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  1. Buying Fleur d'acier Camo?

    If you really want it, you will have to sacrifice some sleep. Like was said before. coop and platoon with two help-full friends,and you should be able to do it in around 10 matches of <10 minutes. So in less then 2 hours you can have the camo. Hardest part is getting the citadels. Know where to shoot. You can do it, good luck!.
  2. Amazing lag here. Its not my ISP
  3. IS this a known issue or do I need to look into this? When I launch the game the launcher comes up but never connects. So cant see latest news and direct link to forums. When I select play the game loads and behaves normal. Anyone else experiencing this? Have a nice week-end!
  4. Anyone else can't log in? solved only update server doesn't load for me. Game is playable. tx for reply Matt
  5. Atago vs Minotaur

    Did read most comments not all of them. 99% of the time you cant fight and expect a succesfull outcome a similar class ship that is 2 tiers higher. You have to be a pretty good driver to win in an Atago solo from a Minotaur. Once the range increases the Minotaur can/should disengage.
  6. Victim of this as well. Now I make sure that the smoke actually deploys. Devs please look into. It has gotten me severely damaged/killed a few times.
  7. RN Smoke Puff

    I agree several ships in this line have displayed this behavior (at Neptune now). It happens when the speed is not fast enough make a second bubble it puts the second puff exactly over the first one. The solution is slowing way down so you only count on having one puff. More then 10 times I have coasted out of smoke and got sunk or severely damaged. I believe it is something that needs to be looked into.
  8. So how do you know when you received a chat ban? What if you got one, didn't play for 3 weeks, would you know you received one? Is there a way to look it up? What comes after the chat ban is there any information on this somewhere? I get pretty passionate about this game but dont think I have ever received a ban, hence the questions. Tx have a nice week-end
  9. I love consistency too. The fact that you usually play cruisers have a BB as most played ship and these are DD stats. You had 2 games with above average stats. What exactly is the problem here?
  10. Warship Today Rating Chart

    ​This man knows what he is talking about!
  11. Warship Today Rating Chart

    hey I am improving I think that is what it shows the most.
  12. As always a great review. The two of you have a very nice writing style. Looking forward to the next one.
  13. Chat ban should be reworked

    So how do you find out that you have been (chat) banned, do you get an email?
  14. Let me be an [edited]but bouges are good for spotting other ships. Thats about it, like hamsters and lighters disposable.