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  1. Sir_Kimo

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Some thoughts on this campaign and future campaigns like it. Limited ship nations and tiers to those that fought in the battle Pearl Harbor would be USA-Japan Tiers 4-8 Battle at Kuantan would be British-Japan Tiers 4-7 Java campaigns would be Commonwealth (Australia), Dutch and USA vs Japan Tiers 4-7 Midway would be USA-Japan Tiers 5-8 Guadalcanal campaigns would be USA-Japan Tiers 5-8 Marianas campaign would be USA-JPN Tiers 6-9 (thinking Essex class CV as Tier 9) Philippines campaign would be USA-JPN Tiers 6-10 (Tiers 6-9 is you exclude Yamato)
  2. I have tried CVs with the new attack (rocket) aircraft aiming modification and watched several YouTube videos of seasoned CV players. In my case, as well as the players I've watched, the dismal result is the same. The modification to the attack aircraft aiming mechanics (the delay) has a very negative impact on CV operations. The attack aircraft are now combat ineffective. This mean that 1/3 of the CV air wing, 1/2 for the Indomitable, have no roll in combat operations. This will have a huge impact on players wanting the proposed future Russian CVs or premium CVs. Recommend WoW restore the aircraft aiming mechanics to the previous version.
  3. Sir_Kimo

    Submarine Testing

    A CV should be able to equip aircraft with depth charges similar to its capability in WW II. CVE's were team with destroyers, destroyer escorts, frigates and corvettes to counter the Axis submarine threat.
  4. Sir_Kimo


    I was have the same issue. I started with being kick out of the game a couple of hours before 10.3 was installed. I experienced the same after my fist battle in 10.3 today. I was kick out after the battle and then experienced the logon issue reported above. I closed the game and relaunched. So far its performing as expected.
  5. Sir_Kimo

    The Virtual Fleet Week — Highlight Reel

    USS MISSOURI should be part of fleet week. Did WoW reach out to the USS MISSOURI Memorial Association? https://ussmissouri.org/# The National Park Service should have been contacted for USS ARIZONA to be part of Fleet Week.
  6. Sir_Kimo

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Would love to see more Aussie and Kiwi ships.
  7. Sir_Kimo

    King of the Sea X Results!

    I also logged in today to the NA server at the correct local time to watch but seen nothing. Nothing uploaded or streaming. Only think working was Toornament TV.
  8. Stay on topic shipmates. Totally agree with Assisted_Suicide's analysis!!! This need to be adjusted by WG programmers. Until they do; and, I am asked for a survey after a battle with red ships still afloat after 4 minutes of battle, I will continue to report "dissatisfied".
  9. Issue appears to resolved for Hawaii. I completed a bunch of battles the last couple of hours with no disconnects. Long on was fast. Previously, the disconnects were almost after every battle, some as the battle started, and longing on was taking forever. The disconnects and lon on issue started 23 Dec for me. Haze grey and underway!!!!
  10. Just talked to SPECTRUM level 3 support on the disconnection/login in issue impacting Hawaii and California users. I am in Hawaii (Aloha to Hapa). SPECTRUM is aware of the issue and referenced that WoW tech support was working with their engineers for a solution. Unfortunately, support could not give me an ETR. The down side is that those of us impacted will be missing a lot of WoW events until connectivity is restored.
  11. In some other post, I floated the idea of missions/operations for lower tiered ships (1-4) based on WW-I battles or early in the inter war period such as 1920s.
  12. Sir_Kimo

    Knots vs Km's

    As a former USN surface warfare office I can relate very easily to nautical miles (2,000 yards per mile), but have a hard time relating to kilometers. The international standard measure at sea and air is nautical miles. Kilometers is a land measure. During my initial briefings to senior officers in a joint command I was told to brief in nautical miles not kilometers. Recommendation. Give the player the option of selecting nautical miles or kilometers. As pointed out in the above discussion, some players have no clue what a nautical mile is.
  13. While I have been getting better in my CV play, its still a struggle. Since I mainly play COOP and scenario battles, I noticed that many players who are trying CVs are experiencing similar challenges based on the exp scores they are receiving. I was just in a COOP battle in a Tier 6 British DD. The human team had two CVs (Lexi and Saipan). Both player aircraft were chewed up by the flack from two Tier 8 BBs. Earlier, I was in Midway and had my air wing chewed up by a single Minotaur... the screen was black from the amount of flack bursts (dive and torpedo bombers couldn't even get to a drop point). Under the CV rework, a CV in COOP is unable to generate sufficient combat power to sink a BB on its own which is being spawned as its counterpart on the red team. The best a CV in COOP can do is scout, harass and pick off a badly damaged ship (pre-WWII USN CV employment concept). Also multiple bots on the human team can spell defeat. Before the rework, a CV in COOP could make a difference and win a battle. In the above two scenarios, prior to the rework, the CVs should have won. In the real world the CVs would have won. Think about the HMS Prince of Wale and Repulse encounter with the Japanese air force in the South China Sea during WWII. Recommendations: Retain fighter employment from rework Retain concept of attack aircraft Limit CV players in a COOP battle to one Do not allow a CV player in a COOP battle if there are three of more bots on the human team Scrap current concept of "limited" aircraft engagement... if you attack in piecemeal fashion, you will be defeated in total Revisit mass aircraft attacks previous to the rework (I have been on the receiving end of a real world simulated war at sea strike during USN fleet training and can attest to its effectiveness) Prior to the rework, I enjoyed playing CVs. Now, its more fun to beat my head against the wall then watch my air wing get chewed up.
  14. Sir_Kimo

    Update 0.8.2 - Feedback and Performance

    Completed The Battle Begins in the 1st Fly Strike Win. The prizes include Bionic camo for two tier VI cruisers. The armory shows that the Pensacola and La Galissonniere Bionic camo have been issued. However, these camos do not appear in the camouflage inventory for these two ships. Will these be issued at a later time, or have I encountered a bug?