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  1. french collection question

    I am in the same situation. I still need 1 item to finish collection. Oh, and I did not get a single personal mission for a french BB. Random luck is random luck I guess, but it is sure is not fun.
  2. Shame on this french event

    I am almost done with the event - need 5 more victories. That will give me 3 or 4 containers - don't remember. I still need 5 items to finish collection and I did not get a single french battleship. I am really pissed and disappointed with this event.
  3. Finished mission, got DoY but I am still missing 1 item to finish collection - did not get chest at the end of mission 5? What I do now?
  4. Just finished battle in Roon - win - didn't get any exp bonus - what is going on ?
  5. Enough is enough

    Also, we all talk about RNG in this game which plays a huge factor in how BB performs - either you hit your target or miss, if you hit what damage it does etc. And now take manual torps drop - where is RNG in here? It all depends on CV driver skills. If CV driver good he will hit target with most if not all torps no RNG involved. How is this OK in the game where all other ships have to deal with RNG to have one ship which doesnt depend on RNG? The only RNG factor good CV driver has to deal with is another CV driver and that is it. How fair is this?
  6. Enough is enough

    What team work are you guys talking about. This is t5 RANDOM battle where you have RANDOM people. Are you saying that you have to rely on some random guy in random CA to be randomly nice enough to cut their speed in half so he can follow and help some random BB while enemy BBs will be happy to kill him in 1-2 salvos? You kidding right? Manual torps drop is a bad game mechanic which needs to be changed and they need to fix it fast. IN the case I was talking about in original post I was fighting 2 enemy BB and was turning to avoid salvos when I saw bomber ar 1.2 KM to come in and drop torps. Nothing you can do in this case nothing just shut the damn game.
  7. Enough is enough

    Just finished game when enemy CV did manual drop on my New York at damn point blank range - 4 or 5 torp hits - dead BB This got to f stop, this damn game is f non-enjoyable right now. I am happy for CV players who are having fun but I am not.I am out of that crap.