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  1. Mothermoy

    PSA: Free Goodies

    This was very dood of you. I salute you sir
  2. Mothermoy

    Albermarle Thoughts

    hrmm.....and you are accomplishing this how?
  3. Mothermoy

    albemarle build?

    just wondering if any of the new modules change anything?
  4. twice now im trying to load in and it boots me to the title screen. Is it just me?
  5. Mothermoy

    wukong build?

    could you take both steering mods an play an open water swiggety swooty build?? or just go concealment 1
  6. Soooo weegee at least with the new rn ca you kinda eliminated rng from loot boxes but really...65k gold to clear out. Thoughts? As far as I'm concerned you can call me a retired whale. I may have thrown my entire Christmas bonus at Santa crates but I got everything I wanted. From this point on its pure value for me...and the Puerto Rico's followed by this....you got some work to do weegee...
  7. paying full price for a game is for suckers. if you know where to shop you can still get those sweet phat discounts
  8. im pretty sure the ships are hard coded to only work on their intended server.......
  9. Mothermoy

    matter of time.....

    *nod* well played sir, well played
  10. Mothermoy

    Spoiler Alert: The 1st Sub "In the Game"...

    i bet your the kind of player that if you had an i win button you would mash that heifer at the beginning of the match. dds needed balanced. before the cv rework they were by far the most broken opee class. it wasn't even close. you had to pray to the rng mistress that your dds were not potatoes, because if they were you got solo farmed by the enemy dds. that being said you can still roll in a friesland or a kidd. use your wasd hacks and still pwn cvs
  11. Mothermoy

    Spoiler Alert: The 1st Sub "In the Game"...

    yet if you use your wasd hacks an have decent aa you can shoot down all their planes effectively neutering them like a dog from the pound....hrnmmm,,,,,
  12. Mothermoy

    Carrier Tips?

    this guy is one of the best carrier players period watch his videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOZ2gv_ZGomWNcQU8BBfdQ
  13. Mothermoy

    Credit Earning Thoughts (HELP)

    not sure what flags he was running but toptier was rocking over a million a game in the indomitable
  14. Mothermoy

    ZRT #575 - Indomitable Review

    EEEEXCEPT those arnt testing stats. wow numbers doesn't include test stats.Those ar all live stats baby..... https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3762272208,Indomitable/
  15. Mothermoy

    ZRT #575 - Indomitable Review

    im not basing this off of my experience but raw stats when presented correctly stats never lie. this thing is number 2 in average xp pergame at 2.1k in na overall. Its out perfoming every tier 10 ship in NA besides the burger-loin....or whatever you call it. They pulled the Big E because it was over performing, and the indomidable is smoking the Big E hard. this ship is brokenly op. out performing every tier 8, e very tier 9 and all but 1 tier ten. ship in average xpee. no i dont have it yet as ive learned with weegee to never buy a ship first day, but let the dust settle and check stats. im just telling you what the stats are telling me. if you have other stats that say something different by all means present them. that makes discussions fun