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  1. Mothermoy

    Can CVs please just not have infinite planes?

    Sure right after they give ships limited ammo....lets not be unfair here.
  2. Mothermoy


  3. Mothermoy

    CVs are Fun and Exciting

    You can absolutely do something about it. Drive to the border to start the match till things pan out. With all the spotting and long range bbs you aRe asking to get blowed up
  4. Mothermoy

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    I can be a brand spanking new tater. March right over to the shop and buy a kidd. And I can potato the HELL outa that dd. Then buy me some dubs convert away and buy me a yammie. I don't understand the EEEEEWWWWW MAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAWD.....DONT SELL A TIER TEN. THEY ALREADY SELL TIER TENS....this just saves me time and grind.......
  6. Mothermoy

    Data per hour Wegee Uses

    I'll do that thank you. I need to conserve as much data as possible. My speed is still pretty fast...just limited amount
  7. I've suddenly found myself with limited interwebs. Has anyone run the data oer hour ships will take? Thanks.
  8. *looks at all the Dashas in the armory for 1500 dubs* hrmm im a whale why dont i buy a hundo worth of dubbies and buy me some dashas...an BREAK THEM Down...BOOM i can buy a 21 point captain. theres your wallet grab folks
  9. Mothermoy

    flamuu or flambass

    Every wow player should have to watch ichase flambass flamu notser Sea Lord Mountbatten and top-tier. I potato pretty hard. Without them if be a whole field of taters........
  10. Mothermoy

    Bring back all unique commanders

    with the current captain changes alex is a life saver. between him an the change chick i can just hide with all my us/russian/japanese/pan asian prems while the world burns. only have to worry about two captains instead of a gagillion.....
  11. Mothermoy

    what are the best open water botes?

    this right here.....your my hero!! thank you
  12. just curious. variety is the spice of life and all......
  13. Mothermoy

    Which premium ship to get

    save a little more and get an alaska,,,,,
  14. Mothermoy

    PSA - New Bonus Code for 13 Sept

    wow these worked for me THONKS FRONDS!!!!!!