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  1. Caboose_1972

    List of Departed CCs

    Screw wargamming I stopped playing a year ago. Got tired of the HE spam and their greed. Everyone should go play [edited]
  2. WG is ruining the game with the current meta of HE spamming everything. The BB nerfs and the over all game play that isn't fun any more cause WG went from realistic to arcade and the contributors sit there and lost WG boots saying all is good. FIX THE GAME
  3. Caboose_1972

    US Battleship split!

    We have a legit gripe. in fact they could have used Iowa class BB for the split for a faster alternative . But people like you who lick WG boots view the game with blinders
  4. That may be so but the Iowa class bb were faster and more accurate than say Montana
  5. so instead of having brawler style ships we get a group of paper slow camping ships it's [edited] WG is ruining the game with the Russian BIAS
  6. the American BB Split is a joke. They should have made the Iowa tier 10 and then used the rest of the IOWA BB'S. DON"T USE PAPER SHIPS
  7. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    like I said typical toxic forums
  8. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    never sailed down the middle I play safe and at range but you get called a coward if you do that. If you go brawling and get no help you are a noob . I'm not running anywhere I'm stating I agreed with him and getting attacked for it. TYPICAL OF THE WARGAMMING FORUMS.
  9. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    Zoup was right on all accounts
  10. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I1NiRpDlRA The Death of Battleships in WOWS
  11. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    Who's trolling I'm stating facts
  12. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    @navelpride33 typical response from a troll. BB should never fire HE on every salvo. And telling me to get gud shows you're nothing but toxic POS. In fact No Zoup For You said the same crapin a video. You going to tell him to get good. I think not so go [edited] off
  13. Caboose_1972

    BB'S are Dead

    The premise is that BB used to be able to dev strike a cruiser at 10 k or lower. Now either you miss or get over pens or no damage. Not to mention that fire damage is OP and everyone is spamming HE like it's going out of style. But Battleships are no longer fun to play and will not be fun until wargaming fixes the current meta.
  14. With the current Meta Battleships were killed by wargaming. With the heavy cruisers that can Cit BB and HE spam. Battleships have been nerfed into a non factor in the game.
  15. Caboose_1972

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    Great more Russian Bias