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  1. ancientpistol

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Changing the old (RTS) CV style was the whole point. Too few were enticed into that type of play style and there were severe CV player mismatches in the MM, with ever more battles turning into agonizing pointless slaughters. Many, many players said that if CV play were more engaging, more in your face style (like everything other type of ship), then they would consider playing them. It does not surprise me that WG made (high tier) CVs OP in 0.8.0 because 1) players flock to anything that makes them feel more successful and 2) WG was right to be concerned that WOWS could go the way of earlier flops. So they overdid it, and began the process of nerfing them earlier than expected. My advice, take a break and check back to see if the dev's have righted the ship (sorry unintended pun).
  2. ancientpistol

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    The spotting ability of CVs must be curtailed. This is the CORE PROBLEM. It has fundamentally altered the game. When CV players are at no risk of losing planes to strong AA, enemy fighters or the many other ways already pointed out by others, then all ships that depend on stealth to function (ie. the user actually has a chance of having some fun) then those ships will no longer appear as players abandon them. Since a great many ships need at least some degree of stealth via raw detectability or smoke (like the entire RN cruiser line), players are looking at a drastic reduction in the number of "fun" ships to play. Perhaps if only ships in a plane's LOS were spotted and then IMMEDIATELY unspotted if the squadron turns away. Just one idea.
  3. ancientpistol

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    You are not taking into account that those stats were built over time. The situation has changed (radar) and smart players adjusted by not playing DDs that were getting hurt by the current meta.
  4. ancientpistol

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    The radar nerf might be balanced by a different meta regarding DD damage. Like other ships, DDs (protected by captain skills/flags/upgrades) lose HP when they are hit but too rarely lose exposed weaponry. If a CC had the admittedly short opportunity (using radar) to permanently knock out a DDs gun or even a torpedo launcher, it would at least give the radar ship's team a real-time benefit in the exchange. What he said. If you are not on the look out for DDs and torpedoes, then you deserve to get hit.
  5. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    If your laptop has an ethernet port, I suggest getting a pair of powerline adapters so that you can plug directly into the facilities router (via it's electrical wiring). They are not expensive (be sure to shop around). You'll need a pair, one near the router and one near your laptop. It will insure you get the highest speed available.
  6. It's hard to judge after just a day whether ships are appearing simultaneously on the mini-map and 3-D view but I have not seen any glaring examples of mismatches. This is going to require a lot more experience to make a definitive statement. However, I have noticed a distinctive lack of ghost ships, i.e. those that disappear and reappear when inside the subject ships detection range (as opposed to those that disappear solely due to fading artillery bloom). I am very pleased that WG is addressing this issue as it as been my biggest source of consternation with comfortable game play.
  7. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    I know this is unrelated, but one UI change I would love to see is the ability to stack filters (daily bonus, captain, elite, etc.). Also, the filters don't actually hide the ships in port, it just dims them. So on every return to port you must scroll through all the dimmed ships to get to the ones you want (and the ones you would have liked to hide). This seems minor, but it happens EVERY TIME the player returns to port. Filters could give the player the opportunity to set up his port for the days missions, ships that need work, or just his or her favorites. Seems an easy way to make players happy.
  8. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    You just have to scroll down to see your researchable ship. I learned this after stacking my ships in port 3 deep.
  9. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    Had an odd incident where after closing the Ranked results screen (stars), reviewing and then closing the battle results, the ranked results screen (stars) appeared again.
  10. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    Ranked normally starts at Tier VIII, then switches to Tier X at Rank 5 (or 4, can't remember exactly). Although I would like to see another tier added for new players (say tier VI for Ranks 223 to 16), the present arrangement seems equitable for all.
  11. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    And presumably WG will come up with audio more appropriate than the sound of locks and hinges.
  12. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    So far unimpressed by reload booster on French guns. Its just too short to get off more than a couple salvos, assuming their are no interruptions (like turret traverse). Perhaps a much longer action time (say 30 seconds) with a more modest reload boost would be popular. Edit: After moving up to the Henri IV, the booster is more useful but still very situational weapon. I found that after my second salvo, an immediate exit maneuver was necessary before an enemy could retrain his guns on my weakly armored cruiser. If the booster's action time is to remain the same, I think an upgrade module would have to be made available for it to be a desirable consumable choice.
  13. ancientpistol

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    The General News announcement and the in-game combat mission offer rewards for ranked battle victories in Tier X ships. Selecting Ranked battles restricts players to Tier VIII ships. Am I missing something?
  14. ancientpistol

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    I generally agree with Commando, but I might also suggest that the hard mode be limited to division play only (say a minimum of 5 with 2 mercenaries). Personally, I found Raptor to be more compelling with the alternating destinations/Raptor paths/red team attacks. This is a good formula for all operations. My only gripe about operations is that DDs have a very difficult task and are thus a liability to the team. In queue, I can hear the collective groan when a DD shows up in battle. I usually exit if a DD is indicated in queue.
  15. ancientpistol

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    The same thing happened on islands of ice random battle with a Conqueror with zero HP (ship name and type, etc. as above, sorry no screen shot). To make matters worse, the ship was shown on the mini-map. A second oddity was that my attempt to use speed boost (Henry IV) would not engage despite repeated attempts. And no, I was not pressing the wrong keyboard button. In addition, I suffered multiple game crashes when entering the battle results page. I should note that when playing the game on NA server, crashes are very rare for me.