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  1. DDG_53_John_Paul_Jones

    End of Year Sales

    I found what I was looking for. (Thank God for Filters) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0811-weekly-2/ But I must say, Wargaming - this year has been hell.... 50XP per 1 Doubloon would make this year a bit more bearable.
  2. DDG_53_John_Paul_Jones

    End of Year Sales

    Well, I was trying to dig up their rate from last year. And for the "subs", I don't know how I feel about them yet.... (Played on the Beta)
  3. DDG_53_John_Paul_Jones

    End of Year Sales

    So I know from past years that around Christmas Wargaming puts a discount on the XP to Free XP conversion rate. At the moment it is 1 Doubloon + 25 XP = 25 Free XP. Is the ratio during the Christmas sales 1 Doubloon + 35 XP = 35 Free XP or 1 Doubloon + 50 XP = 50 Free XP? Also, What is up with Subs - I haven't heard anything recently. Thanks, JPJ
  4. DDG_53_John_Paul_Jones

    Saipan/Kaga Nerf NEEDED

    hmmmm, What about the fighters?
  5. DDG_53_John_Paul_Jones

    Saipan/Kaga Nerf NEEDED

    Nothing is more annoying than being placed in a match against a Saipan/Kaga. They are both broken when it comes to Air superiority/Attacks. Sure, the Saipan doesn't have great strike squad sizes but the Kaga is so OP. The strikes are monstrous, But that is semi-bearable. Now the Saipan is REALLY F****** BROKEN. So a person who played countless hours and isn't too [edited] when it comes to carriers gets run over by a strafe slinging Saipan. It can strafe out of dogfights without losing planes, It takes 6 planes to Kill 2 of the planes of ONE squadron, and if you are lucky the third plane of the squad. I personally own the Saipan, Great ship. However, I never play it because it is not fun- Even if the other team has a REALLY good carrier player and I still beat them. I can easily outmatch them by using the strafing technique or by throwing squads at them. Oh, I forgot to mention the Saipan can hold 22 fighters and 25 torpedo bombers. So I can essentially throw fighters away and only take 1 minute to get off the deck compared to the 1:30 of a ranger. Any comments Ideas? -
  6. When will american CV's get a buff its been a year and they suck

  7. when will the american CV's get a buff, they suck