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  1. WG need to put extra missions to get steels. Because I don't play clan battles because my working hours :( and ranked is one step forward 3 steps back 😒 Then how can I even get a tX steel ship!
  2. Capt_Pyro

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Slower reloading main battery. So WG like more players to sit back and relax till the last minute of battles?
  3. Capt_Pyro

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    This month my super container collection will be 24 + (30 x 3 try for lucky one) Each year I wait for this month!!!
  4. Capt_Pyro

    Dry Dock: Azuma

    Thanks, I like moe Isoroku Yamamoto like commanders and the are more welcome for mission competition and collections ;)
  5. Capt_Pyro

    Dry Dock: Azuma

    It shows Azuma +10 commander in my game!
  6. Capt_Pyro

    Thunderer vs. Slava

    I got my Thunderer and its better than my Smolensk play style. My Thunderer has 28.1 km 🔥 range. Amazing burning 🔥 damages. Love it. Gonna get Slava soon. But thinking about future premium tX CV! Should I wait and keep my RB 73k?
  7. Capt_Pyro

    Dry Dock: Azuma

    Will I get Azuma when I complete all collection?
  8. Capt_Pyro

    German Aircraft Carriers Review

    Thanks WG to bring more CVs. Looking forward to premium tX or tIX CV for Coal, FXP or RB in future!
  9. Capt_Pyro

    Slava for 63,000 Research Points in 0.9.7

    +1 this ship is for players those who doesn't have enough steels. I can't make much steels because we are not an active clan. I love WG brought RB and coal ships :)
  10. Capt_Pyro

    Slava for 63,000 Research Points in 0.9.7

    I am playing my IJN cv t8 for 4th time and almost there to unlock tX. Also Akizuki for 4th time. Got the OHAIO, week after the Slava. Still my favourite is JB though. looking forward to the German t9 coal BB. Also I hope WG bring a tx CV in RB.
  11. Capt_Pyro

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.7

    Haven't got any rewards for completion of missions test 0.9.6
  12. Capt_Pyro

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Don't get mad with a CV player who has less than 5k average damage in his/her t8 CV!!! WOWS 0.9.6 patch feels like WOWP 1.9.0 patch?
  13. my ship is 100% stock and earning amazing XP even in defeated battles! Thanks WG for Sub!