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  1. your retarded battleships are gone,they are living fossils that we call museum. welcome to the SUPERIOR age of drones and aircraft carriers. CVs became such chad ships that they gimped destroyers and made cruisers irrelevant. the us navy have entire battle groups designed just to protect the damn carrier. we developed tech just to stop torps from hitting the CV,anti torp torps,sea spider. aegis system just to stop missiles from hitting the damn CV. and they can build CVs so fast it could make your head spin. have a good day.
  2. Cruxdei

    get rekt CVs

    that's why i sold my audacious,what a crapCV,even my graf zep have better use.
  3. Cruxdei

    how did this get so horrible?

    the bad economy of world of tanks is pretty worse,even with premium tank,the net gain is horrendous. wows introduced flags and different camos to make the experience more tolerable.
  4. Cruxdei

    how did this get so horrible?

    world of tanks have most of that garbage and i seriously hope wows don't introduce bad economy to force premium time and premium ammo.
  5. WE at POPS manage to grab with our grubby hands a image of the upcoming secret tier10 premium soviet sub. i present you, the alicorn.(image taken with ultra settings in world of warships) yes it can carry planes and launch them to attack targets while you are on surface. from what we could get,this will be a dockyard ship for the upcoming christmass 2020 event. i would like to thank our good boys at POPS for risking their lives: floridastan small dog Chicago09 middayfenrir serbertz namedphenomenon
  6. Cruxdei

    How to make a poll?

    oh i think it's broken now,it's not working for me either.
  7. Cruxdei

    How to make a poll?

    damn i like pools,oh you mean poll?you can do it when you create a thread.
  8. my holiday luck went down the rive when i got alaska B with only 200 doubloons. there i got my SUPERIOR PR,a tier lower,more accurate and with better MM.
  9. Cruxdei

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    lol it's the gold type-59 in wot china,except now it's a tier 10 ship.
  10. the ship's problem is not accuracy,pef problem is her glass shells.
  11. i forgive you,but please don't make a giant wall of text explaining that you have a super job and such amount of money is no concern for you. you are making me feel miserable. have fun with the ship.
  12. this guy might works wonders on GZ.