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  1. i always assume that cats are too cunning to be wrong or right. they gather their gang and start bullying people. watch out everyone,"the purple cats" are dangerous hooligans.
  2. i have to admit,i'm saving up exp for KGV but if she turns out to be more mediocre(worse than nelson) than nelson i will get the nelson first.
  3. murmansk was not exactly a debacle,chrysler K became a problem because it was the physical manifestation of "pay2win" tanks,you need prem ammo to damage the tank and the chrysler driver need prem ammo to hit the enemy. don't even start the mutant "scandal" since the only people mad at this were the ones that bought that overpriced garbage before the game went live. Mutant proved that customers can get mad if they lose their "exclusive" pixels.
  4. and everytime players said WG said X and Y,MOST of the time they don't give us source. it's almost like we are working hard to undermine a company already shattered reputation.
  5. i'm at the middle ground here,i admit that i'm wrong when my ground is broken by facts and sources,but when the matter is more subjective,good luck.
  6. refrain from insulting a forum member when you hardly know the individual,you had a family that gave you manners right? i mean,i get that all the time,"you are crazy","your line of thought is wrong,so you must be insane". i assure you i'm not insane,just extremely desensitized.
  7. just make a operation where you group together to take down kamikaze waves,if a ship goes alone the kamikaze will damage him.
  8. my president?i'm not american,and if she condemned a neo nazi rally,my point was correct.
  9. did you tell your mom and dad that you gonna drink a sake with a snake inside?
  10. No wonder I had lag tonight

    and i thought it was my computer dying.
  11. numbers show that people will buy it no matter what because they "collect" or "it's cool" or "i will buy it anyway because reasons". the thing is,all that pretty talk of "we control the companies with our wallets" is meaningless when simple minded sheeps buy garbage no matter what.