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  1. Flattrak

    Always 1 short

    Clan battles ever gonna change back to 7?
  2. Flattrak

    This a glitch?

    guess I should of posted previous games SS.. never was pink so idk
  3. Flattrak

    This a glitch?

    says I got a team kill penalty, yet I did 0 dmg to anyone on my team?
  4. Flattrak

    Got booted, then says technical issue cant log back in

    ya tried all of that, even rebooted computer and tried to run it in the game in safe mode. Nothing works.. guess no clan battles for me today
  5. Flattrak

    Got booted, then says technical issue cant log back in

    no, my friends on discord are logged in.. but they say they are having a few issues also
  6. Flattrak

    While at port, menus and match recaps stop opening

    just started having that problem today... any fixes?
  7. did fix and repair then it let me play a bit.. tried to play later same thing wont let me log back in. Tried fix and repair and nothing it wont let me log in.
  8. Why would they want balance? ohh yeah that's all they talk about, but will they do it?
  9. just do it like this for balance.. whenever you are top tier kill the bottom tier ships 1st, that should balance it out =)
  10. Flattrak

    Im done for now

    warships a bit to messed up for me.. ill might check back in a month or so
  11. Well they never fixed the hotfix in warplanes and it went down the drain =(
  12. A lot more new players would stay and not leave warships if it was +1 -1 = more fun and competitive and just imagine how many more tier 8 premiums they would sale. No one wants to buy them to get dropped in tier 10 almost every time
  13. Flattrak

    FIrst battle in 8.0.2, stuck on loading screen

    im having same problem.. never had this problem before, anyone know a fix to this problem?????
  14. Flattrak

    Are you ready for

    I tried to tough it out/ reminded me to much of the direction they went with planes in planes 2.0. Had to uninstall never to play again