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    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    lol, no it's 5, 10, 15, 25, and 300. So if you don't get 300, you basically won't get anything from this event. It's extremely high variance for no reason, especially considering how many players already own moskva and will get the the T9 (also a [edited] thing) for free. This event is just trash and no one seems to notice how bad it is because they're still complaining about russian bias.
  2. Well, I thought this meant non-doubloon boosters since they say it's "entirely possible" to complete it without spending doubloons. "Simply complete the objectives." Nice one wg :)
  3. This is a horrible argument. If you grind Puerto Rico, you will get enough xp across ships to easily have grinded through 5 or 6 lines of ships, in addition to enough free xp to get Alaska. If you realistically were to complete this as someone who isn't a whale with every T10, you will acquire multiple T10s and you will no longer care about these random T6 ships, most of which will have already been grinded out. If you are excited about 4 T6 ships that you can grind yourself, then you most likely won't be able to grind 1.1 million xp in 4 days because if you can do that and still enjoy playing warships enough to also play another ship to get 7200 secondary hits, then getting a T6 is a walk in the park. I get that free T6 ships is nice, but this event isn't possible for 99% of the playerbase and the 1% that it is possible for, already quite because they got tired of endless grind and wargamings [edited]. In other words, Puerto Rico is disguised as a free ship but it's actually just a [edited] cash grab. You grind the crapout of the holidays stressing and realize you're only at phase 3 3 days before the event ends so you dump 100k doubloons at the game to not hate yourself for wasting a month on a [edited] Alaska, which you probably ended up buying with the free xp you earned. This is why T6s easy grind ships and a T7 premium is irrelevant to the argument. This is an ethics question. Anybody who can grind the PR doesn't give a crapabout the T6s and the T7 is a trophy ship.