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  1. lorquel

    Armada: Habakkuk

    Jeffery (Geoffrey) Pike :) I was lucky and was forewarned, but I ensured I used an account that only had 2k doubloons so there was NO WAY I was going to get burned lol. And 2 free camos is FREE :)
  2. lorquel

    Commander Skills Update

    me neither...only did it a couple of weeks ago, I should have waited. And I just watched WOWS twitch stream, over 5k people and didn't seem that anyone was happy. Listening to them say "try it and have fun" was infuriating...we have been trying it and it is NOT fun.
  3. lorquel

    Commander Skills Update

    my 2 cents...have been playing this game since Beta (over 5.5 years) and this Commander Skills change is not going over very well. Every streamer I've watched is upset. Every ship, including premiums, have been "nerfed" in one way or another which is very disturbing. What used to be a decent 14 or 15 point captain now needs 19 to be close to what it was before. Too many ships that were unique are now generic or useless. WG is going to have to make changes with input from users, especially those that have been playing a long time (and CCs of course). Yes we have to learn to play "differently" but almost all ships are going to be cookie cutter, the complete opposite of what you guys say you were trying to do. Ships that had special game play are no longer able to play like that, for example the Graf Zeppelin no longer can do the secondary build, Minotaur can't have longer smoke, HE spamming ships are going to be more powerful (I have already seen that in battle against me). I just renewed another year of Premium and am now regretting that if things are not fixed soon. Completely removing commander skills without a replacement is asinine in my humble opinion.
  4. lorquel

    Public Test 0.9.9

    this playtest as the round one...I do not like the new aiming for planes, maybe I just need to get used to them. For German CVs (non prem) it was horrendous, I couldn't get a rocket hit and was lucky for anything else. The "shaking" of the screen is kind of cool but makes gameplay not as much fun. Bad enough there can be so much flak we can't even see the ship :( Port was meh...didn't like the music Didn't notice much, no real incentive to play this time so I just concentrated on CVs and as others have said, not enough people on it (no rewards?) that I got tired playing with bots.
  5. lorquel

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I assume there's still an issue. I'm in the same boat and I have already played and won 5 games. Hopefully they will fix it at some point...of course it's been like this since Tuesday :(