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  1. Learux

    World of Face Rolls...

    I am hanging in there but it is getting more difficult by the month. Merry Xmas gents
  2. Learux

    Tier VIII cruisers

    I have not made a thread about Tier VIII and MM as long as I can remember. How can we take you serious if you spew [edited] like this. I never was a problem but these days with CVs doing some open water sailing is a rough deal. I like to play on the edge of concealment with a CV in almost every match this doesn't work very well anymore.
  3. It is not that binary. When I play a video game I like to win. That is what I play for, to win. I mean losing is for losers. If you don't play to win, please don't play or play coop.
  4. This, the game can't be taken serious anymore when you see two BBs and a radar cruiser being held back by a cruiser and a Friesland(no torps) from capping you know something is wrong. Racing up the tiers is very detrimental for gameplay. Now we have a game that after captain rework will be even more arcade. Bummer.
  5. Learux

    Tier VIII cruisers

    Maybe what you see as complaining might benefit you in the future. According to Hapa, they use this forum for feedback.
  6. Learux

    Tier VIII cruisers

    How wrong can you be? What is wrong with asking for a fair fight?
  7. Learux

    Tier VIII cruisers

    Not really, I like my Tier VIII cruisers. Being up tiered and dealing with tier X CVs >40% of the time is not my idea of fun. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Learux

    Tier VIII cruisers

    OK so 4 out of 10 games you are dealing with vastly superior ships. Might as well safe yourself the frustration and play your Tier IX and X cruisers? The biggest problem in those 40% games is the BB's and CV's that will absolutely wreck you. Try to avoid a torp run from CV, you have to turn broadside. Would you like to be kicked in the left or right nut. See my point?
  9. Learux

    AFK Players

    You are expecting too much. It is an arcade game. Stop taking the game serious and life is much better.
  10. Learux

    Bourgogne or FDR?

    You value karma?
  11. Why play them? You are uptiered almost always. Please fix WG.
  12. Just a fluke, comparing this to CV-DD interaction is silly at best.
  13. That is one of the big issues I have. The skill delta between CV drivers determines for a large amount the outcome of the match in the higher tiers. I am not even talking about using RNG to fight one.
  14. I woke up at 3 am thinking that I was probably wrong. Someone want to test it?