. Sgt_Something_

    When are the Other Carriers Coming Back?

    I still long for the days when RTS was present.
  4. Sgt_Something_

    When are the Other Carriers Coming Back?

  5. Sgt_Something_

    Best looking modern warship?

    Ticonderoga Class Crusier hands down.
  6. Sgt_Something_

    USS Kitty Hawk off to the scrappers

    This breaks my heart. I had a dream where it was a museum ship docked in Miami Florida. Had like a 1980s theme to it mix with art deco. Bought a model to always remember.
  7. As said in the title. I really miss the Essex and Independence class.
  8. Sgt_Something_

    "Get Down Mr. President!!!" - Convoy Edition

    I award you the medal of WoWS.
  9. Sgt_Something_

    Is MM fair?

    From my experience, match making is better today than during the beta days. I think it boils down to luck when it comes to players. Good luck on the sea!
  10. Sgt_Something_

    Today we lost Famed broadcaster Larry King RIP

    I always liked how he continued with his career only to be stopped by his unexpected death. It goes to show he has a lot of passion for interviewing famous people. To me, I thought its cool for older people (around that age) to interact (in terms of still being active and not sitting on the couch with a grumpy attitude) with the people of today. I don't think you can compare Larry King with Johnny Carson, but I prefer him over Mr. Carson. May Larry King finally rest in peace.
  11. Sgt_Something_

    Naval Battle of Casablanca

    No no, its fine. I changed the word sunk to permanently knocked out, and the 16" to 15".
  12. Sgt_Something_

    Naval Battle of Casablanca

    Took me a while to get around. Here is the Naval Battle of Casablanca. On November 8th, 1942 the Allied forces began Operation Torch. The Western Task Force was landing at serveral locations West (hence the name) of Morocco. The thirty six ship fleet, Task Force 34, was led by Rear Admiral Henry Kent Hewitt. The enemy's flee forty-three ships strong, however many were still in port, and the French battleship, Jean Bart, was still getting fitted out. 6:00 am on the eighth, under the cover of the sea morning mist, the landing craft from fifteen troopships departed. Around 7:00 am, naval guns from the shore open fire on the landing craft starting the Naval Battle of Casablanca. Around the same time, the seven French fighters departed to intercept the Ranger's, and Suwanee's aircraft. However, the French fighters were no match for the overwhelming amount of carrier fighters. The U.S. dive and torpedo bombers made it to the port at 8:04 am. Ten civilian ships, and three submarines were sunk before they were able to escape. The rest of the aircraft began their focus on the Jean Bart. Now regarding naval combat, at 8:20 am, Admiral Hewitt authorized four American destroyers supporting the landing craft to open fire on the French shore batteries. Two destroyers were damaged by the shore batteries. Though Jean Bart was still being fitted, one of the fifteen inch guns were active. Around 8:00 am, USS Massachusetts began firing upon the Jean Bart. The fifth salvo from the Massachusetts damaged the only active turret knocking out the Jean Bart. The landing craft continue to land troops to shore hours after the start of the battle. Around nine twenty o'clock am, the French 2nd Light Squadron, seven ships totally after escaping the harbor under the cover of smoke, destroyed several landing crafts, and shifted their focus to the fleet. Massachusetts and Tuscaloosa engaged the French destroyers Fougueux and Boulonnai. Boulonnai sank at 10:40am. The Massachusetts focus fire on the French destroyer Albatros causing a critical hit which led the destroy to beach itself to avoid sinking. On November 10th, two days after the battle had commence, nine dive bombers from the USS Ranger permanently knocked out the Jean Bart. At the same time, around 10:00 am, Ranger, Massachusetts, and Tuscaloosa dodge torpedos launched by the French submarines Le Tonnant, Meduse and Antiope. The submarine fleet has been stalking TF34 since the first conflict on the 8th. It wasn't until the next day that a German submarine, U-173, torpedoed torpedoed the destroyer Hambleton, the oiler Winooski and the troopship Joseph Hewes. One hundred lives were lost on the Joseph Hewes. The 12th was the last day of the Naval Battle. U-130, under Ernst Kals—torpedoed the troopships Tasker H. Bliss, Hugh L. Scott, and Edward Rutledge; 74 military personal lost their lives. It wasn't until the 16th that U-173 was sunk off Casablanca by American destroyers. Near the shores of Casablanca, two VP-92 PBY Catalina flying boats off Villa Cisneros sunk the Le Conquerant. The Axis lost 462 servicemen, and the Allies lost 174. The Allies won the battle with the lost of four troopships, and 150 landing craft including General Patton's luggage. (FYI, this is just a brief explanation of the Naval Battle of Casablanca)
  13. Sgt_Something_

    5 year veteran quitting. End notes.

    Its okay to take breaks, everyone should.
  14. Sgt_Something_

    Warships at 100 hours: A newbie review

    Best way to counter carriers (as a carrier player myself) is to group up with other ships. Manly cruisers since they have a modules dedicated to anti air. We do risk aircraft every time we fly them into battle. Even though RTS is gone, I still enjoy the game and I'm glad that you enjoy it as well.
  15. Sgt_Something_

    CVN-81 to be named after Pearl Harbor Hero

    The tradition of naming ships is always broken. Submarines now are named after states for example and Carriers after presidents and key politician. So, the tradition is short lived to be honest.