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  1. Cruxdei

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    imagine this playerbase trying to play a world of modern warships. with DDG and super carriers. "wow i'm being hit by missiles everywhere and i still can't see the enemy."
  2. Cruxdei

    If you could buff just one ship...

    i would give back graf zeppelin old plane speed.
  3. Cruxdei

    OP Soviet Ships

    nikolai ceased to be OP the moment CVs came and tech tree russian bbs came in.
  4. no planes,high speed gameplay and the ships are more alive. bravo WG 10/10
  5. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    just remove the drop after 3 sorties,so the player can farm for ships.
  6. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    the worst part is that playing hard mode have a count limit,3 sorties per day?who's the genius that greenlighted this?
  7. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    only yukikaze have a twist in the end of her dialogues,that actually make her different from the others. maybe mini graf zep rtoo?
  8. Cruxdei

    Really?! Another Russian Cruiser Line

    to absolutely demolish the renmants of usn cruiser meta.
  9. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    i'm just farming cubes for the main event,some people said they have 100 cubes waiting for it. and trying to catch akagi in 3-4,but i always get gray ships.
  10. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    it's a dead week in game ,since they postponed the main event to next week. but her personality is more of an obsessive submissive,it can appeal to a lot of people but she is ok. nah,that's scratching the surface. i think you can count in your finger the number of AL ships that have non cliche personality and non cringe voice. unicorn for example,i can't stand that ship.
  11. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    what we need is illustrious,dido and akagi.
  12. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    enterprise is so bland,best shipfu?even akagi have more personality than enterprise. agreed that we need mikasa as commander,i wanted roon too.
  13. Cruxdei

    Georgia-Alaska or Siegfried-Ägir

    siegfried odin and agir are hot garbage currently.
  14. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    please i want more big boobs anime girls. they are the future.