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  1. Cruxdei

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    its one of the best tier9 premium BBs you can get,on par with georgia and musashi.
  2. Cruxdei

    Thanks for literally nothing, WG

    "thanks and have fun" - WG
  3. Cruxdei

    Regarding the ARP Collaboration.

    is that game even finished? i keep hearing about the development about that game since 2011. meanwhile,i shouldnt be surprised about WG approach,azur lane faced similar problems with no way to buy the commanders individually without a bundle or lootbox. cant buy maya without armory bundle,thats a big letdown,the ship looks cool. im obviously not missing getting more kongo clones in my port though,i might check that musashi camo,or not,some ps4 games are more fun than wasting money on ugly camos.
  4. Cruxdei

    Kansas is OP

  5. Cruxdei

    Test ships spotted in the wild

    nah italian sap is ok.
  6. play random or clan battles. the only reason im not touching this event mode is because of the lack of exp and other things,but the mode sure brings something new as a "battle royale" mode
  7. Cruxdei

    Hizen is #6

    Hizen is a frankenstein of proto yamato builds.
  8. Cruxdei

    Who'll reach first?

    truly the greatest mathematical challenge of the century
  9. Cruxdei


    well one of those worked for me,thanks.
  10. Cruxdei

    New ships and Holiday plans

    i truly hope its a placeholder name.like slava/pobeda.
  11. Cruxdei

    Issues with midway

    the rockets are fine,the main problem i have with them is that if you sneeze,the reticule suddenly covers the entire map.
  12. Cruxdei

    New ships and Holiday plans

    why fen yang would be a coal ship?its a tier8,chances are that she will be available in the prem shop for cash.
  13. Cruxdei

    New ships and Holiday plans

    strasbourg will be mediocre enough so it can become a free tier7 ship.
  14. Cruxdei

    Yep! Kansas sucks alright. ROFL :)

    wow,congratulations,its 1 game.