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  1. Mothermoy

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    Ok so you are right about the new jersey i want her to. Seems like for me the Missouri got better press. I remember her launching tommahawk cruise missiles during first full war, and loved her ever since.
  2. and named her Alaska..seriously folks get this boat. You can shake your money maker from 15-19 km out as good as any cl and just snapshot like a boss thoooose nugs!!....then wen things settle down and ships start to thin out you can head in bow first and make people feel your pain and take a pretty good beating. Such a great bote........
  3. Mothermoy

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    To this American, she is very special and I would love to drive her....
  4. Mothermoy

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    I'm a history nerd. Maybe it's just me, but I want her for what she represents, those who don't learn from history are dommed to repeat it and all that.....
  5. Mothermoy

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    I don't want the new jersey i want the missouri
  6. For me anyway as an American, this is one of the most iconic ships ever to sail, right along side the Constitution and the Enterprise. So let's compromise. Slap black camo on that rascal, give it the same credit earnings of the Bart or Alaska, call it the Missouri b and put it in the shop for 80 bucks. It's a part of our history and I'd love to have some version of it without having to spend 500 bucks on santa crates.
  7. NONSENSE Missou is soo opee they took it out of the circulation. its ready for TIER TEN RIGHT NAO BABY
  8. HEY NOW IM TRYING TO HELP. WeeGee wont respond to common sense and well thought out arguments. perhaps they would respond to a good satire thread....you never know....
  9. *sigh* you made me use the googles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire
  10. that would be greeeeeat. edit: mayhaps this is to heady for some folks. ill put a picture in to kinda help you out.
  11. Mothermoy

    what modules for the seattle?

    hrmm thanks for the reply. just outa curiosity why not the range booster instead of reload.
  12. just curious whats recommended
  13. Mothermoy

    Quan Rong not giving me my demo expert

    not gonna lie.....well played my friend well played
  14. Mothermoy

    Quan Rong not giving me my demo expert

    ding....thats it. nothing to see here....move along