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  1. I got 7 kills in an Atago once. this was back before damage was listed in the end of round screen its still in my sig
  2. Are you trying to say that WG would attempt to sell us a ship that is already currently or has previously been in the game? no way.
  3. Well Mouse's review doesn't sound promising and as much as I love adding historical ships to my fleet, especially one that I see often. I just seen the Kidd yesterday in Baton Rouge.... I think I am going to pass on this. Not only due to the somewhat (very) negative review but personally, I am getting tired of them slightly modifying ships already in the game and trying to sell them to us for $50.
  4. disconnected here as well. Perhaps another small patch.... unless its something urgent I don't get why this game has so many updates. Get a lot of complaints from my clan mates about it.
  5. and I just got detonated. smh.
  6. oh ok.. yeah I would get that, sorry wasn't on the same page with you.
  7. If you take out RNG, and every shot goes exactly where aimed, then its gonna be nothing but cit hits and the round will be over before it starts. There is always a chance factor in these matches. Although personally I find Detonation to be one of the most annoying ones and one that negatively impacts the game play.
  8. Then it just becomes a contest to see who can shoot each others citadels the fastest.
  9. I just finished a match where my team did not lose a single ship.... I have never seen that happen before, it was a slaughter and it was awful. The other team was just... terrible. terrible.
  10. I am enjoying the ship. It was a battlecruiser so its a little different play than the bulky slow big gun BBs. 4 kills with her last round, two of which I got after having both forward facing main turrets destroyed. A glorious torpedo run on a Colorado and a DD I got with the rear 3. I play her like a heavy cruiser, just like my Atago. I am enjoying this one a lot, my favorite tier 7 now.
  11. the Booger is glorious. I love that thing, I bought an extra port slot to keep her around. Fun to get into a do some seal clubbing from time to time.
  12. hey! the last time I seen LittleWhiteMouse she was sinking under the guns of my Warspite....
  13. it would appear to me that they have increased the chances of detonation with the few rounds I have played in the new patch I am seeing more and more of them. I just killed a full health New York in my Blys with a single torpedo. Even if they insist on having detonations in the game, the chance of it happening needs to be very marginal. It seems the have increased it to justify the new modification.