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  1. Let,s Battle Tour 2017

    Yea, had a great time.
  2. Match Making

    Yes, it is easy, in her tier.
  3. Match Making

    I see no reason for match making to be +/-2. There's enough players to have same-tier match making almost all the time. Even as a BB main, the games I've played in CVs have made it impossible to keep playing this game. In my Ryujo I can not get anywhere near any ship besides certain DDs at anything other than tier 6 and lower. I am yet to get a plus one or more battle where I deal more than 20K damage, and a game where I'm top tier in which I get less than 60K. Wargaming has addressed +/- 2 match making in a previous Q&A, and responded with the screenshot attached. They have no plans to ever change this. WoT has been like this, and they don't see any problem with it. They do say "It's hard to play against a ship of higher tier and the same class", yet they refuse to make the change that ruins so many player's experience. Their ignorance at the mass of players begging for this to be changed destroyers any faith I have in them as a company to change anything else wrong with the game, and until this ignorant corporate strategy is removed from their development of the game, I can't play it any more.
  4. When HE hits water it can still do splash damage to the ship.
  5. Clan battles look to be a game mode similar to ranked just with clans. Not sure how oil is obtained (Haven't played PT) but I do know that it allows you to upgrade parts of your base to allow for more members, credit/XP bonuses, and ship repair discounts.
  6. DX9 does not decrease graphics quality. We were just running on it until recently.
  7. USS HOUSTON (CL-81)

    I'm not technically a houstonian, but I do reside in the greater Houston area, and as much as I like this idea, I think doing something with the USS Texas may be better, considering that Corpus Christi, Houston, and everything between them was the most impacted, along with flooding in other parts of Texas. In response to "It's just a Cleveland class", the USS Texas is also a New-York class, and the two have little difference. Even so, this is not about making a ship to change the game, it's about assisting people in Houston, and Texas, with what they're facing.
  8. When I tried to roll back, it wiped my OS... GG... Did a fresh install and the game's good again.
  9. I can not see ships in Harbor on the PTS, but I can on the live one.
  10. You can not disable game mode completely any more, but from what I can tell, Windows does not see World of Warships as a game.
  11. Since I updated to Windows Insider build 16232, the game UI and camera have been freezing outright very early in a battle. Just thought I'd ask here if anyone else was having this issue in other Creators-Update builds before I fresh-install and talk to Support.
  12. Ranked needs Divisions

    Absolutely not. One good player can not combat 3 on the other team. Ranked is about how you carry your team. Teams are smaller for this reason, so that team RNG is lower.
  13. Newb Friendly BB line?

    German BBs are definitely the most newb friendly, mainly because of their armor and that one mistake isn't always your last.
  14. Just add another instance for each region, and manually add the PT. Works fine.