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  1. you know with the huge squadrons, 5km range and the 4 torps per drop, me thinks that when mm starts to force-feed you tier 10 matches kaga is going to be a little gem. launch all your torps at max range. ive heard her planes are pretty stealthy. has anyone tried this and made it work?
  2. not only that he got a 10 point captain with that cv.
  3. agreed, which why there are good crates and bad crates. which is why every time i buy some i come here to give feedback. i know im not the only one who has gotten a good haul from a 20 spot. wg has done horrific crates in the past. these however seem to have good value.
  4. so enterprise was an instabuy for me. so i figure, ill toss in another 20 and see what these crates give me.....and hoy boy these grates were good for me. i got saipain enterprise and kaga, three sets of coal and a ton of flags. i know i have torn wg apart in the past for bad crates, but these crates are perfect. Makes me wnat to spend more in the future. Good job WG. (i bought 20 crates)
  5. Mothermoy

    No more IFHE on bbs?

    still best premium i have bought, even above the alaska and barty bart......just hilarious amounts of fun that ship.
  6. Mothermoy

    No more IFHE on bbs?

    those are suggestions. you can still select it.
  7. the three tier x i have any hope of getting are the des moines the wooser and the mino....any of those good?
  8. any of the special ship modules worth getting?
  9. i ment that having good tier 9 premiums made me immune to constant tier 10 matches as i can always do good.
  10. unless you are the top 20 percent or so, grinding tier 8s for credits is ferociously annoying. As most of the time im one of only `1 or 2 tier 8 in a tier 10 match. for those of us not good enough to completely shrug that off, its amazing having two great tier 9 premiums that i can power grind when i need to buy my seattle or my wooster. when im a tier 8 in a 10 match i gotta get lucky and hope the team is bad. when im in my alaska or jean bart more often then not i have a pretty good game and make good credits.
  11. I completely disagree. With the credits it makes and the immunity to tier 10 matchmaking, Alaska and Bart is great money spent. No more suffering through credit grinds for tier 10. Just powergrind Alaska and Bart and it's gravey
  12. Mothermoy

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    Ive had this happen. been meters from the island and had torps pop out of the island side. No way they arm in time from a drop. they arnt curved. ive had it happen. so i can back the op up.
  13. Mothermoy

    No Premium CVs On The 50 List

    sooo if i understand the whole situation correct, all the premium cvs will be on sale at some point in 8.2. basically what the boxes are is a chance to get two for one.
  14. Thanks for the response. I love my Lexington and really enjoy playing it I just still want to contribute to my team. I don't want to waste a spot.....