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  1. Learux

    how is le terrible?

    I like playing it, 88 matches 60% win rate. Find a spot on the map where you are needed and you can make yourself useful. Torps hit hard and reload fast. It plays like a Russian DD with better torps and worse guns. I agree it could use a little love from WG.
  2. Learux

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    I agree. The biggest problem is that 3 man divisions with their player knowledge will eliminate the stronger players first.
  3. Just take a break buddy the game will come good again.

  4. Learux

    Destroyers, March 2019

    Did you have to copy/paste the whole thing just to say that. Utterly useless post.
  5. Learux

    Three man divisions and MM

    Interesting, hope someone at wargaming is taking notes.
  6. Seeing how incredibly strong three (good) players working together can be, I made a poll. Let's see what the community thinks?
  7. Nice write up. Good to have some insight in how CV players think. It is what I expected and barely touch my DD's anymore. Thank you.
  8. Learux

    Dunkerque camo gone

    Disregard, for some reason decorative ships were filtered out during the update. After turning it on camo was there.
  9. Anyone else cant find the black camo they had for their Dunkerque?
  10. Good I thought this was just me. Stealthy torpedoes just another feature to make non CV players more happy.
  11. Learux

    Ovechkin voice on Kronstadt ???

    I would like to know this as well, is this not possible?
  12. Learux

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Stats like that should not be available in real time in a pub game, it promotes unsportsmanlike like conduct. Take away this program and three man divisions and we can have a public game. Otherwise it is just a stomping ground for the fanatics and the insecure.
  13. Good for you, I have spend my fair share on this game. Without people buying in game items there would be no game. I have a feeling a lot of people don't understand this.
  14. Learux

    Farragut or Monaghan

    Please delete
  15. Learux

    Real time stats

    Dang boys, easy trolling today.