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  1. Let me to shed light on my side of the disparity here. So i did quick math and the avg t10 cruiser HP pool is 50100 HP (excluding Stalingrad). The avg tier 10 BB hit pool is about 94920. Now tier 10 cruiser avg damage (excluding stalingrad) is about 72551.75 dmg per game while tier 10 bbs avg 89394 per game. So take those damage numbers and divide by the HP pool. This is an efficiency rating. Tier 10 cruisers efficiency is 1.448. This means that for evey 1 HP lost, they deal 1.448 dmg while battleships deal only .941. So battleships only deal .941 dmg for every 1 HP lost. Cruisers on average deal 145% damage to their respective HP pool while batteships only deal 94% damage of their Hp pool on average. See the difference? I'm not saying switch it or anything but they need to close that gap because as you can see, the efficiency rating is vastly in favor of the Cruisers. This is including all battles, of good players and bad players for both sides- cruisers, and battleships. And you want to nerf Battleship damage even more? to reduce it by "15-20%" as you suggested, would reduce the avg bb damage from 89394 avg to 75985- 71520. Is that OK in your eyes? The efficiency ratings between Cruisers and Battleships is absolutely ridiculous. If battleships had the efficiency rating of cruisers then battleships would deal an avg of 137,444.16 dmg/g. That is how effective cruisers are. Do you still think Battleships are the problem? (shoutout to WoWs-numbers.com btw for the stats.)
  2. I am not saying that a battleship should be doing 9 times the damage a cruiser does however much i would like to see it, but you are taking massive guns that rarely get massive hits and nerf them to where the already rare high damage hits are even rarer. The cruisers need nerfed while battleships need buffed, i will stand by that statement for a long time until something changes. 5 minutes ago i hit a full broadside Roma from 16 km away in Richelieu and got 6 hits. 5 of whichregistered as full pens and 1 bounce. That was a 3.2k damage salvo. No citadels even though the shells were plunging and hit right where the citadel should be, and yet i get 3.2k damage off that? Additionally, a full broadside Henri, I hit him 4 times, all were right on the waterline, i was about 14km away and 4 overpens?! The damage inconsistency of battleships is absolutely ridiculous. What happened to the game a couple years ago where a full broadside tier 10 cruiser would get destroyed or extremely damaged? that just does not happen anymore and you cannot tell me that nerfing Battleship damage is the answer. Ludicrous suggestion
  3. Nerfing BB damage is the most retarded suggestion I think I have ever heard on this forum. Cruisers are so unbelievably good in this game and you want them to take less damage from battleships? All cruisers do in this game is HE spam everything constantly, while constantly setting fires. Why should I ever take out my tier 10 battleships when the tier 10 cruisers are far superior in every way. In a battleship i get 2 salvos per minute with pretty terrible dispersion. Shells bounce off cruisers, overpen, and even when flat broadside, tier 10 cruisers almost never take citadels (exceptions are moskva and des moines and maybe zao within 10km and completely broadside). There are exceptions yes, however Battleships only get big guns with a slow rate of fire. Lots of "armor" (including deck armor every single tier 10 cruiser can penetrate with HE) that doesn't feel like armor, while having terrible rudder shift times, no useful consumables (maybe engine boost and hydro are alright). this is a game of who can hit the most shells and land the most fires, its not about aim, if it was about aim then Battleships would easily be destroying cruisers. My Montana has a bigass superstructure which i constantly get HE spammed for 6k every time an HE salvo lands. Yet i return fire to his flat broadside and get 7 hits for 3k damage? where is the sense in that? or 3 FULL PENETRATIONS FOR LITERALLY 0 DAMAGE? You want my take? increase all battleship damage output by 10-15%. Buff the AP shells to be able to penetrate and citadel cruisers and other battleships more easily while making every penetration that registers do penetration damage. Increase battleship armor to be more resistant against HE spam, or nerf fires to do less damage in the form of time reduction or HP/s reduction. Increase the time of DCP consumable to 30 sec for US BBs 20 sec to Japanese and 25 sec for the other BB lines. BBs have been run into the ground and absolutely power crept. Tier 10 cruisers are way too strong in every way while battleships are underperforming. Also, why should damage be proportional? A 16 inch AP shell fired form an Iowa class weighed about 2700 pounds while an 8 Inch AP shell from the 55 caliber gun weighed 335 pounds. Yeah that definitely means a 16 inch shell should do twice the damage of an 8 inch shell yet the 16 inch shell is 8 times more massive? Don't nerf the already under performing BBs even more. The only ships BBs can reliably obliterate are dds, and now you want to take that away? I can guarantee many BB players are on my side
  4. well BBs have to be able to destroy something since cruisers overpen more than dds. Maybe they should give a DD a citadel that'd be cool... or maybe just accept the fact that due to basic in-game ballistics, a 16-inch shell has plenty of time to arm when passing through the rear of a 350ft ship with multiple layers of 19ish mm armor. Common sense buddy
  5. FaDe_Galaxy

    Small Montana Buff

    It can hit hard, but not as hard as the other tier 10 bbs due to the small caliber of her guns in comparison to the other tier 10 bbs, she lacks penetration and you get more breaks and ricochets than the other battleships. Montana doesn't have a relevant niche in this meta, and these small buffs I believe should bring her to her best potential
  6. FaDe_Galaxy

    Small Montana Buff

    I never said it was a bad ship by any stretch of the imagination, it just doesn't have a place in the meta, its guns are ok but they aren't as good as you hype them up to be, they are by a lot, the smallest caliber in tier 10 and doesn't penetrate targets as easily as the other tier 10s. Also all tier 10 bbs can get a devastating strike on any destroyer and/ or cruiser, however, Montana isn't as good at penetrating more specifically, the high tier heavy cruisers. But that's not the point, she needs a niche that I suggested could be maneuverability to balance it out a little bit.
  7. FaDe_Galaxy

    Small Montana Buff

    Montana is a fairly strong ship, and I love playing it, however, I think that she needs a small buff to her maneuverability in forms of rudder shift, turning radius and speed concerns. Montana has the slowest rudder of the tier 10 battleships, and a larger turning radius than Yamato, and Conqueror. While having the smallest caliber guns at tier 10, and doesn't really fit any niches that are noticeably great other than the AA suite. Kurfurst has brawling power, Yamato has the long range, very hard hitting guns, Republique has speed in both Main battery reload and its sailing speed, Conqueror has the HE, stealth, and repair potential, while Montana has only the AA niche that stands out. Almost every player knows AA isn't very relevant in this meta so i believe it is necessary to buff Montana slightly to keep her up with the current Tier X bbs. So, I propose these revisions- 1.) Reduce Montana's standard rudder shift time from 22.2 seconds to 17 seconds. This would give Montana the fastest rudder at tier 10 BBs, and the rudder shift module would reduce this to 13.6-second rudder shift without sacrificing any non-normal modules. 2.) Reduce the turning radius from 950m to 910m. This wouldn't make it the best turning compared to Yamato or conqueror, but brings it a little bit more in line with the Tier 10s, this would also help against aircraft carriers and their bombers. 3.)Reduce speed lost in turn very slightly not by much, however, in a turn she slows down very quickly. Doing these changes I feel would put Montana in the maneuverability niche that I think she needs, and would make her a bit more viable in the current meta that lacks a super maneuverable tier 10 battleship
  8. Love it, quite similar to my suggestion with USS Idaho as a premium ship, something that'd be awesomely OP to make it really unique may be to give her like something like a 10-second DFAA that could massacre everything in the sky for a short time, but then maybe get a dps debuff for a minute labeled as "reloading time" or something. It'd take away from Hood's glory but who cares lolol