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  1. Capt_Pyro

    On which ship I can spend my COAL?!

    Thanks all of you guys, Patience as a Pyrographer! thats my words and I am a Pyrographer! I am saving over 1k flags, over 150 premium flags + 12 days of premium for over 7 months in my PT rewards. +13 un opened lucky containers :) I am non premium now for 3-4 months but I willl farm freexp & coal till next year Januari and see which one of those unreleased ships would be avilble. I think I will wait for the tX French BB :) if not I go for Salem first then Musashi or the J.B :) I was dreaming about the Stalingrad but I could not reach her, its for those Unicon as the WG theory! Hoping to farm more Coals & Freex and save and wiit for the right moment will be an option I think :)
  2. Capt_Pyro

    On which ship I can spend my COAL?!

    I have my Yamato, but haven't played much like my French BB & G.K. I am not much comfortable when I play Yamato or even Montana :( don't know why! Each players has their own experience and style :) I think my best line is French in BB line :) (my best ever battle in Repub after my G.K after a year) Stopped grinding my French CA line 8 months ago, I don't know why I stopped :(. I have my t8 stock and its time to grind it also my IJN & UK t8 CA as well :) Once I get the Henri I wanna play it much and see if the Brennus worth for me. I don't like the DesMoin cause I am not a US line player, but I still like Missouri and my N.C :) But still my best CA is Hindenburg :)
  3. Capt_Pyro

    On which ship I can spend my COAL?!

    I thnk WG will put them for Coal as well at premium shop too! cause not all players here can get a Stalingrad for Coal! I am 100% sure they will put one of those tX ship for Coal too (about 320k coal)
  4. Greetings all Capts! Would you mind advising me with this please! I am saving my Coals and have not spend on a ship yet. I have my Missouri. Now I am planning to buy a new one but I am confused to spend my Coal! I feel that I am a BB (most of tX play) and CA player. I enjoy my Republique than my G.K. On which of the follwing ship I can spend my Coal? - Jean Bart - Musashi - Salem or shall I wait until one of these?! - Alaska - Brennus - Bourgorgne I have no rush, also saving my free XP as well. Thanks in advance for you help! Its almost Xmas
  5. Thanks WG that you are focusing on CV. Sofar I haven't got any email but I have already applied to the test :( Anyway I came to WOWS from WOWP & my first tX in WOWP was IL40P in beta! I hope to controle my planes as I did in WOWP. Go WG make this happen in future, sothat you can combain this two games in one. One CV but 3 players in a DIV Dive commander controle the ship Player 2 controles the fighter squadron Player 3 controles the Torps/Bomb squadrons
  6. Capt_Pyro

    Vive La France Collection - Missing camo?!

    Bro I still remember the Vive La Event and I am sure I had 3x camos in each containers! but when WG reworked on that collection, its ok. however I got some :)
  7. Just bought some "Vive La France" containers spending some Coal on Arsenal. As you see the picture its not correct for me. A container must include 3x "Revolutionary"camos; - that's what I see when I check in Arsenal but I get other camos from the "VLF" containers and its for one camo instead of 3x. Or am I wrong? Sorry if I am wrong and post this here. Can someone explain why I don't get 3x camo? Any WG staff?
  8. Capt_Pyro

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    WG I love that you brought the chance to collect "coal" in daily container picking.
  9. Capt_Pyro

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Operation Narai is not working for me :( The rest are working fine.
  10. Just go WG site and you will see "WE'RE EXPERIENCING SOME SERVER ISSUES. SERVERS SHOULD BE BACK UP BY 8:30 PT (11:30 ET) WITH A +100% XP BONUS TO ALL BATTLES UNTIL 11:30 PT (14:30 ET)"
  11. Don't waste your flags, or premium consumables right now!
  12. WG again failed! by this kinda bugs and upgrades you failed WOWP, Remember I came here from WOWP! Now I go play some other games. GL WG! Thanks and I feel sorry for my money that I spend here! Have a Good Weekend to the VODKA Developers and IT guys in WG!!!
  13. Guys, I think the problem solved! just got another server transfer!
  14. I hope one day WG can make a Free XP bug, so that we all players can unlock all those tX lol