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  1. I just played a round earlier with an enemy CV berating his own team for rushing C instead of A... so he rushed his CV at us and of course we obliged and mowed him down. Then he sat in chat complaining about the team the rest of the match. Someone looked up his stats and said he had a 47% W/R and an average damage of 4k. No doubt there are some guys who like to troll teams; however OP's post has enough salt to supply McDonalds for a week.
  2. Atlanta Buff/Adjustments

    literally just had an 85k damage match in it with over 300 shell hits.... its fine.
  3. 90% of the time, the guy complaining about the rest of the team died 3 minutes into the match. My usual reply is "if you play poorly and die early, you're gonna have a bad time".
  4. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I have, and I agree with him. It is fun to play at times, but very frustrating at others. Especially in 9 & 10 matches where you always end up. The only thing the ship has going for her is the amazing velocity of her guns and the damage they do when they hit. imo, drop her to tier 7 or give her some buffs.
  5. the team kill system..

    already lost pink status. so meh. not saying that at all. An Omaha is pretty much useless at T5 I would if I thought it were my fault. I've had a few that were completely my fault that I would admit to. This guy just drove directly into them at a distance that Helen Keller could have heard and seen them coming. I really wish I had the replay of this. It was absurd.
  6. the team kill system..

    if we are at the gun range and you're in your booth firing, and I run into that lane holding my target excited that I hit a bullseye and your shots mow me down.... are you a murderer or am I a victim of my own stupidity?
  7. the team kill system..

    it was just one of those things that had me staring at the screen for a moment saying "really?" and if you go sailing into a field of friendly dd torps I firmly believe you get what you are asking for. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  8. the team kill system..

    Oh I warned him. So did my clan mate and another DD warned him about his torps he almost hit. He said he was too focused on the Myoko at the time. He literally sailed right into a torp field from me and another DD. Unfortunately it was my torps he ran into. At the end of the round it doesn't really matter I guess. I just lost credit for a kill on the score board and we still won. The guy was in an Omaha in a T7 match so he was useless anyway.
  9. the team kill system..

    meh I could really care less about being pink its not that big of a deal. I just found the situation annoying. I don't really think I deserved it but whatever.
  10. the team kill system..

    disagree. with that sort of distance and you sail right into them? As a CA main I would blame myself for that.
  11. the team kill system..

    I was playing earlier. I had a good round in my Akatsuki. I did almost 100k in damage, destroyed a Gneisenau, torped a Kongo for 35k and then I fired torps at a Myoko around 8 km away from it. I didn't really expect to hit it but maybe spook into the gun range of my clan mate. Anyway a friendly Omaha sails right into these torps. They were not fired point blank into him, he drove right into them at about 6 km. Plenty of distance for him to have turned or noticed whatever. He gets mad of course to which I said it was more or less his fault he should pay more attention. Whatever we were still winning even with that. I get back to port and I am pink. All of the good stuff I did to help my team win and I go pink? I even finished top on my team. Perhaps there should be a point in which damage inflicted to the enemy in a round overrides damage done or team killer status?
  12. Karma Points Rework

    perhaps disable the first player to die from casting a karma point either way. I have noticed usually the first people to die always start blaming the rest of the team and as me and a clan mate call it "rage clicking" the report button.
  13. Is Yubari worth it?

    I have the worst luck in that ship... every time I play it something crazy happens to me. I broke her out for the first time in a while the other night and was getting ready to a torp run on a BB being all sneaky and proud of myself. Then some friendly DD pops out of no where, types in "LOL BOOM BOOM" and tks me with a full broadside of torps.