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  1. Conduct in chat

    I do admit.. I find it rather humorous when the guy who dies 3 minutes into the round is sitting back calling others names and telling them what to do....
  2. The St Louis Sucks

    I'm telling you.. those awful WW1 ships gotta go...
  3. has to be a kid. I'll be happy when schools are back in session...
  4. yeah but at any minute a kid in one of those nearby island villages could have fired a slingshot at you and sent you straight to Citadel City.
  5. nice! I got my first Solo warrior in some 5k+ games a few weeks ago in the Blys... beat them on the caps by 1 point, one of the enemies called me a coward for not showing myself towards the end of the round...
  6. I find it so ironic

    got mine done tonight in my Gallant
  7. I got it in one of my Santa Crates.. not much of a DD guy but I like it. Just finishing a 40k damage round in her.
  8. I just had a clan mate drop $20 on the 5 Santa Mega packs, he was all excited thinking he would get a ship. nothing but camos. I felt bad for him.
  9. i mean.. its a little funny.
  10. Alabama worth it?

    any idea on what the difference will be between her and the Alabama?
  11. Should I get the Perth?

    I got her in a Santa Mega pack... love her, one of my favorite T6s now. Sit behind a rock or cruise along in your creeping smoke and blaze away with the HE all match.