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  1. it's just like real life.CVs stomping battleships.
  2. i don't have one yet,saving up for alaska,gonna dunk all the required dosh to get her. from the looks of it,she is a generalist DD,it's ok at anything but not the best except hp.
  3. Next Free Experience Ship

    definitly steel,free exp?i don't think so.
  4. Next Free Experience Ship

    then i would have to grind coal,and i hate grinding coal. i don't hate jean,it's just that it's a richelieu class ship,alaska is for now unique.
  5. Next Free Experience Ship

    i got you covered bro. 1000x hours at photoshop.
  6. Next Free Experience Ship

    woah crap,i forgot about jean bart. i hope alaska comes as the free exp and jean as the coal.
  7. i regret not getting winfast and kutuzov when i had the chance,the GZ too,now she is a rare monster. at least i got giulio before she vanished.
  8. Venting

    is this the venting thread? i want reviews of alaska,how much time we need to wait for WG to allow the CCs and other dudes to play her instead of letting them stare at her as a portqueen?
  9. The Flamu Haragumo Videos

    i have the harekaze with IFHE and she stack damage easily. but somehow when i fight other DDs like the tier10 ones,my shells suddenly become paper,they shatter a lot,even with IFHE,maybe it's the range,if i fire at max range,the shell lose it's power.
  10. like a shopping cart?i think everyone is waiting for a similar mechanic in the premium shop too.
  11. after CV rework,they can find a way to introduce ijn ise too.
  12. T 61 now on sale.

    z-39 or z-61,or i could save up money to get the alaska.
  13. that's why i created the hypothetical scenario. "IF they introduce something in the CV rework that makes the CVs unplayable to you or anything that make them less fun,would you ask for a refund?"
  14. this is something Wg should have done A LONG TIME AGO,together with spotting too.
  15. CV rework might be coming at the end of the year,what i want to know from you guys is... IF the CV rework comes and the new CV gameplay don't satisfy you,because of reasons,would you ask for a refund?