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  1. Cruxdei

    Roma Needs Help

    make her overpen less. a battleship needs big numbers or else it's just a big slow cruiser. overpens don't give me big numbers.
  2. Cruxdei

    The state of the Leone

    overtirered,underwhelming,require high captain skill to perform well(what is good for a italian ship is average to other nations ships). i have blue stast(don't know what that means) with my duca d aosta. reaching 40k dmg done on the aosta is a REALLY good game. the average aosta player reach 20k.
  3. Cruxdei

    Making the PEF not suck

    play her like a cruiser and you get a oversized cruiser with horrible concealment,reload,speed,no torps and horrible krupp and air drag. play her like a BB and you get a BB with small caliber,horrible penetration,average concealment,good speed,average HP ,good AA(long range only) and situational armor. you can see the pattern here,she underperforms in both roles.
  4. Cruxdei

    I won a ship from a supercontainer!

    i sold mine,when santa crates come back with better rng,i will buy it back so i don'rt have to see it again on a santa crate.
  5. Cruxdei

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    impressive,1 match make the turd a super OP ship. i was extremely vocal about keeping her concealment intact,but WG can't let german battlecruiser surpass the future russian BBs right? in the end,she is a turd,but my turd. not a good ship,scharnhorst shells hit harder and have less caliber.
  6. Cruxdei

    Balance Wargaming, not "balans".

    let me make a TLDS(too long didn't see) for the low IQ. -stalingrad is unbalanced moving to the overpowered spectrum.
  7. one of the reasons i bought her,in the end i got my money back with the doubloons. i didn't need to face such insanity,after some night grindings,i finished the last directive easily.
  8. Cruxdei

    Could we get an Italian heavy cruiser premium, please?

    by forum naval enthusiasts. the forum members are a minority in wows playerbase,don't forget a lot of players just want to sail ships,they don't care if X or Y had a sad story or a brilliant carrer. for the average players,the italian navy is just as obscure as the brazilian navy in ww2. the average player know about US navy,ijn navy,peral harbor and maybe kriegsmarine. come to think of it,i don't think the average player know much about the italian front,thanks to call of duty,the european front is more know as germans x allies.hungarians,romanians,czech and others axis allies are not even mentioned sometimes. pola is a unique ship,but if i ask a normal guy in wows chat or even a stranger on the street about pola,the first thing it might comes to mind if that word is polish.
  9. Cruxdei

    Could we get an Italian heavy cruiser premium, please?

    i would say that pola is obscure to the average player of wows,just like nueve de julio(a prison ship). pola might be well know to the naval enthusiast of the forum,but to the masses?no one knows.
  10. Cruxdei

    Another bit of PTS testing...

    do i need to have the ships in port to sell or i can sell them as long i have them researched?
  11. Cruxdei

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    i hope they learned from their mistakes with duca and abruzzi and don't make the italian line a unreliable and underwhelming tech tree. got duca since i already have giulio as the best roman ship and roma,the min max ship.
  12. people that perpetuate that conspiracy theory of "CV rework is a console take over" are like the looneys that believe in the flat earth theory.. just don't feed them with replies.
  13. Cruxdei


    the absolute madman.
  14. Cruxdei

    Steel ship speculation

  15. more sacrifice to my okhotnik,ashan and haida.