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  1. im already sitting on 123k on my Jervis. think that will be enough?
  2. Kobayashi camo worth the money?

    how close would the camo bring the ship to missu earning potential. or the roma for that matter
  3. sorry u are wasting your time the trolls do not care the wg does not care they can not read your post right they are the coiners that buy the next lvl to avoid doing what u are doing I have posted severial times about this even swore at them to no avale they do not care.


  4. watch these two videos. they will take months of your learning curve
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    excuse me, your not allowed to make this much sense.
  6. thats a good point. why i suggest making the change where bbs only get 'potential damage if they are within 15k of the ship shooting at them.
  7. good point. make where the bb has to be with oh 15k of said ship to get the credit. and preteen, my experience has been while bbs are back sniping where the rng is THE WORSE, the rest of your team gets melted. where as you stick your nose up into the thick of the fight, and have all the ships shooting at you, then the rest of your team can do their job. and being closer means your shells hit more often as well. snipping bbs are about as good as arty in wot.
  8. i think that alone would fix the majority of our hide and snipe bb drivers.
  9. this. i was in my mass and a gasgoine was on the other team, the rest were 9 and 10. parhaps i was wrong, can you brawl in a mass with a lineup like that??
  10. how is this even allowed? i rather not even get a match rather then get put in that kind of mm. first time to happen to me. Does that happen alot?
  11. que joker not sure if serious face here. you back up your dds you win, you dont u loose its that simple.
  12. yah um playing a dd is very masochistic. random tat i mean players don't really grasp backing u up or pushing caps. still ive been forged in the fires of war-gaming artillery hell. compared to that even in this meta playing dd's is relaxing. bring it on mashed i mean random que players, do your worst.
  13. OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    the point is never did i win in a team base game, thats crazy. the point is did you carry your weight and do your part. thats all you can do. if your not satisfied with that, then perhaps team based mutiplayer games are not for you. nothing wrong with that.
  14. really op......not cool.