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  1. Cruxdei

    "Super"Cruisers - anyone else?

    i got azuma instead of alaska because i already have salem,no need for another high tier usn cruiser.
  2. Cruxdei

    Azur Lane...The Collection That Just won't Die!

    all i get is duplicate and duplicate,i need 45 duplicates to buy the remaining items.
  3. Cruxdei


    that was sad to see.
  4. Cruxdei

    From The DEV's Blog

    so cringe it made me hungry.
  5. Cruxdei

    8.6 INSANITY

    of course not,i'm not american. only rich kids here in brazil go to american universities.
  6. Cruxdei

    8.6 INSANITY

    oh the fabled FIRST WORLD EDUCATION don't look so different here. except our universities in brazil are filled with marxism and politics,it's sick. i don't think the free world won the cold war now. the enemy just changed their battlefield. from the european fields to your nearest college class.
  7. Cruxdei

    Italians are coming!

    why i'm not surprised that they already trashed the italian line with meme smoke consumable? they are beautiful,italians are pretty good at making beautiful things but the ships themselves look super average to me.
  8. expect battleship iowa to come in guns blazing and sink the entire japanese fleet alone. with some "bad [edited]" song playing and lots of explosions like the japanese task force was actually a ammunition convoy.
  9. Cruxdei

    Conqueror Kremlin

    wow brexit came to wows too.
  10. and people said that kremlin was meh or ok or nothing more,i warned them. i gave them a choice,become russian bias or live in german mediocrity, now it's too late for salvation.
  11. if they come as garbage ships,people will raise pitchforks because "why sell an entire line for garbage ships?" and because WG wasted money on a useless mechanic if they come as broken ships,people will raise pitchforks because "now only hardcore players and whales can get ohio and colbert,meanwhile, we , the candy crush players can't get it" and "the clan battle meta will be changed" even if most of the playerbase don't even care about the meta or play clan battles. if they come balanced,people will raise pitchforks because of the reasons above except the "new CB meta". pick your poison,dear players.
  12. Cruxdei

    What lore?

    wows lore? wows world is a what if scenario where the world got flooded and the only logical way to wage war to conquer territory is naval warfare and air fights. why do you think you see so many maps where villages are in the middle of nowhere,near mountains and isolated?
  13. Cruxdei

    Another alternative Idea

    i can finally be a pirate in wows.