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  1. that way he can heal some of his HP after my viributs unitis smash it in to pieces.
  2. Cruxdei

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    currently musashi and jean bart. then the t9 CV comes and jean bart takes the throne.
  3. Cruxdei

    Annoying Bundles in the Premium Shop

    the game literally prints me free camo,why BUY camo?
  4. your money is mine now, i have it right here with your name on it. since dollar travels around the world,sooner or later,i will get one.
  5. the sooner you accept your soviet overlords. the better.
  6. want rocket removed and call yourself an avid CV player? try again
  7. Cruxdei

    Who knew Frank Sinatra could help??

    you gotta be kidding me. i got baboozled.
  8. Cruxdei

    Who knew Frank Sinatra could help??

    even with the civil problems and other things ,20th century america was,in my opinion,her golden century.
  9. and the camo change the planes too. of course,can't forget the days when people were mad about a halloween event. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/56144-shove-your-phantom-fortress-up-your/
  10. Cruxdei

    Oh, the sweet, sweet booze, part 2

    water,i'm losing family members because of that "adult" beverage. my scale of water beverage?10. it's currently super hot here.
  11. Cruxdei

    Next ship to save for freexp

    russian BBs,get ready to crap on alaska and azuma with super accurate totally not bias russian guns.
  12. as long i get doubloon compensation so i can speed up my funds for russian BB bias.
  13. Cruxdei

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    sometimes your worst enemy is your own team.
  14. Cruxdei

    Better Hurry with that Hotfix Fix!

    good thing i'm having fun with lexignton,no need for stat pad tier4. i'm downgrading my own stats by playing CV .