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  1. Famous_and_Historical

    Why don't the arms race buff circles give XP?

    I would like to play with a ship that can have a large effect on the outcome of the battle and have the ability to save stars. I'm not saying that you don't play to win, but I would have a hard time impacting the outcome with a Tashkent. I think I should try the Kronshtadt
  2. I've only played 4 ranked battles in my Black so far, but it's very disappointing to get 4 of the buffs by yourself and not get any xp for it. Since it's so hard for DDs to really compete with cruisers and battleships for the top position, then why would I pick the Black over a Kronshtadt or Missouri? I know that the Black is very well-suited for this mode, but the two primary roles of spotting with radar and capping don't get rewarded as much as raw damage. I'll probably win more than I lose with this ship, but it's incredibly frustrating to do a good job and not get rewarded sufficiently.
  3. Famous_and_Historical

    Your very first Premium was?

    Sims, grem, and yubari for CB Paytago was my first t8
  4. Famous_and_Historical

    USS Black - Setup questions

    You can do significant damage to cruisers with IFHE, but the Black is mainly a DD hunter, so it would be best to stick with RPF
  5. Famous_and_Historical

    Cruiser Concealment

    I always tell people who complain about USN CLs that they need to go full concealment. That results in your radar range exceeding detection range, which is a game changer
  6. Famous_and_Historical

    Ranked Team Shuffle

    I'd like to see statistics about this. Giving an example and saying git gud doesn't resolve the potential issue
  7. Famous_and_Historical

    Ranked Team Shuffle

    They could just distribute the radar ships evenly and try to send ships of the same type to different teams instead of having them all lumped into one
  8. Famous_and_Historical

    Do you buy USS Salem?

    The great thing about the Salem is that it s**ts on every other cruiser in the game. The heal allows you to point your bow towards the enemy and be virtually immune to HE and fires. One battle, I used this strategy against two tier 10 cruisers in different encounters and only lost 10k hp after I was done healing. Also, the Worcester has taken over the DMs niche of being a destroyer killer. Now, youre better off burning BBs and assassinating crusiers. It's a wash when you're fighting BBs because the heal is as effective as the regular DM heal with citadel damage. I will take the Salem over the DM in this meta because of the abundant HE spam
  9. Famous_and_Historical

    Rank Tier 10 one of the reasons

    I really like it actually. I didn't play much ranked last season, but the DM is my favorite ship in the game and that's enough of a reason to play ranked. It became difficult once I got to R10 because that league is populated mainly by unicums. I played about 20 battles yesterday and only gained three stars. I guess it's a good sign that I held my own with a bunch of unicums, and I also had fun. It should be less difficult next weekend.
  10. Famous_and_Historical

    T-61 vs other T6s

    At this point, I would probably prefer the T-61 to the Sims in a T7 match. Power creep at its finest
  11. Famous_and_Historical

    Jolly Roger flag reward removal after season 10 of ranked

    The one in the OP might be the jolly roger ix or whatever. Anyway, I really want a classic jolly roger to fly from my Kidd. I'm using the corgi flag that looks like @ExploratorOne profile pic, but it's not very intimidating
  12. Famous_and_Historical

    Free exp to Fiji or keep on grinding for Nelson

    I haven't played the Fiji, but I know the Nelson is great. Best ship for farming dreadnought achievements
  13. Famous_and_Historical

    We should have a "Kill the Pinks" Event

    It will happen to you eventually I promise. I thought it would never happen to me, but a couple of months ago a z-52 sailed in front of my Worcester while I was in binocular mode and i did 3k dig to him.
  14. Famous_and_Historical

    What will you do with your shark/eagle tokens?

    I have only gone with crates so far (played a lot) and I have gotten tons of flags and about 115k coal since it started. Looking forward to salem
  15. Famous_and_Historical

    Premium ship as credit sink

    Since the go navy event, I have earned about 110k coal without giving wg any money. If they hand out musashi's for coal, I don't know why they would have a problem with selling perms for large amounts of credits.