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  1. All players need to be aware that this is absolutely going to hit the live server regardless of any complaints, protests or 'walk outs'. Has WG EVER walked back or re-considered a concept that made it this far in to testing? Think of the CV rework. Think of Submarines. Think of T11. This is coming, like it or not.
  2. Eltosian

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    You maybe got lucky, for a few good years There's no way back, from there to here
  3. A fading game in it's twilight years goes OUT OF IT'S WAY to extinguish one of it's brightest stars.
    Ridiculously poor performance from WG, but altogether unsurprising.
    To those still with this sinking ship - vote with your WALLETS and with your TIME. If you keep on playing and spending, nothing will change.
    To LWM, this company never deserved the quality of work you toiled for them. This community, perhaps did, but WG, never.

  4. Eltosian

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Though I want to say from the outset that I don't personally blame Ev1n, at all. In fact this apology is a good show of integrity and some honesty. Owning up to mistakes is the first step to making things right and we should be on the way. But will we? The problem is it rings very hollow when this is nearly the exact same explanation and apology we were offered for the Peurto Rico catastrope - and the Graf Zeppelin disaster before that. More before and since that I could bring up but do not care to because I think I have made my point Time and time again we are told by WG that "We will change, we will improve." Time and time again, we're shown the opposite. Call me jaded if you must but I think every player should look back on the past precedent.
  5. Eltosian

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    This is so far beyond bad balance, or an in-game glitch that takes ages to fix, or anything relatively minor directly related to the game itself. WG has such a bad habit of spitting in the face of people who love their product, and even those who go several steps farther to enrich the community and make it what it is. Because even the foremost of us are nothing to them. You're just a sack of cash waiting to be looted. And they can keep getting away with garbage like this because we keep cracking open our wallets. No matter how bad the blunders, from the Peurto Rico disaster, the initial firestorm of rage over "Naval Training Center" that was a sadly effective smoke-screen for the just as bad "Research Bureau", to the god-awful CV rework, to the recent Community Contributor drama, to the increasingly penny-pinching changes to the in game economics like not giving out free commander retraining in the most recent set of chances or essentially forcing players who want signal flags to purchase them with coal or credits by removing the daily achievements. People forget or look past these things each time. None of it makes a difference to the bottom line, then nothing will change. At some point all players have to ask themselves the question: Who is more at fault, the company shoveling the crap, or the customers eating it up with a smile while begging "MORE PLEASE!"?
  6. Making balance changes or introducing new ships that players dislike is something way different than rebuilding the entire game from the ground up to be far more pay-to-win. I have no doubt at all that most are being serious when they say they will leave. Speaking for myself, I certainly would - and I had no problem whatsoever bouncing out of WoT cold-turkey, after more than 5000 matches played when that game turned to crap.
  7. Keep the pressure on WG and maybe we'll force them to walk this garbage idea back just like what happened with the stupid Rubicon crapon WoT. If not, hey, there will always be more games to play. I see absolutely no reason to stick around through a blatantly pay-to-win scam like this.