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  1. Cruxdei

    Is this right

    "just adapt"
  2. Cruxdei

    World of Tanks

    you will play 2 battles and uninstall since WoT is more unbalanced,more prone to RNG shenanigans,worse economy and many other crap.
  3. now you won't know if the ship is trash or OP until it's ready to release.
  4. Cruxdei

    CV Nerf coming?

    not only CV ,another class that dictates how viable a ship is in a match could be the DD too,to a lesser extent than the CV..(ships with higher detection range,bad torpedo protection,no radar or sonar).that extent is show in clan wars where the meta is moskva,Des moines for example.(sometimes you can get a team with off meta team)you won't see french dds in CW or cruisers that lack radar,they are not viable in CW because the DDs exist,but no one makes a thread about that. CV makes german ships unplayable,i won't deny that and no one can deny that,you 2 are just making a storm over a glass of water. and CV is just one of the problems that german BBs are facing currently,giving them better AA won't be enough.
  5. Cruxdei

    CV Nerf coming?

    i could even say to not play german bbs at all because there are much better options,they have been powercreeped a lot since their main gimmick "secondary guns" has been nerfed to death. protection?soviet bbs firepower?ijn ships,soviet,usn fire chance?british bbs AA? any ship that is not italian or german. a mix of all of those and speed?french bbs. here i am,a CV player telling you guys to play with ships that have good AA,seriously, just do it.if you want to keep playing with those target practice ships,go on but don't come here complaining about "CV being OP",it's not the CV,it's that scrap of metal some people call ship.
  6. Cruxdei

    CV Nerf coming?

    i don't think they will replace the HE rockets,but maybe give an option to swap before battle OR give ap rockets to specific ships. most likely F.D.R will get ap rockets.
  7. Cruxdei

    CV Nerf coming?

    the way you talk it's like you are getting the entire ww2 combined nations naval air forces on you. tier5 giulio hardly have any weakness,her main weakness being CVs. CV players are not upset about AA introduced since that thing was introduced since the first months of wows,CV players just take advantage of powercreeped ships with garbage AA to score kills for the team. no such thing as instakill now with the end of rts cvs if you don't want to play with non powercreeped ships,as a german BB,stay close to cruisers and or DDs(not so close) the CV will most of the time focus on the DDs since they are a bigger threat than you,use your teammates to your advantage.
  8. Cruxdei

    CV Nerf coming?

    yes,stop playing garbage BBs like the german ones and play something with AA.
  9. Cruxdei

    CV 42 F.D. Roosevelt inbound.

    --WG releases F.D.R "wow another CV?" "basically a copy pasted midway" --WG releases another iowa class ship "proud to be american" "yes,thank you WG,we really needed the big boys" "look at the details,the model is incredible"
  10. Cruxdei

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    imagine this playerbase trying to play a world of modern warships. with DDG and super carriers. "wow i'm being hit by missiles everywhere and i still can't see the enemy."
  11. Cruxdei

    If you could buff just one ship...

    i would give back graf zeppelin old plane speed.
  12. Cruxdei

    OP Soviet Ships

    nikolai ceased to be OP the moment CVs came and tech tree russian bbs came in.
  13. no planes,high speed gameplay and the ships are more alive. bravo WG 10/10
  14. Cruxdei

    Next AL event

    just remove the drop after 3 sorties,so the player can farm for ships.