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  1. Ok.. so i bought it earlier a clanmate is wanting it but he doesn't see it in the shop? I still see the other versions I didn't buy... anyone know what is going on with that? *EDIT* found the solution.
  2. USS Dallas

    wow. I didn't realized people actually played coop. I don't think I have played coop since I got out of my T1s played it more tonight, enough to get my Helena. Still enjoy the ship, I think the worst round I have had still did 31k in damage but I was torped by a friendly DD. Still seem good to me.
  3. USS Dallas

    I love the Dallas. My first round in it, 117k in damage and 3 ships sank. Went ahead and gave her a permanent camo and captain.
  4. Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    I have heard is has a hockey ring on the stern. could just be a rumor though
  5. 55%? LOL. its not even a question of if I will be bottom tier... I am always the bottom tier when I play T8. There is no chance to it. It is a guarantee. I have often said that T8 is the bastard tier of warships. Playing against higher tier ships is fun when its not the norm. When it is the standard, it gets old very quickly.
  6. If karma means so little...

    I dont care anymore. If your on a team full of kids (which you probably are this summer) and they all go out and suck it up trying to be Rambo then of course when they team falls apart and they lose its everyones fault but their own and they start reporting everyone for bad play. It's a system with good intentions but a complete joke in practical use.
  7. Let it flow...

    that may perhaps be the greatest gif I have seen in a while
  8. Let it flow...

    I don't know why this makes me laugh so much, but it did and I found it funny enough to share. I thought it spoke volumes about the quality of the weekend players. I was having a great game in my Indianapolis, had killed 2 already several citadels several fires I was having a good time to say the least. My team had wrapped up the win, with 1 enemy battleship (no names mentioned) doing circles around their spawn area... typical. So I just rushed him bow on, set him ablaze and stared firing AP and was tearing him up fairly well, not to mention supporting fire from my teammates. Of course he tried to outrun my Indy... me wanting to end the round I just went ahead and rammed him in the stern, killed him and ended it. No biggy right? Fairly common.. I ended in first place on my team with a victory. I get back to the port and I am going through crates etc and I get a PM from the enemy BB.... lol.
  9. Login Issues after Update

    same here
  10. still refuses to update. No ships for me. Life is no longer worth living. Goodbye friends.
  11. Atlanta

    Firing 5 inch AP at a heavily armored battleship is like firing a BB gun at a freight train.
  12. still not updating
  13. same here. Opened and closed mine, doesn't want to update. Says I am running the current version I think someone has screwed up somewhere.
  14. I just played a round earlier with an enemy CV berating his own team for rushing C instead of A... so he rushed his CV at us and of course we obliged and mowed him down. Then he sat in chat complaining about the team the rest of the match. Someone looked up his stats and said he had a 47% W/R and an average damage of 4k. No doubt there are some guys who like to troll teams; however OP's post has enough salt to supply McDonalds for a week.