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  1. NapalmDeath1

    Yugumo consumable and Captain's skills choices

    Just bought my Yugumo.back my captain is similar except I have BFT. As I dont have smoke I seldom fire guns so I think I'll drop that and put LS and PM on. I like PT so I'm keeping that
  2. NapalmDeath1

    Kitakaze Captain Skills?

    RPF in IJN gunboat destroyers is the way to go. I like it so much I put it on all DDs except Harugumo. I like AFT on it to lob shells over islands. So satisfying dropping fire on rock humping radar boats out of sight.
  3. NapalmDeath1

    Friesland Guns never stop

    Those ap rounds can really lay the damage on broadside at a decent range
  4. NapalmDeath1

    Friesland First match

    16 point skipper not 1 point
  5. NapalmDeath1

    Best destroyer?

    Captain has 16 points. Not 1
  6. NapalmDeath1

    Friesland First match

    If this boat carried just 1 torpedo it would be OP. Those AP shells can shred broadside cruisers. My captain is only 1y pts. What did you select for skills?
  7. NapalmDeath1

    Best destroyer?

    I'm like you Vette. Those 3 are the most fun boats I play now. 19 pt skippers help as well but they are beasts. Maneuverability is their biggest weakness