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  1. Warmatt16

    HMS Thunderchild

    I like this idea. As mentioned above, great Halloween event idea. Or April Fools Day. I loved Dracs video...all his actually.
  2. Believe me, I remember. Just my suggestion.
  3. This is a suggestion for release in December of 2021 The pair: U.S.S. Nevada at Tier VI, which actually got underway during the attack but was force aground to prevent sinking in the channel after she was focused on by Japanese attackers trying to get her to do just that to block the entrance. U.S.C.G.C. Taney at Tier II or maybe III, which is the last combat vessel to have fought during the attack and still be around today. Her ship model (in a modified state is already in game via U.S.S. Erie). Proposal: Offer both as a Premium set to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Reasoning: We will start with USCGC Taney since it likely raises "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!" flags. Her model is already in game and just needs modified. In her 1943 configuration with 4x5" guns she is viable as a fighter if she gets a small HP increase though admittedly slow at only 20 kts (this could be modified a bit, WG has modified speeds before. Adding 2 or 3 kts would be enough to keep her doable.). She took part in many operations during the war including search and rescue following the Battle of Midway and escort duty in the Atlantic. She downed 4 Kamikazes off Okinawa and assisted in downing others. Post-war she hosted Charles Du Gaulle and later took part in the Vietnam War then continued to serve well all the way to 1986, ending a rather storied 50 year career that would make many DDs, Cruisers, or even Battleships envious. She is currently a museum ship in Baltimore Harbor. There isn't much that needs to be done to put her in game, just modify the already existent Erie model. Nevada really doesn't need an intro. Served the interwar period, was at Pearl, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, etc. Was used as the primary target ship for the Able part of Operation Crossroads Able/Baker A-Bomb tests, survived(ish) and was sunk as a gunnery target ship shortly after. A double camo proposal WITH PURPOSE! In addition to the normal special camo that premiums get on purchase offer the following as Charity additions that can be purchased in bundles. First is Taney again. Give her the White with "Race Stripe" USCG paint job she ended her career with and provide the profits from the camo to the actual Taney to help keep her around for years to come. Then Nevada. Give her the "Crossroads" paint job used to make her easily identifiable to the bombardier dropping the nuke on her, Reddish Orange. The profits from this camo can go to the appropriate Cancer Research. Orange is for Leukemia I believe. This is more appropriate given the nature of the test. This is my proposal and with over 1 1/2 years until the anniversary it gives time to work on it. Nevada earned her spot in game and Taney deserves to for at least one time have her story heard.
  4. This is similar to a tech tree I laid out. Was gonna post when I spotted this one. Mine only had a few small changes. Most prominently the inclusion at tier 7 and 9 the Austro-Hungarian planned projects for post WW1, Projekt III and Projekt V (same as Starfleet1701 said) respectively with SMS Monarch and Sultan Osman I removed from the main tree. I also had Reşadiye at tier 6. I also kept Osman and, as well as Salamis as Alternates for tiers 6 and 5 respectively. Other than that it is identical to your layout so obviously I like your setup and second your suggestion of a Pan-Euro BB line. I was, however, looking to see if other countries may have looked at something good for tier 10 even if it was Luxembourg's leadership going "Man, look at this "Yamato" Japan built! Wish we had need for a navy. It'd be nice to have something like that! Jimmy! Draw me a cool picture of a battleship like that so I can make a toy to play with in the bath tub!" Okay, maybe not that extreme but you get my point. Someone else, be it Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, or whoever, had to have at least thought about it enough that there is record of a "What if we built something like that?" somewhere in archives. Especially with how many countries were playing rebuild from scratch. Doesn't mean they went anywhere with designing...just a pipe dream of somebodies leadership wishing is all.
  5. Warmatt16

    Who Would You Like to See?

    By country for future entries: Japan: Heihachiro Togo...need no explanation. USA: Arleigh Burke...Good DD or possible cruiser commander option. Germany: Maximilian Von Spee: Successful WW1 commander who led some of the few actual surface engagements between larger German and British combatants. Scheer or Hipper are other good options (Jutland). All break up the WW2 centric list we have. UK: For similar reasons I vote Jellico or Beatty for Britain. And just throwing it out there but for April Fools Day I offer the suggestion of Kaiser Wilhelm Shatner (Multinational, preset to USS Enterprise). XD