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  1. so its basically useless. shocker.
  2. Coyote16

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    one of the many reasons I wish they would switch to a +1/-1 MM system... T8 always gets screwed and he is not the only player I have heard of leaving a match because of it. Not to mention players who have left the game entirely because they thought the match making was never fair. I know personally I would wait an extra minute or so for better match making in my T8s... but its a rant that WG will never acknowledge. As of know they are basically unplayable.
  3. Coyote16

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    this has been the first night I have played since the patch. I am loving this. My cruisers actually shoot planes down now. but then again my signature says exactly how I feel about CV players. I rank them up there with people who read books in coffee shops and pee on the toilet seat in a public bathroom.
  4. Coyote16

    Time to yank karma from the game

    Tie yourself to the anchor OP. I haven't done anything to anyone.
  5. Coyote16

    So, How is everyone doing tonight ?

    just say no to warcrack
  6. far bigger issues right now than radar or hydro. I am guessing he got his DD blown out of the water by a big ol mean cruiser. also.. why would it matter if it was only the outline of the ship visible? It is still going to be able to get hit.
  7. Coyote16

    So, How is everyone doing tonight ?

    its brutal. I have been watching my 68% WR in my Wichita steadily drop all night. I do not understand how players make it to tier 9 & 10 and not understand that a lemming train is a bad thing.
  8. Coyote16

    Pelicans New Kremlin

    meh its Russian.. it will find a way to kill half its crew.
  9. Coyote16

    What can be done about the endgame?

    personally.. i find the most annoying thing about CVs since the rework is the fact they cant put out fires instantly... wth? unlimited aircraft would be my second complaint.
  10. Coyote16

    NO CV Counter Play By Design

    don't feel bad... When I was a Fire Controlman in the Navy, we were all pretty twisted with a dark dark sense of humor. I think they every FC on board lost it when our CIWS tech wasted a sea rat (seagull) with his.... well CIWS during a calibration test. We all watched it vaporize on the OSS (basically a live camera) and he just says "calibration test passed and complete". Anyway as far as the CV goes, I also agree with your previous comment. This rework has been a disaster as far as dividing the community. I think that if they just removed the rocket strike planes, it would go a long way to improving balance. As of right now, they are a joke.
  11. felt this way for a while.. its why I have stopped dropping $ on the game.
  12. its been an issue for a long time but they are not going to fix it. most of my favorite ships are T8s but, its basically unplayable, I don't even bother with them anymore. I've never been a fan of T9 & T10 gameplay... its not fun imo. No one does anything but camp and snipe.
  13. Coyote16

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    agreed. My only counter to CVs in some ships is to leave the queue when I see multiple CVs waiting for a match.. if I have the chance. I always get an annoyed laugh when I only kill aircraft after their attack.
  14. Coyote16

    Why are u PINK!?

    I just logged in and played my first match and apparently I have a chat ban. No idea why? It was fine when I logged off Thursday, I didn't even log in yesterday. The entire karma/discipline system is laughable at best.