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  1. Please explain what you enjoy about playing against them? Do you enjoy shooting the planes down? Do you enjoy being extra sneaky and try not to be detected? Do you enjoy avoiding the torps or the DB's? What makes you like playing against CV's?
  2. Which part of the interaction with the CV do you enjoy?
  3. This needs to be a sticky!
  4. Forum gold, just got struck!
  5. Seeing how only 2 out of 24 ships are the target of relentless attacks without counter play. Who likes playing against CV's while they are not playing one? If you answer in the affirmative , can you elaborate what from and why you enjoy the interaction?
  6. Learux

    Dunkerque is a underrated ship

    If your idea of good play is chasing a DD to the edge of map in a BB. You are the problem!
  7. Learux

    Dunkerque is a underrated ship

    I used to like her but I can't handle the dispersion anymore.
  8. Learux

    Tier 6 CB

    I really enjoy Tier VI Clanbattles. Although I don't play it often in randoms
  9. Learux

    Wg server or ISP?

    I have had no lag problems with the game.
  10. Only one account, this is it. Not sure what you are talking about.
  11. That one went straight over your head.
  12. Stats and karma are two vastly different things. Please refrain from posting if you don't know the difference.
  13. Another major blow out. One thing the new players have learned. Is to downvote ,called out a BB lemming train stuck behind some island at the edge of the map. Lost 3 points, that's good a new record. I am with Zoup at this point. Just don't give a thing about anything. Then the game actually becomes enjoyable. Carry on! Realized that Hapa might swing by and delete my post for circumnavigating the chat filter. Changed ++++ to thing.
  14. Learux

    Win/Loss Streak Prevention Mechanic

    ^^^^This, play the ships that fit your playstyle and the ones you enjoy.