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  1. Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    with yamato tier X legendary mod incoming,it makes musashi much more irrelevant.
  2. tell ya what,for a moment i thought yamato was fighting the spaceships of principality of zeon from gundam.
  3. i like camping yamatos,easier to farm dmg with cvs. YEAR OF CV, AND IT'S RIGHT HERE.
  4. Missions Ruining the Game

  5. Night Battles

    wow you are right,truly night battle.
  6. Night Battles

    i thought the next operation would basically become a testbed for such thing.
  7. femennenly,i trust you since you are perhaps the absolute authority in CV gameplay,if you are part of the CV rework team,i'm sure it's in good hands,but i'm still skeptic for now,but i can wait,everyone can wait and see what WG have in store for us.
  8. Are there ANY alternatives?

    get a BB with good accuracy and blast them to oblivion,they are cruisers,they can't magically bounce BB shells right?of course i'm talking about any cruiser that is not soviet,krons and stalin are historically accurate,no magic involved,totally balanced,not broken ships.
  9. prinz eugen with the special camo,dunno if they are selling it). if you could get roma and the special camo,go for it,yes its ugly but it's cheaper and prints more than musashi and krons.
  10. there is something weird about collecting virtual assets,they might last less time than real life collections,a collector of ww2 ships replicas(big enough to see details but small enough to fit somewhere inside the house) know that his "ships" will last much longer(under good cnditions,no house accidents,for example) than virtual pixels. i don't know,"collecting" things that are not exactly my property sounds silly to me.yes,WG is the real owner of all your ships,you just give them money and they let you play it,just don't touch it.
  11. what about uss olympia?what about minas geraes aircraft carrier?(give her ww2 planes,she was a colossus-class CV anyway)?a tier8 french cruiser perhaps,a british cruiser since belfast is gone. so many cool ships to choose,and we rage over sisters ships because they were "historical",what a stupid buzzword,all ships that sailed or finished construction are historical too,some didn't have wartime carreers but they did exist.
  12. according to sub_octavian Q&A,he admits that she is not healthy and they wont sell her until the CV rework,so rejoice original owners,the exclusivity period might not end soon. remember boys and girls,to take this with a grain of salt (konig albert,giulio cesare)