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    Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    I love historical ships and went ahead and picked her up... she’s an interesting play for a DD, mouse as always is right on topic (THANK YOU LWM... love your reviews it’s always a pleasure and highly informative) as she has a goog hp pool and is forgiving in a novices hands. If you have been playing the German DD line you will be very comfortable with her, and the added stealth mods with at least a 10 pt captain will give you a very noticeable advantage in stealth attacks with your torps. Just don’t get cocky or you’ll be deleted and back in port very quickly. She’s also priced cheaply for the base model, so if your curious about and or just want to play a tier 7 German DD then it’s not a bad hit to the wallet.

    Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Nope... it’s where they pick up the beer.

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Thank you LWM ... your reviews are both inspiring and comprehensive. You’ve saved me a lot of money and time with them. Lol .... I am a ship collector as well as a WOW hardcore lover ... I had almost hit the “buy button” on this. I just wish that the developers would LISTEN to you. THANK YOU!