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  1. You guys better remove CV & SUB in a new battle Mode same as random and check how that mode goes and get the feed back from player. I am sure over 50% of the population would appreciate it. Good luck with further development!
  2. Capt_Pyro

    HotFix: Game Balance

    Reduce the DIV limit from 3 players to 2. This would be better for average players and better balance.
  3. I remember we had unlimited Halloween camos achievements when WG introduced Halloween events for the first time. We need that back! Who agree with me?
  4. Capt_Pyro

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Was there any single Sub in WW2? If no then people can cry over Sub!
  5. Capt_Pyro

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.10

    Is the convoy ship hanging vertically close to mountain bug fixed?
  6. Capt_Pyro

    WG bug led us to win the game :)

    You can ramm and push a convoy ship to mountain and check what would happen haha
  7. Capt_Pyro

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I am not an active forum member as on WOWP back in 2014 (EU). When I post a topic about Subs they were laughing on my topic but now my dream become true. Now I am looking forward to see sea mines against subs.
  8. Capt_Pyro

    Server overloaded?

    Are you playing from EU?
  9. Capt_Pyro

    Server overloaded?

    Yes, same here. Trying for over 10 min :( going to do some Co-op to finish missions. WG might compensate for this!
  10. Capt_Pyro

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Well said. We are not competitive clan who has not much active players or time to do clan battles. And I am an immigrant from EU server 😀. So, no chance for clan battles in my time zone.
  11. Capt_Pyro

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    I love FDR nerf 😘 why not he!
  12. Capt_Pyro

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Agreed, we need steel for 1st win in any t9! This would help players who doesn't participate clan battles.
  13. Yes, performances should be judged by individually and that's how WG should improve MM. Furthermore WG reduce the maximum players in a DIV to 2. How can an average or lower average DIV enjoy game against OP DIV? This game mechanism is broken already and they keep messing up Commander Skills. Anyway it's just a virtual world only after all.
  14. Can any DEV explain how MM works? Thanks & go safe