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  1. In your case this isn't so bad, you can heal most of it back. In a DD on the other hand.
  2. Learux

    A message to all CV-haters

    I play a lot of DD's, first thing I do is hit CV"s with negative karma. Usually the only thing I can hit them with!
  3. This was a match on Early Friday evening EST. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this game. I might have to take a little hiatus and look for something else to play.
  4. Guess who won? Tier VIII with 2 CV's why is that even a thing?
  5. Learux

    Should I Sell My Mahan?

    It is OK to spend some real money on a game you enjoy.
  6. Learux

    What is going on

    My advice to you is, don't care about stats They don't mean a whole lot and you will enjoy the game a lot more without looking at them.
  7. Just remove CV's , It is obvious that a great majority does not want them.
  8. Start with 2 and 3 man divisions. When you see a couple of steel ships in a division you know what time it is.
  9. Learux

    citadel's not counting

    It is a game, please don't overthink this!
  10. Learux

    Meaning of random

    Finally someone who gets it, there is no room for a 3 man division in random unless you team it up against a 3 man division of equal skill. As we have determined that skill is hard to measure, I would suggest divisions of 2 players max.(Even that can be questioned for the same reasons) Thanks OP.
  11. Learux

    HE Spam Issue

    Any other suggestions how cruisers can damage BB"s without getting so close as to be obliterated in one salvo? We need HE spam and fires to damage BB's.
  12. I was a DD main but was tired of the constant harassment in a DD by CV. So I switched to cruisers and BB's. I was not going to be a pinata for a CV without any counter play possibilities.
  13. Like I said zero fun to play against. Your bug and windshield analogy is silly at best.