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  1. I have came to the conclusion at this point that the Alaska does not actually exist. Its just a lie to keep us well behaved, like Santa Claus, Slash or the Easter Bunny.
  2. 56th_Karma

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    I see this becoming one of those ships with minimal sales that ends up becoming an event ship down the line.
  3. 56th_Karma

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    I just tried a few more rounds and notice nothing different. The BBs still camp in the back, CA/CLs tend not to get too far from them. One team tends not to do anything until they have to and by then its usually too late 90% of the time. I will say it is a breath of fresh air to play a DD and not worry about being constantly spotted by aircraft. On the flip side of that, DDs don't get any XP for essentially doing their jobs and taking the skills bonuses for their teams.
  4. 56th_Karma

    Can We Talking About The Ranked Dumpster Fire?

    agree with the OP. I played my first round of ranked last night, was caught off guard. Started another round and realized it was all that Arms Race mode so I am done for the season. That is one of the things that really annoys me about WG. Instead of understanding that the majority of the players don't like something and moving on from it, they tend to try and cram it down your throat like a mother feeding veggies to a toddler.
  5. 56th_Karma

    How Bad Is Your Ranked Team When....

    so I played two ranked battles....lost both but on another note....I don't get WG's insistence and cramming things we don't like down our throats. Apparently no one liked the rush game mode or whatever it was when it was released so... now the force us to play it in ranked? guess I am done until next season.
  6. 56th_Karma

    CA is best class for ranked this season.

    I played my first ranked battle tonight... it was that rush mode crap. guess the season is over for me.
  7. 56th_Karma

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    I already have the Kutuzov so after watching this video, this doesn't really seem worth 8k doubloons to me.
  8. 56th_Karma

    Forum today....

    it has been a glorious day for myself and my fellow CV haters.
  9. 56th_Karma

    Alaska will not be available: confirmed?

    Alaska doesn't actually exist. Its just a myth like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny & Slash that the devs have came up with to keep us sticking around.
  10. 56th_Karma

    PSA: West Virginia '41 is a monster!

    if there was ever one premium ship i bought that i regret... it was this one. a very "meh" ship. I basically paid $30 to play a Colorado with less AA at T6. I think it has broke me on premium ships... and the sad part is I knew better.
  11. 56th_Karma

    national background emblems?

    talking about the in game patch like in the lower left on your posting. Instead of patches they had national flag backgrounds, they went away in this latest update. Whats up with that?
  12. 56th_Karma

    national background emblems?

    hmm... no one?
  13. I just noticed my emblem thingy was changed and it appears they removed the national flag pennants in the background...I don't remember reading anything about it. whats up with that? I thought they looked cooler than the other patch backgrounds.
  14. 56th_Karma

    Arms Race is DEAD on NA Server

    played 3 round of it, thought it was dumb and never again.
  15. 56th_Karma

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    so if this is going to be T6... can we get a T7 Tennessee?