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  1. ancientpistol

    PTS 0.10.6

    I went back and reread the developer bulletins for 10.6 P1 and P2. There is nothing of consequence in Part 2 other than what I said in regards to part 1. What little was introduced seems to work. Not sure why we are even being asked to test this. Tokens!? I don't need no stinkin' tokens!
  2. ancientpistol

    PTS 0.10.6

    The first attempt at downloading the PT resulted in the server attempting to download WoWS - ((2) since "1" already existed). I resorted to the code to download and got a game labeled World of Warships Public Test (NOT World of Warships TST as an earlier Test game was titled (downloaded 6/10/2021). The choice of rewards is a good idea as it serves players at different stages or playing different battle modes of the game. New players need flags and camo, longer term players need coins to offset the higher costs of playing T10 matches. I would expand the rewards to include at least three options. I assume the rewards will be greater than what is provided in the test otherwise this will be greeted with derision. It seems as if the choice of upgrades via the armory (with link) is new (or maybe I haven't had to buy a ship in a while). Seems to be working OK, I used it to buy a smoke generator upgrade. Looking forward to the second round and the new cruisers. Hopefully more interesting than the expanded Kriegsmarine DD line.
  3. ancientpistol

    PTS 0.10.6

    Ditto. Was wondering if WG made a mistake here? Honestly, why does would anyone play for rewards in PT mode? Even using economic flags during PT play is silly.
  4. ancientpistol

    Submarine Testing

    I played only to evaluate defenses against submarine attacks. I have played the submarine before and cannot imagine any way that it can be introduced without permanently wrecking your player base or boring sub players to death. Still that is just one opinion. Here are a few comments then. Sub underwater speeds are ridiculous (25 knots?). The active sonar mechanism is a silly idea, why would a submarine advertise it's presence? It seems to me the joy of play is the surprise attack and feverish escape from retaliation. Passive sonar for rough aiming purposes seems more logical all around. Periscope bearings only for beginners. And what the heck is "crew crash"? Asking around, no one knew. I did not find using the aerial attack mechanism enjoyable, it just seems to be a unpleasant distraction. Kind of like hitting the AA key, which used to matter, like a vestigial organ, it remains to confuse new players. As far as all the arguments about batteries and oxygen et. al., the sub players should be able to, in most cases, slip into an ambush position, launch torps and then begin an escape before the torps are noticed. There is no good reason why a submarine player cannot guide his boat without periscope sightings (except for ship spotting and identification). Spotting by aircraft should be a tactical play by CV's even if they cannot successfully kill a sub. At least it would relieve the relentless attacks on DD's, which is one of the primary reasons people no longer enjoy playing them. Yes, you still haven't balanced CV play.
  5. It's called "planned obsolescence" and is a part of almost every video game although, admittedly, WG does seem to take it to the extreme.
  6. ancientpistol

    Weekly Combat Missions: Thanksgiving Day

    Most Americans don't know the Pilgrims were not first english settlement nor did they host a celebratory feast with the local indian tribe.
  7. ancientpistol

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    I have a back-up computer (when I want to tinker with my primary) on which I installed the launcher and game on the D drive. C drive is a very small boot drive. So no problems other than very slow load times, ah memories of simpler times. However, I do not like the fact that the launcher does not close on its own, I have to click on the hidden icons, then click on the launcher icon and select "close". Annoying. Furthermore, if I am not mistaken (possible) the icon reappeared (having not been closed) in my hidden icons after a system reboot. Its loading itself as a startup program?
  8. ancientpistol

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Changing the old (RTS) CV style was the whole point. Too few were enticed into that type of play style and there were severe CV player mismatches in the MM, with ever more battles turning into agonizing pointless slaughters. Many, many players said that if CV play were more engaging, more in your face style (like everything other type of ship), then they would consider playing them. It does not surprise me that WG made (high tier) CVs OP in 0.8.0 because 1) players flock to anything that makes them feel more successful and 2) WG was right to be concerned that WOWS could go the way of earlier flops. So they overdid it, and began the process of nerfing them earlier than expected. My advice, take a break and check back to see if the dev's have righted the ship (sorry unintended pun).
  9. ancientpistol

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    The spotting ability of CVs must be curtailed. This is the CORE PROBLEM. It has fundamentally altered the game. When CV players are at no risk of losing planes to strong AA, enemy fighters or the many other ways already pointed out by others, then all ships that depend on stealth to function (ie. the user actually has a chance of having some fun) then those ships will no longer appear as players abandon them. Since a great many ships need at least some degree of stealth via raw detectability or smoke (like the entire RN cruiser line), players are looking at a drastic reduction in the number of "fun" ships to play. Perhaps if only ships in a plane's LOS were spotted and then IMMEDIATELY unspotted if the squadron turns away. Just one idea.
  10. ancientpistol

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    You are not taking into account that those stats were built over time. The situation has changed (radar) and smart players adjusted by not playing DDs that were getting hurt by the current meta.
  11. ancientpistol

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    The radar nerf might be balanced by a different meta regarding DD damage. Like other ships, DDs (protected by captain skills/flags/upgrades) lose HP when they are hit but too rarely lose exposed weaponry. If a CC had the admittedly short opportunity (using radar) to permanently knock out a DDs gun or even a torpedo launcher, it would at least give the radar ship's team a real-time benefit in the exchange. What he said. If you are not on the look out for DDs and torpedoes, then you deserve to get hit.